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Race Goblin

Level 37

Class King; Ruler

Possessed Skills Ruler of the Demon Children of Chaos; Defiant Soul; World Devouring Howl; Sword Mastery ; Dominator; King’s Soul; Ruler’s Wisdom III; Household of the Gods; One-Eyed Snake’s Evil Eye; The King's Dance at the Edge of Death; Magic Manipulation; Soul of the Berserk King; Third Impact (The Third Chant); Instinct; Blessing of the Underworld Goddess

Divine Protection Goddess of the Underworld (Altesia)

Attributes Darkness; Death

Subordinate Beasts High Kobold Hasu (Lv77); Gastra (Lv20); Cynthia (Lv20); Orc King (Bui) (Lv82)

Abnormal Status Blessing of the One-Eyed Snake; Protection of the Twin-Headed Snake

It’s been 10 days since we moved to the fortress . I’ve already grasped the layout of the surrounding area, so I was currently drawing the map on a wall in the king’s room . I used a short sword to carve it . Overall, I was able to carefully explore the area a two day’s distance from the fortress .

There were no beasts in the surrounding area that could hold a threat to me, even the ones that normally preyed on goblins . The area was relatively safe . Procuring food should pose no problem then, and with the increased birth rate, we should be able to increase our numbers quickly .

That settles the issue of quantity, leaving only the question of quality .

Currently my horde contains 1 knight, 7 nobles, 8 rares, 2 druids, 1 shaman, and 50 normal goblins . That’s including the wounded and the goblins that are currently away .

If it wasn’t for the existence of skills and magic in this world, the side with more numbers would surely win . But this world does have skills and magic, thereby allowing the existence of truly powerful beings who could could literally slay a thousand soldiers by themselves .

The soldiers need to be raised well if we are to suppress such enemies .

For example, that man who swung his great sword with a ferocious smile, summoning storms of lighting to lay waste to the forest . How many such men does the human side have? I tried asking Shumea, but she couldn’t give a straight answer . Apparently, her info mostly came from her brother . Sending him out might have been a bit too hasty .

Even if the goblins can’t stop that man alone, a 2 on 1, no, even a 3 on 1 would be fine . I need to prepare the goblins enough to be able to fight such people evenly . The humans are numerous and they have many resources, a battle with them would surely expand, but even then, we have to win .

When I finished drawing the map, I stepped out .

Along the way I noted the knight class, Gi Ga, holding a class .

He was making use of the wide space within the fortress to teach the normal goblins how to use the spear . The goblins couldn’t follow perfectly just yet, but regardless, it wasn’t a waste to learn the spear under him . At the very least, it would increase their odds of surviving .

Goblins who had just grown out of their infancy were each given a spear by Gi Ga and made to thrust it into the empty air . They thrust and thrust, never stopping once, even as the wooden spear broke their hands and blood gushed out; Gi Ga’s uncompromising training continued .

The length of their spears was increased according to their level .

There was a goblin amongst them whose spear was twice his height . Not a loafer, that one .

“Your Majesty!? …Were you watching?” Gi Ga hurriedly approached me .

I told him to ignore me and continue .

The training of the goblins need to be improved wherever possible . Teaching them traps is one thing, but teaching them how to fight is a completely different matter . It is exceedingly difficult . To make things worse, our enemy, the humans, have a huge advantage when it comes to the knowledge of fighting .

Once we step out of the forest, the battle will probably move to the plains . Necessary precautions need to be made if we don’t want to be preyed upon by their cavalry . For that, allowing the goblins a way to practice their tactics is a must .

The terrain advantage belongs to the humans . We’ll have to get one over them some other way . It can be tactics, ingenuity… anything . I need people capable of thinking such methods and the methods themselves .

We will be invading the humans .

When I think about our current position in this game of war, I realize it is not only the lower class goblins who need to be trained like this, but also the higher class .

It’s been a while since Lili last visited her family .

Currently, it wasn’t her parents who managed the house, but her uncle’s family . Their house was situated in a small hill, surrounded by earthen walls, making it look just like a fortress .

She didn’t think about it when she was young, but now that she thought about it, their house did indeed look like it was built for war . Even the produce grown in their garden were all fruits whose rinds could be eaten in desperate times . Compared to them, the farmers nearby all raised produce that was easy to sell . The difference between them was as clear as night and day .

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By the time Lili woke up from her thoughts, she was in front of a stone wall upon which she had carved an oath during her youth .

It read: ‘I shall earn the title of knight with my sword . I shall protect the people and vanquish the monsters . ’

It was the oath she made with her grandfather . She recalled repeatedly saying that oath out loud as a kid despite not understanding what it meant . As long as she had that will, she would become a splendid knight, her grandfather once said .


Right now the person she had to protect was a single girl .

That was enough .

The king said he would bestow upon her the highest rank of Holy Knight . After Reshia left, he would give her the power to protect the town she was born in .

A gust of wind grazed Lili’s cheeks .

The wheat field swayed and the trees rustled, singing the song of the wind god . This was the land her grandfathers had cleared out, a blessed land .

For whom should she wield her blade?

She would protect Reshia, of course . That wouldn’t change . She could not throw away a girl like that who was burdened with a cruel fate . But once she becomes a holy knight, the power she would be responsible for would also increase . At that time, would she truly be forgiven for choosing to protect only a single girl?

“What should I do?”

She had a duty to either side .

Would she choose to save only one person? Or would she choose to protect the peace of a multitude of people?

“I shouldn’t be… hesitating . ”

She should have already resolved herself . The peace of the people was Lady Reshia’s wish herself .

“So… With this sword, I will…”

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She traced the text carved on the wall .

The next day, Lili received the title of Holy Knight .

330 days remain until the war with the humans .

The goblin rate of reproduction was truly something . Although it’s true that the birth rate has increased, the fact that goblins could be trained almost immediately after being born was a truly spectacular trait of theirs .

With Gi Ga’s hellish training course and the abundance of food, the goblins could quickly grow up into adulthood in only a week . The number of soldiers have already surpassed 100, and the number of non-combatants is already looking to break 70 .

At this rate, I can probably stop worrying about our numbers altogether and focus on dealing with the quality issue .

The goblins have been frequently hunting to teach the higher class goblins how to lead the lower class goblins .

How should one hunt the big prey to minimize causalities? I taught the rares and the recently evolved druids, Gi Ba, Gi Bi, Gi Bu, Gi Be, and sent them out to hunt .

The goblins with the Man-Eating Snake skill who’ve received Verid’s divine protection were all excellent goblins as long as they were kept away from humans .

The ferocious Gi Ba could handle the sword and spear with ease, allowing him to excel at stopping the prey from moving . The water mage, Gi Bi, could often hit the enemy’s weak spot . The close-combatant, Gi Bu, could fight in many ways, from using his axe to using his hands . The one-armed Gi Be could fight with his axe, sword, or spear; any enemy that approached him would we be fiercely met by his arsenal of close-combat weaponry .

They were constantly bathed in blood causing the morale of their fellow goblins to rise while their enemies cowered . The weapons they used were improved as well . In the past, we used stone axes and wooden spears, but after the battle with the humans, we managed to acquire iron weapons for everyone .

Unfortunately, the weapons would eventually wear down . We need to find a way to repair them soon .

“The enemy has come, Your Majesty,” the one-armed Gi Be said, waking me up from my pondering .

“That is an annie spider,” I replied .

“If I recall correctly, this spider’s saliva is poisonous, right, Your Majesty?” The water mage, Gi Bi, said .

That scholarly manner of talking made me chuckle .

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“Hit it, kick it!” Gi Bu yelled .

“I suppose cutting its legs would be a good idea?” The fierce Gi Ba said, wanting to take the initiative .

“Yes, go!”

At my signal, Gi Ba ran . He slipped through the long legs of the annie spider, then with the stroke of his sword, he cut them off . Suddenly, the water mage, Gi Bi’s, water balls came raining down on the spider, denting its skin .

“GURUuu!” Gi Bu growled as his wild dogs kicked off against the ground . As the wild dogs caught the attention of the annie spider from above, Gi Bu’s axe came swinging for its legs . When Gi Bu was near the annie spider, he suddenly threw away the axe and started kicking at the stomach of the spider from below .

Quite the shrewd goblin, isn’t he?

As the annie spider’s stance broke, the one-armed Gi Be decapitated the spider with his spear .

Gradually, the light left the spider’s eyes, but the goblins didn’t stop attacking until it was completely silent .

“Good job, remember, this is how you fight together . Make sure to also remember to consider the normal class goblin’s limits,” I said to ensure that they didn’t forget the importance of working together . These goblins would most likely be a part of the main force in the next battle after all .

“As the king commands . ”

After hearing their reply, I went back to the village .

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