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Looking at her son return, Lin Yueling squeezed out a forced smile, "Son, you've returned. Quickly greet the visitor!"

Sister A'Lin and Jiang family were interdependent. Whenever she passed by the fruit stall, she'd take fruits for free and was still treated with respect as their livelihood would crumble if they offended her.

Jiang Xiu's gaze swept over her, that aloofness in the gaze had formed over the course of 3000 years. How can he bow his head to an ordinary marketplace woman? That was akin to a joke.

Seeing her son act this way, Lin Yueling thought that he must've heard Sister A'Lin's words and so she shifted the topic, "The pressure over studying is quite large these days."

Sister A'Lin wasn't ready to take it lying down, she immediately expressed her displeasure, "Yueling, mark my words. It's better for your son to stop studying and do hard labor in a construction site or become a waiter in a hotel than going mad from studying. That's a better choice than wasting all that money on him."

Those words were really unpleasant to hear. Lin Yueling only had one son, and she treasured him very much. Receiving such humiliation caused her hairs to stand and her face to flush up.

But she still smiled, "The child is still young, they act unreasonably sometimes."

"Young? He's nearing 18, isn't he?"

"He isn't a baby!"

Her face was filled with disdain as she glanced at Jiang Xiu with a gaze full of contempt. She also had a son the same age as Jiang Xiu. She often boasted that her son was better than Jiang Xiu and will pass the entrance examinations for First High while Jiang Xiu couldn't even qualify the exam for Cloudlake High School. In the end, the Jiang family had to use their connections. Jiang Yi made a trip to the Cheng family and directly made Jiang Xiu join Jiang City's best, Second High. As for her son, he didn't even qualify for Cloudlake High School, so they had to buy a seat.

"There's no room for discussion here. The rent will rise by 300 RMB!"

Lin Yueling cried out, "Didn't you say 200 RMB just now?"

That 200 itself had already crossed the Jiang family's limits. The monthly living expenses for Jiang Xiu alone were 200 RMB, even if they didn't make extra money, they'd definitely keep the 200 RMB aside.

Sister A'Lin, "You don't like it? I'll raise it by 400 then. What? Are you gonna pay or not?"

"This old woman has no duty to help raise your child."

"Son, return home first."

Rent increment of 400 wasn't acceptable. The rent was 800 RMB for the previous month, and after a rise of 400, that'd become 1200 RMB.
Their entire family will have to go cold and hungry then.

The reason she pleaded Sister A'Lin so much was that they couldn't afford such an increment in the rent.

Jiang Xiu still remembered what happened in the previous timeline. His mother was forced to kneel by this woman. The eldest young lady of the grand Lin family, a spoiled daughter hailing from an eminent family, had to kneel down for a marketplace vixen for Jiang Xiu.

Just recalling this made Jiang Xiu feel like a thorn was stabbing into his heart.

Jiang Xiu said, "Mom, this won't work. Let's move!"

Lin Yueling's eyes opened wide. She started sweating in fear. What nonsense is this foolish son saying? Our entire household relies on the fruit stall, what would we do if we don't have any life force after moving. Won't we starve to death on the street?

Moreover, Jiang Xiu was still studying in senior high and will be joining university next year. Lin Yueling was willing to work hard but wasn't ready to risk her son's future.

Sister A'Lin said, "Good. Very good. Pack up then. It's just what I want."

Lin Yueling got anxious as cold sweat poured down her forehead due to the nervousness, "Stinky brat, what nonsense are you saying? Sister A'Lin has taken care of our family for these many years, quickly go inside the house."

Taken care of us? It was bullying and humiliation, okay?

Sister A'Lin knew that Jiang Xiu's family was poor and made out that they wouldn't dare to move at all. That's the reason the rent for such a tiny 4 square feet fruit stall had risen from 100 RMB to 800 RMB and now gone up to 1200 RMB. Even regions bigger and better than this place didn't have such a high rent.

"Mother, I have money. I'll buy a place for you."

Lin Yueling almost spewed blood out from the anxiety. What are you boasting for? You believe Sister A'Lin will get scared from this? That's impossible. If she really wants to drive us out, then we have no other choice.

"Stop saying nonsense and go inside."

His mother's tone seemed so strict as she reached out to push Jiang Xiu.

"Mother, I really have money!"

He really did have the money, and can actually be considered well-off. He had a million RMB in his pocket, owned 70% shares of the Myriad Base Conglomerate which was worth 20 billion. Deity Xiu was a bigshot worth several billion now.

"Stop speaking…"

Sister A'Lin said, "You've done well. Using such a move against this old mother. If your family is considered well-off, mine is a pigsty then. A poor brat like you is actually trying to cheat this old mother. One look at you and I can say that you'll remain poor for your entire life."

"Aren't you well-off?"

"Pack up then!"

Clap! Clap! Clap! Sister A'Lin drew everyone's attention by clapping, "Everyone, Yueling's child has grown up. Come take a look. He's going to buy a shop for his home."

Seeing such a scene play out, all the neighbors came out to enjoy watching the drama.

"Is it true? Isn't Jiang Xiu still studying?"

"Where did he get the money to buy a store? He's just boasting, right?"

"That's just impossible!"

Sister A'Lin was similar to a fighting hen. As soon as she saw that everyone had gathered in a circle, she entered a deeper zone. "Everyone, I'm not forcing Yueling at all. Her son was the one who said they didn't want to rent the place and that he'd buy a place for her. I'm not acting unjustly at all. Although this kid can't even study properly, he does have some amazing boasting skills."

"Whoever wants my store, I'm ready to lease it to them."

"I'll bear the electricity and water charges for the first three months!"

People on the side got excited. The electricity and water charges for a month came up to 200 RMB, and it caused trouble for some stores. Although it seemed like Jiang Xiu's family's fruit stall didn't make much money, it provided enough for an entire family. Many of them coveted this place!

"Sister A'Lin, you have to keep your word."

"This old mother won't go back on my words."

Lin Yueling said anxiously, "Sister A'Lin, my son acted rudely. Don't lower yourself to his level."

"Isn't it just a rise in rent? It's fine, let's raise it."

Sister A'Lin said, "What did you say? Do you believe I still want to lease the place to your family? Just see how that tone is, it almost scared me to death. He'll buy a home, he says. It's no joke. I can't afford to serve such a bigshot family like yours. What will I do in case you crush me to death with money?"

Lin Yueling said, "Sister A'Lin, calm down… cool your temper…"

"I don't dare to. You son is so fierce. I'm terrified of leasing the place to you."

"Kou Shui Yong, why don't you take my store?"

The middle-aged man who spoke before was exalted after hearing those words. "I want it. Why wouldn't I? Sister A'Lin, let's have a chat inside my house…" Saying so, Kou Shui Yong walked towards an open-faced building.

Sister A'Lin twisted her pig-like body and followed after him.

Lin Yueling truly panicked and ran after that, "Sister A'Lin, Sister A'Lin…"

"Jiang family is going to suffer miserably."

Everyone was taking joy in watching the drama.

"Yueling's son is really foolish. He actually picked a fight with the leaser. Ain't that just courting disaster?"

"He shouldn't have boasted if he didn't have the money."

Sister A'Lin and Kou Shui Yong entered the store. When A'Lin saw Lin Yueling chase after them, disdain filled her face. "Don't try to say it's all a misunderstanding. This old mother can't afford to sever a lessee like you."

Lin Yueling requested her, "Sister A'Lin, we're acquainted for over a decade now and always had good relations. Little Xiu's too young and is just anxious over the circumstances of the family. You mustn't take his words to heart."

"I'll apologize to you. Please continue renting the place to me."

Tears welled up in her eyes. No one knew how hard it was for these past years. After Jiang Yi was released from the prison, he had changed entirely and couldn't recover to his former state. Life was difficult, and Jiang Xiu was still small. The entire family was supported by her alone, but she remained obstinate and never cried. However, right now, her gaze was filled with deep imploration.

"I beg you!"

Sister A'Lin scoffed at her, "Begging me? Alright. Make that incredible son of yours kneel down and apologize to me. If not, don't hold any hope to rent this old woman's store again."


Lin Yueling's pupils shrunk. Jiang Xiu was her hope. How could she allow him to experience this kind of humiliation? "Sister A'Lin, he is just a young child and possessed a strong ego. Otherwise…"

"I-I'll apologize to you in his stead."

Her voice trembled as she said those words and she seemed as if she had lost her soul.

Ling Yueling ah Ling Yueling, just what are you doing? She felt as if she couldn't even recognize herself. The proud princess of the Lin family was preparing to kneel towards a marketplace vixen for a location of just 5 square feet.

"Alright. Kneel down!"

Lin Yueling's complexion turned paler as she lowered her head. She didn't dare to show her face to anyone as her knees bent downwards.

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