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Published at 26th of October 2020 04:49:16 PM

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Race Goblin

Level 37

Class King; Ruler

Possessed Skills Ruler of the Demon Children of Chaos; Defiant Soul; World Devouring Howl; Sword Mastery ; Dominator; King’s Soul; Ruler’s Wisdom III; Household of the Gods; One-Eyed Snake’s Evil Eye; The King's Dance at the Edge of Death; Magic Manipulation; Soul of the Berserk King; Third Impact (The Third Chant); Instinct; Blessing of the Underworld Goddess

Divine Protection Goddess of the Underworld (Altesia)

Attributes Darkness; Death

Subordinate Beasts High Kobold Hasu (Lv77); Gastra (Lv20); Cynthia (Lv20); Orc King (Bui) (Lv82)

Abnormal Status Blessing of the One-Eyed Snake; Protection of the Twin-Headed Snake

I was stunned when our weapons clashed . The maddened centaur used that opportunity to quickly close our distance, bringing its scorching flames right in front of me .

—Damn it . Like this I can’t even get near it anymore .

Making the most out of our clashing weapons, I pushed the centaur back, then as I gathered ether into my arms, I repelled the centaur .

“Abominable… Human…” The maddened centaur seemed lost for a moment, as if it was hallucinating of a place not here . When it woke up, it came charging again . Its strength seemed endless . No matter how much I cut it, I just can’t seem to hurt it . I never thought this battle would be this difficult .

More and more fire burned as the centaur attacked, the temperature around it gradually rose until that annoying wall of fire came to view .

It seems the more I cut it, the longer it spends hallucinating . Technically, that’s an opening I should be able to use, but the heat is making it hard to approach . Right… In other words, I can’t do anything right now .

After being stunned for the umpteenth time and recovering, the centaur turned to me . “Filthy… Goblin…”

The centaur already looked no different from a blazing flame . The flames from inside the wounds I’ve cut could be seen wavering . How could someone turn into a monster like this?

Is it obsession? Or a terrifying grudge?

There is probably no one who hates the humans as much as this centaur .

—But even then… I won’t lose .

If I withdraw from this fight, this mad monster would surely hurt the people following me . Besides, didn’t I vow to destroy everything that blocked my path?

Gritting my molars, I held my long sword tight .

—Let’s do this!

I glared at the enemy before me .

“GURURUUuAaAaAA!!” My World Devouring Howl signaled the start of my counterattack . Ether filled my legs as I kicked off against the ground and leaped like a beast .

The wall of flames approached .

“Let my body be inviolableShield!”

Black flames covered my body as I charged into the mouth of hell with my sword wielded to my right . The centaur’s spear descended to greet me, but I stopped my body and dodged . The force behind that spear as it grazed me was like that of a huge tree .

—EnDurE iTTTt!

I gripped my sword as tight as I could to keep myself from trying to cover my face from the heat or run away from this hell . The spear only grazed me, but the force behind it caused blood to drip down my cheeks .

Still, I endured and stepped forward with my left foot with so much power it seemed I was trying to crush the ground .

“Turn Me into a BladeEnchant!”

As soon as the centaur’s body came to view from beyond the flames, I let loose my sword from below!

“GYaaaAAga!” The centaur staggered .

Meanwhile, the centaur’s flames started to eat through my body the moment I canceled Shield . The heat was enough to drive me mad, but I endured it even as the oxygen around me burned up, sending slash after slash against the centaur .


—Still not enough!?

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Again I struck with my sword, but when I stepped forward, something blocked one of my eyes . In the next moment, I felt the pain of heat, then my head swayed… Did I get hit!?

In that hell long past the point of ‘hot’, the heat quickly changed into pain .

As I staggered, the enemy reassumed its stance as it held its spear . It seems that’s what hit my face just now .

The pain of the heat coupled with the lack of air stopped me in my tracks .

Despite still staggering and still in pain, I forced myself to take a breath . When I looked up, I saw the centaur’s spear .

I’m going to lose, I thought . But as soon as I did, Reshia’s figure flashed through my mind .

—No, not yet!

I can’t lose!

I will win and take everything!

The Soul of the Berserk King awoke .

Pain and anguish seemed to vanish as the maddened soul of the berserk king howled in fury .

“GURUuuaAaAa AaAAa!!”

The descending spear was flicked away as my sword met it, but by doing so, my sword finally broke . I threw it away . Only, two swords were left .

I looked at the enemy with the other half of my vision .

Black flames appeared from the base of my two swords, climbing up them as the black flames wrapped around their blades . At the same time, anger and battle intent screamed within my mind, demanding that I slay the enemy before me . My lips curved into a smile . It was the joy of battle, the happiness of dancing at the edge of death .


I met the descending burning spear with one sword . Naturally, I couldn’t win with just one hand, so the flaming sword struck down my sword along with my shoulders . The smell of burnt flesh filled my nose as I released that sword .

Joy tried to fill me, but I pushed it back to keep my sanity . I grit my teeth hard enough it seemed they would break, all in an effort to keep me from losing my mind .

The spear continued to burn my shoulders, but I ignored it and moved onwards with my remaining sword in my left hand .

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The part the burning spear touched had already started to char, but still, I stepped onwards .

Pain ceased . I stopped even the black flames that sought to burst out of my wounds, gathering all of my power into my sword .

“Turn Me into a BladeEnchant!”

From the left to the right, I swung my sword, cutting at the boundary that separated the human body from the horse . Like that the Man-Eating Tiger was cut with its flame .

Flames came pouring out of the upper human body as it fell along with its lower horse body, but the flames were already starting to peter out .

“Why…” The man asked .

His life had long come to its end, his eyes hollowed, but still he mustered the last of his strength to turn to me and ask .

“Why… Can’t I win?”

The part I’d cut had already charred . The fact that he was still able to talk despite that showed just how miraculous his vigor was . It was as if his obsession wouldn’t let him die .

“I ate the corpses of my friends, I threw away… my pride… I became a demon… I lost everything, and yet… Why can’t I… win? Why can’t I… avenge my friends!”

Those words were the cry of a man who’d sworn vengeance . The cry of a man whose dreams were crushed .

I answered him . “Because my flame is still burning bright . ”

If there was a difference between us, then it’s the difference in resolve . His decision to throw everything, to throw even himself away… If there was a difference, then that would be it .

“What does a goblin…” The man asked .

I replied . “I have a dream . A dream to one day conquer this world and everything in it . ”

I buried my sword into the ground beside the man’s face .

“I won’t lose . I will take everything, the humans, the demihumans, even the elves… everything . ”

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The man looked shocked for a moment, his eyes opening wide . Just a little, he seemed to laugh .

“Big words… for a… goblin… But, I see… Before I knew it… I had… burned out…”

The man looked at his reflection on my sword that stood beside him as he breathed his last .

Despair stood before him, but it was not despair that made him stop . It was he himself . He was the one who chose to give up .

The demihuman who stopped walking because of despair became a flame and burned away .

But I kept struggling and continue to do so until now . My flesh burned, I couldn’t even breath, but still I walked onwards . That is why I won . Victory did not move my legs, but because I never stopped, I found victory .

“Farewell, demihuman of the flames . ”

As I carved the image of the demihuman that burned with his despair into my mind, I left the place .

When I looked up, the hour of the night god had already passed, the body of the fire god hung from the sky once more, shining its light upon the world .

Level has risen .

37 => 45

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