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Race Goblin

Level 37

Class King; Ruler

Possessed Skills Ruler of the Demon Children of Chaos; Defiant Soul; World Devouring Howl; Sword Mastery ; Dominator; King’s Soul; Ruler’s Wisdom III; Household of the Gods; One-Eyed Snake’s Evil Eye; The King's Dance at the Edge of Death; Magic Manipulation; Soul of the Berserk King; Third Impact (The Third Chant); Instinct; Blessing of the Underworld Goddess

Divine Protection Goddess of the Underworld (Altesia)

Attributes Darkness; Death

Subordinate Beasts High Kobold Hasu (Lv77); Gastra (Lv20); Cynthia (Lv20); Orc King (Bui) (Lv82)

Abnormal Status Blessing of the One-Eyed Snake; Protection of the Twin-Headed Snake

In the end, our two araneaen pursuers were taken away by Nikea’s escorts .

“Lord Nikea, are you not planning on returning?” I asked, the manner I spoke with her this time was much more polite . She was an ally, after all . It wouldn’t hurt to show her some respect .

Nikea shook her head . “No, I must take responsibility for this incident . Please let me show you the way . ”

I did wonder for a moment whether it was really alright for someone in her position to so casually decide that, but considering I wasn’t any better myself, I refrained from saying anything more .

“If this happens a second time, we shall handle it ourselves . I hope you understand,” Gi Za said .

He really intends to test my words, huh . What is he going to do if he loses his mind?

“Your bad habit is showing,” I warned him .

Gi Za quietly laughed . “There can be no progress unless one remembers his own failures, Your Highness . ”

I was speechless .

In any case, it seems that the elves acknowledge the effect of demihuman blood as a stimulant when used in sparing amounts . Doesn’t that mean that it’s essentially safe to use?

But then again, our current mission is to subjugate a demihuman who has lost its sanity after drinking too much .

“This incident will not be repeated, I stake my life on it,” Nikea said .

Is this how all demihumans are?

“Enough of that . There should still some distance until our destination . ” I said .

Nikea nodded . “Yes, we need to head north a bit more . After a day of walking, the ruins of a village should come to view . That place is its base . ”

The remains of the slaughtered village .

“Since we have some time until then, why don’t you tell me a bit more about the descendants of the crystals . ”

“About us?” Nikea asked, puzzled .

“Yes . Being isolated from the world as I am, I know little about the descendants of the crystals . In a sense, it could be said that getting to know you is the very reason behind our trade . ”

I have to know .

As for what I’ll do afterwards… Well, I’ll think about it then .

“What will you do after knowing?” Nikea asked .

“I am going to make a country . When that time comes, I will take those worthy with me . ” I answered .

“A goblin kingdom…” She muttered .

The silence that followed after was short, but it was deep . The demihumans failed to unite themselves . What I intend to do is something that they would have done had they succeeded in their first step . Unite themselves and then create a country of their own, that would have been their path, if not for the tragedy their fellow demihumans met .

When you look at it that way, it suddenly becomes obvious why Nikea went solemn . “… I understand,” she said, “there was also that incident just now . I’ll tell you about us . ”

The answer that came after the silence was exactly what I’d hoped for .

I walked through the forest as Nikea spoke about the demihumans . Around the time when the body of the Fire GodRodo had sunk past the trees, we made camp and ate .

The history of the demihumans was much longer compared to the goblins’ .

They are said to be one of the first created along with the elves . They had been living on the land before the humans were even created . Throughout their long history, the demihumans split off ceaselessly, until one day, the ‘great war’ happened .

In the great war, where all living creatures fought, the number of the living was greatly reduced . It was then that the humans began hunting them . With their numbers few, the demihumans had no choice but to run away to a place the humans could not reach . They ran to the depths of the forest, the untrodden lands, but they suffered even more losses .

The goddess of the underworld’s invasion concluded 400 years ago . At first, the humans did not know from where the goddess’ army would attack, so they sought to illuminate the whole world .

The deep valley, the thick forest . That was where the demihumans chose to live, but they were chased away and killed again . Even the clan Nikea’s Araneae belonged to was driven away . In the end, they ended up in the forest . This happened 300 years ago .

The elves gave them permission to use the lands, so there was no war between their kind and the elves . In fact, they would even help the elves whenever they were in trouble .

I asked Shumea if those things really happened .

“You think I’d know!?” She angrily retorted .

Well… There is probably no human left alive from that time .

It’s an old story, so I’m sure it wouldn’t be strange if some points have distorted, but in any case, the main point is that the humans chased them into the forest . If nothing else, their anger is the real thing . Nikea isn’t one to let her emotions rule her, but I think it would still be best to keep Shumea away from her .

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I learned several things from my talk with Nikea . The demihumans apparently put a lot of emphasis on duty .

I still haven’t thought of a way to pull them in, but it feels like I’ve gotten one step closer to conquering the demihumans .

We goblins don’t have any difficulties moving about in the night, but Shumea, being human as she is, still isn’t quite used to it, and surprisingly, Nikea too . She’s a spider, so I thought she’d be pretty good at it, but apparently, that’s not the case .

Apparently, it was easier to snuggle up to fire than to the darkness . How peculiar .

“There is one thing I want to ask . How did our pursuers know where we were?”

“It’s probably because of our special abilityskill,” Nikea said as she drew threads from the end of one of her legs . She ignored the shock of everyone around her as she wove those threads and brought them before me .

“We can make our threads as thick and as tough as we wish . I’m sure someone must’ve attached an extremely thin thread on you and your men . ” Nikea used one of her other legs to shoot out a thread just thick enough that we could see it, and wrapped it around the nearby trees .

So this is their special ability . Demihumans can’t use magic, but in exchange, they’ve been blessed with special abilities and a powerful body . It seems Selena’s info was right .

“I see . Yet even with those special abilities of yours you still can’t defeat the man-eating tiger?”

The wall of threads I saw back in their village was not something that could be easily destroyed .

“Everyone has their strength and weaknesses,” Nikea curtly replied .

I silently nodded in response . She probably won’t reveal such crucial information to me . We’re not so close that we would be comfortable telling each other our weaknesses .

“A four-legged creature is approaching, Your Highness,” Gi Ji said .

I looked around .

“Is it far?” I asked .

“No, it’s almost here!” Gi Ji replied, but by the time he finished speaking, the surrounding trees rustled .


Was it drawn by the light?

It struck out with the spear in its hand against the trunk of a nearby tree, and then… it stood . On the other end of its cracked skin was burning red flame .

Is there fire underneath its skin?

The spear that penetrated the tree was red and hot; the tree it penetrated quickly charred .

“It’s here . Gi Za, Gi Do, cover me!”

“Turn Me into a BladeEnchant!”

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Black flames clad my long sword as I stepped out . Our clash was only for an instant . A strong wind accompanied that thing’s spear as it swung it down .

Sparks flashed from its spear .

The heat coming from that thing’s hands was heating the spear . Demihumans can’t use magic, so that means… that’s its special abilityskill!

If the araneae have their threads, then the centaur have their equivalent . Isn’t it hot? It seems its skill works completely different from my black flames .

The black flames looking like fire is nothing more than a coincidence in invocation of ether . This enemy is different . Even its very body is literally burning from within .

Our weapons clashed . One was a long sword clad in black flames, the other was a burning red spear .

As black flames mingled with red, I challenged the enemy to a melee . The enemy had the advantage in reach, so the closer we fought, the more advantageous it would be for me . As our weapons locked, I tried to push forward, but the enemy deflected my sword and swung down its iron spear .

In that instant, I closed in on the enemy . The one-eyed snake’s blessing made the flow of ether smoother, allowing me to inject ether directly into my legs .

My sword wielded under my arms, I sent forth an attack that would quickly settle the battle .

In an instant, one step forward!

The attack unleashed, faster than any other!

…And yet!


The centaur howled, and in the instant my sword was about to reach its body, a wall of flames blocked my view, slowing down my attack .


I tried to cut the wall of flames down from the side, but the enemy’s spear came sweeping into my arm . When it hit, I was sent flying like a ball .

What kind of unreasonable strength is this!?

“GUu!?” I stifled the cry of pain that sought to come out as I once again wielded my sword . But when I glanced at it, I noticed it had already been broken . I threw away the sword and took out a new one from the remaining swords sheathed by my waist .

“GYaUAAAaGAGAAaAA!” The centaur howled .

I thought it would attack, but it just struck its spear into a nearby tree .

What’s going on? Well, in any case, it would be rude to look a gift horse in the mouth .

Not a trace was left of the wall of flames that had obstructed my vision . Belatedly, pain came running through my body . It sought to take away my consciousness, but I endured it .

After sending me flying, it seems to have changed its target to Shumea and the others .

As it howled, it kicked its hooves against the ground .

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“Tch, Selena, it’s coming,” Shumea said to Selena as she took on that incoming pressure head on . She didn’t bother to try and hide her shaking legs . Wielding her spear, she stepped in front of Selena .

“Gi Za, support them!” I said .

“On it!” Gi Za replied .

Gi Za and Gi Do invoked their magic . Although it wasn’t from pointblank range, the wind magic they unleashed had formidable firepower, but a swing of the centaur’s spear was all it took for the centaur to dispel it .

“How!?” Gi Za spat .

He invoked his wind a second time . This time it was far stronger, a cyclone even forming .

The centaur howled as it swung its spear against the cyclone . The wind caught fire as they clashed, and in the end, it vanished, but it was not for nothing, as the centaur stopped moving .

That’s good enough!

“My life is like a cloud of dustAccel!”

Ether blew up from behind me, propelling me forward through a wall of air .

I kept going even as my body neared the centaur, then I… rammed my body into it!


Our bodies only touched for a moment, but my shoulder and my arms already smelled burnt . But that’s only a given, I suppose . After all that thing is burning hot enough to spread its heat into the spear .

“I’m fine!” I swung my sword to show I was alright . At the same time, I clad my sword in black flames again .

It was time for round two .



As the enemy howled, I howled back with my World Devouring Howl .

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