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The joy of the reunion with Shanshan had been replaced by a deep frustration, which had not been felt by Shen Xinglan for a long time. He had already said that he would protect A Miao from any future harm.

But now, it was he who personally hurt her...

"Go." A Miao looked at him calmly. "Otherwise, I'll have to move back to school."

Shen Xinglan did not move. After a while, he suddenly said, "You don't believe me, so you are jealous."

"I am jealous." A Miao's candor made Shen Xinglan's mood better, and at the same time, he felt that he had not done well.

A Miao drew back her hand. "Let's both calm down for a while, perhaps we will discover that the other person is not that important."

"I don't need to." Shen Xinglan immediately refused.

"But I need to." A Miao sighed. "You at least need to spend a few days to understand how you feel about Shanshan."

Shen Xinglan squinted his eyes. "You really don't believe me. I said that I liked you, and I chose you."

"And what if Shanshan likes you?" A Miao asked him, "Are you so ruthless as to refuse her?"

This was the most embarrassing issue. Shen Xinglan could disdain all people, but it happened that Shanshan, the most beautiful savior in his memory, he could not refuse...

"Can't you answer?" A Miao pushed him away. "Go back and think about it. I won't bother to see you out."

Looking at A Miao's head, which did not look back into the room, Shen Xinglan sat on the sofa for a long time. At first, his eyes were still full of confusion and hesitation.

But soon afterward, those emotions were gone, and he lifted the corners of his mouth and stood up.

"A Miao." He went over to the door and called back through it. "This time, it was my fault, so I will listen to your leave for three days.

"You must come back to me in three days." With a charming radiance streaking through his eyes, Shen Xinglan said, "I will let you know my choice."

With that, he quickly left and, at the moment of closing the door, spit out the words he had not spoken.

"You have always been the only one. How can I choose?"

At Shen's villa—

"Where is Shen?" Sitting on the sofa, Lil Xi had a notebook in his hand. Next to him was the confused Shanshan.

Le Yi gently pared an apple and handed it to Shanshan. "Don't you think things are not messy enough for you to stay honest?"

"He won't go to see that woman, will he?" Lil Xi finished scolding with his finger and dropped the computer on the table. "Who sent the news? I'm going to hack him."

Shanshan gnawed at the apple and leaned in curiously. "What did you say? What happened yesterday?"

"The media actually said that yesterday's incident was a misunderstanding. You are a childhood friend of Shen. He did not break up with the girl named A Miao."

"Lil Xi..." Shanshan pushed him with an embarrassed face. "Don't keep doing this. Shen and I are brother and sister!"

Le Yi glanced at the computer and said, "Shen moves very fast."

"What do you mean?" Lil Xi shot him a glare. "It was Shen? Why would he do that?"

"Because I can't let my woman be wronged." Shen Xinglan came in from the outside.

Shanshan went up to him happily. "Brother Xinglan!"

"Are you all right?" Shen Xinglan touched her head. "Le Yi has arranged for you to go to the hospital with him for a detailed examination in the next few days."

Lil Xi cried out, "Shen, do you really like that woman? What about Shanshan?"

"Lil Xi!" Shanshan covered his mouth. "Don't talk nonsense." She stamped her foot hurriedly. "How can I have the face to see A Miao after you've done this?"

"Why did you see her?" Lil Xi pushed her aside and shouted at Shen Xinglan, "You asked me to find Shanshan. I finally got her back, but now you don't want her?"

Shen Xinglan rubbed his eyebrows and sat down. "Lil Xi, I never said I wouldn't take care of Shanshan, but A Miao is the woman I like. Whether you accept it or not, she is the one in my life I want to marry."

Seeing the embarrassed Shanshan, Shen Xinglan bent the corners of his mouth. "A Miao is a very good girl. She will like you."

"Mmm!" Shanshan nodded vigorously. "I like the elder sister that Xinglan likes too."

Lil Xi became even angrier at that sight. "Well, I am wrong on both sides! I don't care, I'll go!"

He picked up his notebook and rushed out. Le Yi shook his head. "He's almost 20 years old and still acts like a child. By the way, where's A Miao?"

Shanshan suddenly said, "I'm going to tidy up the room! You talk."

"Tell me what you need. I'll take you out to dinner in the evening." Shen Xinglan watched her go upstairs, then turned to Le Yi and said, "A Miao is angry."

"She wants to break up with you?" Le Yi lifted his eyebrows. "That's alright. You can give her some money and be with Shanshan."

Shen Xinglan scoffed. "You don't have to try to provoke me, A Miao is so good. Why would she break up with me because of this kind of thing?"

"That's a pity." Le Yi laughed. "For women, your performance yesterday was so bad."

"I know." Shen Xinglan was somewhat jittery. "I was negligent, it won't happen again." He took a glance at Le Yi. "I'll call Ouyang."

With a smile in his eyes, Le Yi said, "Do you want me to go see A Miao?"

"I thought you said you would go and see Lil Xi."

"No, it will be thankful that boy does not harm others..."

A Miao was making a cake in a good mood when the doorbell suddenly rang.

"Le Yi? Come in!" She dumped the flour and welcomed him in.

Le Yi brought a thermos inside and went straight to the kitchen and took out a bowl. "Bird's nest soup, drink it while it's hot."

"It tastes strange..." A Miao took a sip and frowned at him.

"Shen made it," Le Yi said with some amusement. "He did it alone from beginning to end and didn't ask Auntie for help." Seeing A Miao's moment of surprise, he went on to say.

"In fact, he asked me to throw it away and he went to the restaurant to buy some."

A Miao was really surprised. "Then where..."


Shen Xinglan talked to Ouyang on the phone all afternoon and estimated that he had learned a lot. The first thing he did was to do it himself as long as it was related to A Miao.

"Don't worry about him." Le Yi saw that A Miao was fidgeting, so he leaned on the sofa and asked her, "Do you want to hear something about Lil Xi?"

"If you'd like to, I'll listen."

Le Yi said, "Lil Xi is the youngest of us. Shanshan brought him back."

On one occasion, when they returned from training, Shanshan dragged him from the place where corpses were disposed of.

"A seven or eight-year-old girl dragged a boy about her age so far on a broken mat. At that time, Shanshan's hands and knees were injured."

Later, under her meticulous care, the little boy slowly recovered and his life was literally saved. If Shanshan had not been there, he would have been eaten by vultures.

"That child was Lil Xi!" A Miao made a cup of tea for the two of them.

Le Yi nodded. "So Shanshan is different to him."

"Shanshan was the only warmth for Shen in those days. For several of us, she is more like a little sister. For Lil Xi, Shanshan is his family member. He always regards her as his sister."

Before A Miao could speak, Le Yi added, "However, I'm afraid that Shen has taken that girl as his sister now."

"I don't think he knows exactly what his feelings for Shanshan are." A Miao shook her head. "I'm either being melodramatic or selfish. In my opinion, all those ambiguous games between brothers and sisters are abominable and despicable."

Le Yi agreed with her very much. A Miao's character was like grass—stubborn and strong. Although seemingly ordinary, she always had her own pride.

"In fact, I knew that Lil Xi would go to the engagement party to make a scene. I'm sorry about that."

A Miao had a facial expression that could have been anticipated. "You wanted to see what Shen Xinglan would choose, right?"

She also knew very well that Le Yi and his friends accepted her only because of Shen Xinglan. They could admire her and care about her.

However, all this was based on Shen Xinglan's attitude. If he chose Shanshan today, they would not hesitate to exclude her.

"I know what you're thinking." Le Yi was somewhat helpless. "Don't be so sharp, I really regard you as my friend."

A Miao smiled and did not answer.

"Don't you think it's easier to see a person's judgment in such a sudden situation?" Le Yi did not dispute with her either, then said, "I want to let Shen see his heart clearly once again."

He smiled. "You have to face it, Shen wants to be with you. You'll have to confront the existence of Shanshan."

"I understand." A Miao nodded. "But this cannot change my mind. I don't want to see him now."

Le Yi winked at her. "I didn't let you see him. That guy's always been domineering, and this time it's good to give him a taste of being ignored!"

"Poof..." A Miao also smiled. "So, you are here to watch the bustling scene?"

"Yes, it's finished now!" Le Yi stood up and walked to the door. "By the way, if Lil Xi comes to trouble you, you don't have to be polite to him. That guy is a bit stupid."

A Miao took him to the elevator. "I'm sure I won't let him bully me."

"That's fine. Since you don't want to see Shen, call me if you need something."

"Thank you, bye."

Le Yi walked out of the neighborhood and went over to Maybach across the street.

"Did you hear?" He turned off his cell phone.

Shen Xinglan sat with a calm face. "You gave her bird's nest soup to eat."

"She didn't throw it away." Le Yi gave him a look. "If I guess correctly, A Miao will eat all of it."

"That won't do." Shen Xinglan immediately took out his mobile phone, typed a few words, and sent them.

When he finished sending them, he saw Le Yi staring at him.

"Say what you have to say."

Le Yi said with a pleased expression, "It seems that you have really made a choice."

Just now, Shen Xinglan's first reaction was not to be glad that A Miao ate the thing that he had cooked, but it was to worry that A Miao would eat the bird's nest soup, which was so difficult to eat.

A person, if taking the other side as the starting point, then his feelings for that person, it went without saying...

"What are you going to do next?"

Shen Xinglan was staring at his mobile phone, and seeing that A Miao had not replied, was a little disappointed.

"Are you idle?" Knowing that his good friend was watching the bustling scene, Shen Xinglan looked straight ahead. "Is that policewoman all right?"

At the same time, after reading the text message, A Miao pursed her lips and put the bird's nest soup in the refrigerator.

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