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Chapter 469: Who Is Li Xuan?

“Because you’re very special. You can fuse with all sorts of powers. You’re very suitable to control our powers. Other than you, I can’t find a second person.

“You don’t know how many years I’ve waited for a successor. In order to find a successor, I even left three drops of blood essence to search for a successor.”

“At that time, Qin Zhantian received three drops of blood essence. Due to his gender, he was unable to consume it. In the end, he gave it to Qin Yue. Unfortunately, she was too weak. She was simply unable to withstand my power.”

“Later on, Qin Yue saved you in the God’s Domain World. At that time, I noticed you and discovered your uniqueness.”

“You don’t know how happy I am. I’ve finally found a successor. I’m constantly looking forward to your return to help this world.

“In the end, you came before me once again. Now… Please help this world and control our power. If possible, absorb this power.”

After the Phoenix Guardian God’s voice fell, she did not give Li Xuan any time to react. She directly released the power that was like a mountain flood and tsunami.

That power was too terrifying. It swept in all directions like rolling black clouds and directly turned the tombstones in all directions into ashes, turning them into nothingness.

After doing all this, the mist monster that was the Phoenix Guardian God and the Abyss Demon God directly drilled into the space between Li Xuan’s eyebrows and completely disappeared.

[ Ding! You have received the power of the Phoenix Guardian God who has a great will. This power has been judged to be friendly toward you. Begining to absorb. ]

[ Ding! You have received the power of the Abyss Demon God who has a great will. This power has been judged to be hostile towards you and has been judged to be a compromise. Begining to absorb. ]

As the mechanical voice sounded, a massive amount of power surged over and engulfed Li Xuan’s mind.

His entire body was gradually enveloped by the black fog, his figure slowly transforming into the black fog.

At this moment, the entire God’s Domain World began to move. A terrifying, calamity-like power swept out in all directions.

What was even more terrifying was that a massive heavenly might slowly descend, locking onto Li Xuan’s body. The might was imposing, and it did not contain the slightest bit of emotion as it stared at Li Xuan.

That vast heavenly might was the subconscious of the Super Universe. It did not have much intelligence and only operated mechanically according to its own way to remove any threats.

At that moment, aterrifying power surged within Li Xuan’s body. Naturally, it was the greatest threat and the target that needed to be removed.

At this moment, the super large universe locked onto Li Xuan and quietly focused on him.

When Li Xuan gradually turned into a black fog monster, the threat to this world became stronger and stronger.

The world will finally move and began to eliminate Li Xuan’s existence and influence.

Everyone who had contact with Li Xuan, living things, everything that happened began to change. Even his contract with Qin Yue disappeared.

This was not the main point. The main point was that even the traces of Li Xuan’s existence began to change, fade, and slowly disappear.

Li Xuan’s fusion was heading in a strange direction. It was not a success, nor was it a failure. Instead, it was heading towards a forbidden path of self-sublimation.

Similarly, this was not what the Super Universe’s will wanted to see. Thus, the Super Universe’s will started to influence him, remove him, and eliminate his existence?

“I’m sorry, the path you’re looking forward to isn’t what I want. I’ve found a path of sublimation.”

“As long as I succeed, I’ll become a taboo-like existence. I’ll be able to control death, and I’ll even be able to break away from the Super Universe. I’ll truly transcend.”

Li Xuan muttered softly. He no longer transformed into the black fog monster. Instead, his body expanded intensely, evolving into a creature that might have to transcend taboo.

However, under the constant influence and interference of the Super Universe, Li Xuan’s eyes turned blood-red. Endless killing intent enveloped the God’s Domain World, shocking the billions of living creatures until they trembled.

In Qin Yue’s world, Black Rock City, the city lord’s residence…

Qin Yue held a paintbrush as she silently drew Li Xuan’s portrait, sketching out Li Xuan’s handsome face.

Song Xiaomei watched from the side, giving suggestions from time to time.

As the two of them chatted, Li Xuan’s portrait took shape bit by bit.

Suddenly, Qin Yue clutched her heart and stood up abruptly. A deep piercing pain rose from her heart.

“The contract, the contract is broken. My contract with Li Xuan has disappeared,” Qin Yue said in a panic.

“Li Xuan? Who Is Li Xuan?” Song Xiaomei looked at Qin Yue blankly, not understanding what she was saying.

“It’s Li Xuan, my husband. Xiaomei, don’t you remember him?” Qin Yue looked at song Xiaomei in surprise.

“Your husband? Strange, I feel that my head is in a mess. I can’t remember anything. What happened? My head hurts.”

Song Xiaomei held her head tightly. Her entire body was in a mess. She felt like her head was about to explode.

“What happened to you guys?”

Hei Niu in the distance saw the situation and quickly ran over to ask about it. At this time, Hei Niu saw Li Xuan on the drawing paper and asked curiously.

“Who are you guys drawing? He’s quite handsome, but it’s a little blurry.”

“You don’t know him?!”

Qin Yue looked at Hei Niu in disbelief, then at Song Xiaomei. She was shocked to find that they did not seem to be lying.

She quickly lowered her head and looked at the painting that had just been completed. However, what shocked her was that the Li Xuan in the painting had become much fainter.

It was as if many years had passed, and it was a blurry old picture. The key was that Qin Yue realized that she felt a little unfamiliar with the Li Xuan in the painting.

This made Qin Yue’s heart jump. She did not want to forget Li Xuan. She anxiously took out a dagger and carved Li Xuan’s name on her fair palm.

Fresh blood flowed down her palm. Qin Yue carefully wiped it clean and carefully looked at her palm. She looked at the name that had just been carved.

However, the name that had just been carved actually became fainter. This once again made Qin Yue feel afraid.

This was because she realized that she was even more unfamiliar with Li Xuan. In fact, the Li Xuan on the drawing paper was already indistinct.

“No, I can’t forget Li Xuan. I can’t forget my husband. I want to remember him forever!”

Qin Yue’s will penetrated deep into her soul. She mobilized the golden threads in her soul and used the threads to condense Li Xuan’s portrait, forcibly solidifying the golden threads.

At this moment, Qin Yue discovered that her memories were becoming more and more blurry. She was becoming more and more unfamiliar with Li Xuan, and everything had begun to change.

However, in her soul, the golden threads that had solidified Li Xuan became clearer and clearer. Qin Yue drew in her soul over and over again, not wanting to let herself forget Li Xuan.

However, her strength was too weak compared to the Super Universe. Her memories gradually disappeared, leaving only the obsession in her heart. She drew Li Xuan’s portrait in her soul over and over again.

Just like that, time passed, and soon, three years had passed.

The traces of Li Xuan’s existence in this world were almost gone. Everyone had forgotten about his existence.

Even Ye Fan, who was the chosen one, had forgotten who Li Xuan was.

Only Qin Yue had a portrait of Li Xuan in her soul. However, there was only the portrait left. His name and all the information had been forgotten.

Through her obsession, she remembered that she was waiting for someone to return.

On this day, the spatial rift in this world cracked, and the Abyss finally began to invade. The densely packed Abyss Army invaded this world, and a catastrophe descended.

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