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1315 Can’t Endure It

It was not easy to find such an opportunity to obtain a large amount of Holy Court experience points, but a stranger who came out of nowhere was taking up a large portion of it.


The players kept glancing at Fang Heng.

They could endure it. After Fang Heng passed the trial, he would most likely be called the core groomed. At that time, with the protection of the Holy Court and the favor of the Holy Court’s judge, there was no need for them to have a conflict with Fang Heng.

Or find an opportunity to get rid of him now!

The player were all waiting for someone who dared to stand up for them.

For example, the four players who had gathered together.

Idamudun was a small guild formed by players in the city. The members of the guild all studied the sacred study and joined the guild to keep themselves warm.

This time, their luck was extremely good. All four players passed the preliminaries at the same time.

The four of them quickly exchanged glances, full of fear towards Fang Heng.

That strange young man.

Their guild had been developing in the game for more than ten years, and only one Holy Paladin had passed the God’s Choice assessment and joined the Holy Court. They enjoyed great benefits and various resources from the Holy Court.

If Fang Heng was allowed to successfully join the Holy Court, there was a high chance that his talent would affect the station leader’s position in the Holy Court and directly affect the interests of everyone in their team.

Instead of that, why not think of a way to take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of him?

From the moment Fang Heng revealed his talent, they had already become enemies!

Moreover, they were in the right this time!

After figuring this out, the team prepared to make their move.


Momir, an apprentice Holy Paladin in the player team, stared at Yimamu and shouted, “Yimamu! Who is he? A fair competition. You guys are using tricks to absorb our abilities. Is there any meaning in doing so? Hurry up and make him stop. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being rude.”

Yimamu had also noticed the ‘free’ experience points long ago. He knew that he was in the wrong, so in order to keep a low profile, he hid in a corner with Fang Heng and quietly developed.

After Momir took the initiative to attack, more believers cast unfriendly gazes at Fang Heng and the others.

For a time, the two of them became the target of public criticism.

Fang Heng slowly raised his head and looked at the three of them with disdain.

The absorption rate of the Holy Light spots was not high to begin with, and the increase in experience points was slow. There were still three-quarters of the spiked balls of light left in the hall, which was not enough for so many people to share.

He had been thinking about how he could get more experience points, but he did not expect someone to take the initiative to make things difficult.

That would be even easier!

Yimamu raised his guard and took half a step forward to block in front of Fang Heng. He rubbed the hilt of the machete in his hand and reminded him in a low voice, “Fang Shuo, be careful. These people are not easy to deal with.”

“Yimamu, cut the crap. Since we’re all from the same city, you’ve already earned enough. Let’s take a step back and stop now. How about it?”

Yimamu stared at the person and asked in a deep voice, ” Oh? How do you want to take a step back?”

“Hand him over, and we can accept you, help you pass the trial together, and even be your recommendation to join Idamudun.”

Yimamu’s expression was a little cold as he replied, “What if I don’t agree?”

Momir was stunned.

He thought that the conditions he offered were very generous, and Yimamu did not even consider them.

“Otherwise? You know how many people outside are begging to join our gang.”

Momir felt like he had been slapped in the face and waved his hand at Fang Heng!

“Then die with him!”

“Whoosh! Swoosh!”

The spiked ball of light in the air was actually guided by Momir and flew toward Fang Heng.

Momir’s eyes flashed with killing intent. He wanted to kill Fang Heng in one fell swoop!

“Let’s see how you run!”

Fang Heng’s eyes revealed a hint of surprise.

Eh? The spiked ball of light was actually guided by spiritual energy?

Holy Light shield!

Faced with the many spiked balls of light, the Holy Light shield opened again.

“Bang! Bang Bang Bang Bang!!!”

More than ten sharp light balls hit the light screen one after another, making a series of clashing sounds.

However, what was extremely surprising was that the shield did not show any signs of damage under the bombardment of the spiked balls of light!

On the contrary, the spiked balls of light were sent flying!

Fang Heng licked his lips.

His spirit attribute could increase the strength of his shield. In addition, his passive skills could increase the effect of his skills by an additional 600%. There was also the added bonus brought by his own sacred study…

All in all, even an ordinary shield could display a powerful effect!

“Let’s see how long you can last!”

Seeing that one move had failed, Momir gritted his teeth and said coldly, “Continue!”

After the ball of light was repelled, it once again bombarded the shield in front of Fang Heng! More and more spiked balls of light gathered at Fang Heng at the same time.

Seeing this, Yimamu’s expression immediately turned ugly.

He had thought that the people of Idamudun Gang wouldn’t dare to go too far in the Holy Court trial, but he didn’t expect them to directly attack!

“Don’t just stand there,” Fang Heng whispered. “This bit of attack can’t break the shield. Ignore them. Continue doing what you’re doing.”

“Yes! Alright!”

Yimamu was also holding back his anger, so he decided not to care about anything else. He pulled out his saber and slashed forward!


The sharp light ball that was struck was shattered once again!

“Dong! Thump! Thump!!”

For a moment, a large number of spiked light balls bombarded the shield, and the sound of collision could not stop.

Meanwhile, Yimamu hid within the shield and found the right opportunity to attack the spiked ball of light.

Every time he attacked, he could blow up a ball of light!

After a few more spiked light balls were shattered by the Yimamu, the players’ expressions gradually became strange.

What was going on?

The Holy Light shield that Fang Heng had summoned had withstood several attacks, but it did not even show any signs of shattering.

Was that shield really that strong?

There was also that Yimamu who was very strange. Everyone developed in a small city and knew each other well.

In the past, Yimamu’s strength was definitely not that strong. Why did it change so much today? Why was he able to destroy a ball of light every time it attacked?

What drugs did he take? Or was he hiding his strength just for today?

Fang Heng watched as Yimamu slowly split apart the spiked light balls. His experience points were also increasing very slowly. He felt rather helpless.

The skills he recorded in the Book of Creation were simple Holy Light purification and weapon blessing. They were both support-type abilities, and his main output still depended on the Yimamu’s attacks.

Otherwise, the game would have ended long ago.

He didn’t expect that he would still live in the form that he hated the most in the past, completely turning into a turtle shell of the Holy Light element.

The spiked light balls kept coming over, which could help them increase their farming efficiency by a small margin.

While Yimamu continued to attack, Fang Heng would occasionally cast weapon blessing on Yimamu and then search around the surrounding wooden boxes.

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