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Chapter 722: Half-step Thearch-grade

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King Sparrow shook his head and smiled bitterly. “I’m ashamed to say this. Master gave me many precious treasures. I thought that I could break through to the Thearch-grade, but I didn’t expect to both succeed and fail.”

“King Sparrow, what do you mean?” King Xing Chen and the others were confused and nervous.

They all had an Alchemy Zombie Divine Body now, no different from King Sparrow.

Previously, they were still smug, thinking that with the dual effect of their Alchemy Life Body and Zombie Divine Body, they would definitely be dozens of times stronger than before.

However, from King Sparrow’s consciousness, it seemed like there were other hidden dangers to this Alchemy Zombie Divine Body?

How could this be? All of them stared at King Sparrow with bloodshot eyes.


As if sensing the thoughts of King Xing Chen, Blood Sea King, and the others, King Sparrow smiled dryly and said, “Everyone, it’s not as bad as you think. Overall, the benefits of the Alchemy Zombie Divine Body to us are definitely far greater than the original Zombie Divine Body. Not only has it greatly increased the upper limit of our evolution, it has also protected our lives. Our defense has increased greatly compared to before.”

At this point, his tone changed. “But…”

“King Sparrow, tell us quickly. You want us to die of anxiety!” King Xing Chen gritted his teeth anxiously, wishing he could rush up and give him a few bites.

King Sparrow glanced at him, satisfied with their expressions.

Previously, when he found out that he could not perfectly advance to the Thearch-grade, he was extremely vexed.

Now that these zombie colleagues were worried, he immediately felt better.

He smiled and said slowly, “Actually, it’s not a bad thing. The reason why I didn’t completely advance is because the potential of the Alchemy Zombie Divine Body is too great and requires too much energy. Even though Master has given me enough Blood God Crystals, these Blood God Crystals are at most at the Emperor-grade.”

“I’m missing the catalyst for the Thearch-grade Realm, so I’m stuck at the half-step Thearch-grade Realm. I’ve let Master down.”

Although he said that, the smugness on his face was self-evident. King Xing Chen and the others gnashed their teeth in anger. It was a classic example of him pretending to be obedient after taking advantage of others.

One had to know that even if he was a half-step Thearch-grade powerhouse, with King Sparrow’s foundation and combat talent, his true combat strength was definitely not inferior to those true Thearch-grade powerhouses. To a certain extent, he could even kill enemies of a higher level.

On the other hand, not to mention half-step Emperor-grade, even if they were at the peak of the Emperor-grade, they would be dreaming.

After all, high-quality Blood God Crystals were the most precious treasures even in the Zombie Divine Palace. Even if Master Lin Ye was generous to his subordinates, he could not rob treasures at the level of a Super King’s Treasure Vault every time.

They did not know how long it would take to repeat King Sparrow’s opportunity.

As they spoke, [Mia Rao] and King Sparrow started to exchange their insights after advancing to the half-step Thearch-grade. Fu Wanli, the main team of the Lin Clan, King Xing Chen, and the other alchemical zombies listened with relish.

Soon, the scene had the charm of a lecture.

Only Long Xiaomi from the Golden Dragon Race was an exception.

She was like an ant on a hot pan now. How could she care about King Sparrow and [Mia Rao] advancing to the half-step Thearch-grade?

The previous information had already involved the safety of Princess Nightshade. She did not dare to underestimate it.

She could only brace himself and interrupt the discussion between King Sparrow and [Mia Rao]. She said anxiously, “Everyone, everyone, my princess is in danger. I hope everyone present can think of a way. If you really can’t…”

She gritted her teeth and looked at King Sparrow and [Mia Rao] as she begged, “The two of you are both popular people around the Human Lord, Lin Ye. You have also advanced to the half-step Thearch-grade and can be considered one of the few experts in the Lin Clan.”

“As long as you and Lady [Mia Rao] are willing to help bring my princess out of her misery and to the Lin Clan.”

“I, Long Xiaomi, swear that from now on, my Golden Wyvern Race will follow the two of you!”

With that, she looked at [Mia Rao] and King Sparrow expectantly, yearning for their help.

After all, to her, Princess Nightshade’s life was more precious than the entire Golden Wyvern Race. She firmly believed that as long as the princess could survive, she would definitely have a chance to revive the glory of the Golden Wyvern Race in the future.

“This…” King Sparrow and [Mia Rao] looked at each other.

Obtain the loyalty of the entire Golden Wyvern Race!!!

An army with at least a million soldiers was not an ordinary cake.

Anyone or any faction would be tempted when they heard this.

Furthermore, with their current realms, solving this matter was not difficult.

As long as the Dragon Emperor and the Dragon Elder Council behind the Dragon Sect did not appear.

Any one of them could easily sweep through the Dragon Cave World and save Princess Nightshade.

But the problem was…

The Human Lord, Lin Ye, had yet to come out of seclusion. Without the orders of the Human Lord, they did not dare to leave the Lin Clan easily.

Other than that, Lin Ye’s cultivation was also rapidly increasing after receiving the help of the [Power of the Succubus Empress].

Previously, when they came out of the hall of the City Lord’s Mansion, they could clearly sense that Lin Ye had already entered the critical stage. If he was lucky, he might be able to directly break through the limit of the King-grade and step into the Emperor-grade Realm.

This was an unimaginable benefit for Lin Ye, who had 100,000 talent chains and many Sacred Bodies.

Once he broke through, be it in terms of true combat power or defense and life-saving ability, he would be much stronger than ordinary Limit Emperor-grade powerhouses, or even not weaker than the two of them.

In this situation, how could they dare to leave the Lin Clan so easily?

Seeing this, Long Xiaomi thought that it was not enough and was so anxious that she was about to stomp her feet. She gritted her teeth and said with grief and indignation, “My lords, if you’re still not satisfied, my Golden Wyvern Race is willing to hand all the rewards on the Treasure Distribution Platform and the wealth my race has accumulated for many years…”

Before Long Xiaomi could continue bidding, King Sparrow shook his head and interrupted, “Little fellow, it’s not that we’re cold-blooded and don’t want to help, but our duty is to protect the Human Lord. Now that the Human Lord is at the critical moment of breaking through, not to mention us, even your Golden Wyvern Race army is not allowed to leave the Lin Clan.”

“As for Princess Nightshade, we can only postpone it for the time being. However, don’t worry. As long as the Human Lord comes out of seclusion, we will immediately kill our way into the Dragon Cave World and deal with the princess.”

“But!!!” Long Xiaomi’s eyes were filled with tears.

Princess Nightshade had nurtured her and shouldered the hope of reviving the glory of the Golden Wyvern Race, and Lin Ye was her loyal master.

Both were the most precious existences in her life.

Under such circumstances, she was about to despair.

Although her master’s cultivation speed was fast, who knew how long his breakthrough would last?

On Princess Nightshade’s side, the nine dragon princes were like mad dogs. They wished they could use all their strength to kill the princess before the paralyzed Dragon Emperor could react.

Princess Nightshade would probably die before Master Lin Ye came out of seclusion.

The more she thought about it, the sadder she became. Long Xiaomi wailed, attracting everyone’s attention and pity.

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