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1175 Pouring in

Outside the Alchemy Society, the royal guards had surrounded the entire building. There was also an endless stream of royal guards coming to support them.

One of the royal guards seemed to have noticed a black dot in the sky.

He rubbed his eyes and looked up into the sky. He whispered to his companion, “Hey, look, what’s that?”

The other companion rubbed his eyes and said in surprise, “Are they bats?”

They didn’t see clearly where the bat came from, but they vaguely saw the bat slowly fly into the sky and then disappear into the dark night.

“Did it fly into the building?”

“It can’t be. You must be mistaken.”

“No, I’m sure I’m not mistaken. I’ll go find the Captain.”

Fang Heng flew in through the window on the eighth floor of the building of the Alchemy Society. He returned to the storage room immediately after he returned to his human form.

Tang Mingyue and Ed did not stay any longer after seeing the royal guards on the third floor coming to support them. They quickly returned to the room on the eighth floor with a dozen ‘spoils’ that they dismantled from the alchemy machines.

Seeing Fang Heng enter the room in a flash, Ed hurriedly went up and asked, “Fang Heng, what’s the situation outside?”

“Yeah, it’s going quite smoothly.” Fang Heng took out a wrench as he spoke and glanced at Sandy, who was deep in thought, and asked, “Where is he?”

“Soon, soon, don’t rush me.”

Sandy heard Fang Heng’s words and scratched his head in frustration, “Give me more time, five minutes at most.”


Fang Heng answered with a soft “hmm” and then buried his head in dismantling and assembling the alchemy equipment.

On the third floor of the Alchemy Society, the royal guards and the people of the Alchemy Society had been arguing for five minutes.

Following the sound of hurried footsteps, the commander of the royal guards, Xiao Yun, finally arrived with his men.

“Commander Xiao!”

The royal guards bowed in unison, their faces full of respect.

With Xiao Yun’s arrival, they had a pillar of support, and their words also became a bit more unyielding.

Xiao Yun’s face was still pale.

Previously, he had been chased and strangled by three vampires alone and had suffered serious internal injuries. He had just taken some medicine and came over to take charge of the situation with his injuries.

“Commander Xiao.”

Moravic shifted his gaze to Xiao Yun and said, “I don’t know who has the ability to hurt you, Commander Xiao. It’s such a coincidence that the Alchemy Society has recently developed a medicine that is very effective for your internal injuries.”

“No need.”

“His Majesty has ordered a thorough search of the Alchemy Society,” Xiao Yun said, his face solemn. “Anyone who stops us will be charged with the same crime.”

As he spoke, Xiao Yun looked around and added, “Including the secret area of the Alchemy Society.”

“Ha,” Moravic sneered and stepped aside. He gestured with his hand and said, “Please.”

Xiao Yun raised his hand, “Search! Don’t leave out a single room!”

“Yes, sir!”

The royal guards immediately split into small groups and searched the upper and lower floors of the building.

Soon, reports came in one after another.

“Reporting! The search of the first basement’s normal area has been completed. Eight suspicious people have been found! They are all under control!”

“Reporting! The search of the second basement’s normal area is complete, no findings!”

“Reporting! The search of the second basement’s secret area is complete. Nine suspicious people have all been captured…”

Xiao Yun’s face was cold as he listened to the reports from the royal guards.

All the people who were still walking in the passage of the Alchemy Society were treated as suspicious people and brought to the hall on the third floor for interrogation.

Moravic’s face grew colder and colder.

“Commander Xiao, these are all people from the Alchemy Society. Are they all suspicious people?”

“The alarm has been sounded, and they’re still wandering in the corridor at night. These people are suspicious. They will be released after they are cleared of suspicion,” Xiao Yun said in a deep voice.

Moravic’s face was full of sarcasm as he said, “Ah, I don’t know much about the investigation. I can only wish Commander Xiao the best in finding the criminal.”

Yu Ruichen and his brother were also dragged over as suspicious people.

Seeing the royal guards’ determined attitude, the two couldn’t help but feel a little frightened.

What exactly did Fang Heng do to make the royal guards so agitated? Even his Majesty has ordered a thorough investigation of the Alchemy Society.

“Report, the fifth-floor search is complete. No findings!”

Xiao Yun’s face was expressionless as he said, “Continue!”


Two minutes later, all the lights in the hall on the third floor of the Alchemy Society flickered.

Xiao Yun frowned and looked up at the light above.

“Chi Chi…”

The lights dimmed for a moment before coming back on and then started to flicker.

Xiao Yun turned to look at Moravic and asked, “President Moravic, what’s going on?”

Moravic raised his head and looked at the lights in the hall and the corridor with a serious expression.

He didn’t think it would be so coincidental that all the lights on the third floor were broken at the same time.

“There might be a problem with the energy supply.”

“Where is the energy supply area?” Xiao Yun asked.

Moravic’s face darkened as he spoke, “It’s in the secret area on the third basement. There are many alchemy machines guarding it, and they didn’t trigger any alarm…”

“Royal guards, hear my order! Team 3 and 5, stay here and guard.” Xiao Yun had no interest in continuing to listen, directly waving his hand and ordering, “The rest of you, follow me! Let’s go to the third basement!”


At the same time, in the abandoned storage room on the eighth floor of the Alchemy Society, the magic array carved on the floor was rapidly charged and emitted a bright red light.

Next to the magic array, more than 50 energy absorption devices were piled up in a mess, connected by various wire combinations.

Fang Heng adjusted the energy absorber device’s absorption rate to the maximum.

The energy absorbed would be converted by the conversion device and finally injected into the magic array.

Absorbing a large amount of energy in such a short time had caused the internal power supply of the Alchemy Society to be insufficient.

This caused the lights downstairs to flicker.

Soon, soon.

Fang Heng sensed the charging state of the magic array and pressed his hands on it. He focused on his spiritual power to speed up the channeling of the magic array.


Fang Heng shouted in a low voice and poured his mental power into the magic array!


The red glow emitted by the alchemy magic array became more and more glaring.

The red light quickly condensed and shrunk until it condensed into a scarlet point.


A piercing red light suddenly bloomed, and everyone unconsciously closed their eyes.

When they opened their eyes again, they found a red crack in the center of the alchemy magic array on the floor!

In the middle of the gap was deep darkness.

It looked like a pair of red eyes.

The ancient alchemy array’s teleportation portal.

Because the entrance of the passage was shaped like an eye, it was also called the eye of teleportation.

Success rate!

Ed’s eyes were filled with joy.

It was just as Lord Fang Heng had said, a magical teleportation array!

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