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Jiang Xiu reached in front of the main hall. The Ji family's disciples rushed out of from the hall, each one of them radiating with an extraordinary aura. A blue-robed old man gazed at him viciously then said with a snort, "Jiang Luoxia. You really have guts to come to my Ji family's origin palace."

Jiang Xiu's cold gaze swept across him. His eyes were just like a primal god's as he saw them as mere ants. "Where is Xie Ting?"

The blue-robed man said, "The Ji family didn't come to take revenge for killing our ancestor, yet you dare to come here?"

The man beside him agreed, "Why are you even wasting your words to speak with him? The heavens had left him a path, but he has chosen to enter hell. Today, we shall take revenge for our ancestor."


A sword image soared ahead towards Jiang Xiu. Even the wind seemed to split into two sections wherever that sword light passed by. It was so sharp that it sliced the void.

The one who attacked was one of the Ji family's Seven Sages.

Initially, these people were stuck at the Arcane Stage, but after the world began to transform due to the Holy Woman's descent, they were a step ahead in seizing the luck of the heavens.

This sword move already had a hint of a Sword Immortal's touch to it.


Jiang Xiu just used two of his fingers to blast that sword image away. The blue-robed old man also flew out and landed on the azure colored roof tiles of the palace.

Crackle! The titles broke down due to the collision.

"Take revenge for the ancestor even if you die in the process!"

The disciples didn't turn timid after watching the sage suffer defeat. Instead, they rushed towards Jiang Xiu fearlessly. The Ji family had an inheritance of 500 years and was led by a God, so the disciples, as well as the grand-disciples, were naturally extraordinary. Even if they hadn't reached the demigod stage, most of them were in the arcane stage or the supreme stage. Just one of them could go out and proclaim himself lord of a city.

The collective strength of so many people naturally led to a qualitative change!


Jiang Xiu raised his right hand up and simultaneously, the cloudy skies seemed to have received some kind of response as thunder began to echo along with lightning flashing through the dark clouds.


He took a step forward. It seemed like a normal one, but the earth began to tremble due to it. Taking advantage of this chance, his hand dropped down, releasing a sharp, 40-50 m wide white saber light. At the moment this saber light took form, only white light could be seen in the entire sky, nothing else.

The powerful saber light's strength waned a little, but the saber energy had already caused several people to explode while the people behind them were sliced into two halves.

He took another step forward then snapped his finger. Another saber light shot out and thorned into the man who was lying in ambush to the side.

The Young Sword Master, Huabei's four family heads and Lin Mi had sprinted and finally caught up.

But what was waiting for them was a land filled with dead bodies.

Jiang Xiu strolled into the hall, taking lives away as if they were nothing but grass. He never used the same method again. There were sword beams, flames, energy waves, finger snaps as well as curse spells.

In a flash, he passed through the front courtyard, and dead bodies fell from the sky behind him. There were at least a hundred bodies and more than half of Ji family's experts were killed.

The rage felt by the Ji family was replaced by fear.

It was too terrifying. Taking a life was akin to scrunching up a sheet of paper to him.

"I'll ask you again, where is Xie Ting?"

"You won't say it? Looks like I have to kill more before you're ready to squeak!"

Saying so, he set foot inside the Ji family's main hall. The white-robed old man clenched his fists firmly while shuddering all over. His facial muscles kept twitching. "Jiang Luoxia, you dare to slaughter my Ji family?"

As the guardian elder of the Ji family, he felt shocked as he saw the disciples get slaughtered like pigs. His heart was full of grief and wished to dismember Jiang Xiu into thousands of pieces.

"So what if I slaughter them?"

Jiang Xiu frowned. Xie Ting's call for help was turning increasingly impatient, her voice was also mixed with painful screams. He immediately waved towards the white-robed old man.


The void trembled, and along with the rumble, even the air couldn't seem to endure this wave of his palm. An unsurpassable force spread out from his palm and just like a diety's hand, a 10 m large palm manifested before him.

"Be careful!"

The other sages shouted at the white-robed man in alarm.

The white-robed old man formed a seal with his hand in a rush, resulting in a dazzling golden light flying out from his palm. His demigod powers were revealed at this moment, and simultaneously, the other sages beside him also attacked. Flames, Divine Light, Fist Arts and several other attacks launched towards Jiang Xiu from all directions.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Each attack knocked against the giant palm and was countered with a powerful force. A few of the sages were pushed back while they clenched their teeth to supplement their attacks with more power, but the countering force was fiercer as the disparity in power was too large. They all spouted blood from their mouths.

Nothing could oppose a real God. The white-robed old man's expression warped as he suddenly made a throwing motion. A golden light left his hand, breaking out with an intense ray of light as it sped ahead like a bullet.

Jiang Xiu's eyes flickered suddenly. That golden light had actually penetrated that giant hand. Though its speed was the same as a bullet's, its mass was several times higher. Such a powerful force left Jiang Xiu in shock. He didn't even have the time to ponder about what it was as that golden light had already arrived before him. His figure turned into a mirage, and that golden light passed through it.


The golden light struck a several meter high smooth mountain stone at a distance, resulting in it exploding into pieces.


The golden light penetrated through the rock then made a turn in the air to return.

An ordinary item couldn't possess such might. Jiang Xiu concluded that only a divine artifact could achieve this. After turning back, that golden light came to attack again. He evaded to the side again. The golden light seemed to have a spiritual nature as it kept targetting Jiang Xiu by turning back as if its mission was to destroy him.

A dazzling light appeared at Jiang Xiu's forehead as the saber pill came out and rushed towards that golden light. The two powers collided with each other.

The silver light and the golden light releasing an incomparably dazzling light while in deadlock.


Jiang Xiu saw the true colors of that golden light. It was unexpectedly a pebble-sized stone which was glowing with a golden character. It was Longevity Stone.

Since these people were related to Ji Wudao and Wang Chonglin, he ought to have expected that they might have a Longevity Stone in their hands. This was the fifth one.

If a comparison were to be made, Jiang Xiu's saber light possessed the might of four Longevity Stones while the opposite side only had one. Moreover, with the achievements Jiang Xiu possessed in the saber dao, that Longevity Stone was pushed back little by little under that knife's light.

Jiang Xiu had noticed one thing. The white-robed old man wasn't controlling the Longevity Stone. In other words, the Longevity Stone was reacting instinctively. This shouldn't have happened as the stone didn't possess spiritual intelligence. He wondered if the stone had gained spirituality. It was also possible that Ji Wudao had refined it and assigned it a function using his comprehension of the divine dao.

Jiang Xiu closed his eyes.

His divine intent began to directly refined the Longevity Stone through the saber pill. Facing such a huge gap in strength, even if the white-robed old man could control the Longevity Stone, he couldn't escape from Jiang Xiu. Moreover, the Longevity Stone wasn't for attacking.

After refining it, the golden Longevity Stone scattered into sand and got absorbed by the saber pill.

"It's the Saber Pill. The Ancestor died due to this!"

Jiang Xiu opened his eyes suddenly, and a fierce light flickered in his eyes as all of the sand formed from the Longevity Stone got absorbed by the saber pill.

The saber pill's power increased another notch.


Jiang Xiu howled crazily. Lightning seemed to flash through his eyes as his aura soared up sharply, making him appear like a saber standing upright in the world, suppressing everything with its power.


The Ji family's sages shouted in alarm as the Longevity Stone disappeared.

Jiang Luoxia was so strong that even the Holy Artifact of the Ji family could do nothing to him. It was also no wonder that the Ji Ancestor died at his hands.

"Jiang Luoxia, weren't you looking for Xie Ting? She's an evil spawn whom we have already burned and sacrificed to the world. Her body has turned into ashes, and her soul is…"


An overwhelming killing intent rushed out from Jiang Xiu and engulfed the entire area. A sword light immediately shot out.

This sword intent covered all the Ji family's disciples.

"If Xie Ting is dead, I'll kill this branch of your Ji family and bury you along with her. The Ji family will not exist in this world anymore…"

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