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Chapter 221 – Your territory, I will take charge

Time gradually passed, the ancient half hour is equivalent to the modern one hour. More than half an hour had passed, a dense layer of sweat had seeped out of Chu Qing-Yan's forehead. Now that she had become everyone's backbone, every movement of her's represented whether these people would be rescued or not, so she couldn't be frantic.

After all the Daoist guards fell down laying askew, Chu Qing-Yan let out a breath of relief. She tossed the almost completely burnt out wooden incense aside and quickly got up. Maybe because she used too much strength too suddenly, she swayed a bit. She immediately supported herself with the wooden prison. She shook her head, trying to make herself clear-headed.

The worry in that youth's eyes became deeper. Now was not a good time to inquire about this, he could only watch silently as she took out a silver thing from her chest pocket.

Chu Qing-Yan looked at that odd key in her hand and immediately smiled. At that time she knew Wood Spirit was good at making all kinds of weapons, so she asked him to make a key that could open all the locks in the world. At that time, Wood Spirit had an expression of seeing a ghost when looking at her, until she promised not to use the key to do bad things. Only then did Wood Spirit reluctantly agree and in the end gave her this key.

Wood Spirit warned her that this key could only open common locks. But if it was a lock constructed from secrets, it would be very difficult to open.

But now that she had this key, it was enough!

She inserted the key into the eye of the lock, with a light turn the door lock opened, her heart rejoiced. But she didn't tarry and directly walked out of the wooden prison. She first opened that youth's wooden prison, then tossed the key to him. "You help me open all the wooden prisons!"

This youth seemed to be able to take on heavy responsibilities. Moreover she never used people she suspected but didn't suspect the people she used. As a result, she gave him all the authority over this task.

The youth originally had words he wanted to ask her, but seeing that after she tossed him the key she exited the prison and walked toward those knocked out Daoist priests, he didn't speak and directly went to help those kids open their prison doors.

Chu Qing-Yan walked to stand in front of those Daoist guards, took out their weapons and placed it on the ground. When those children were let out and came closer to her, she turned and said in a low unquestionable voice to those young boys and girls that viewed her as their backbone. "We still haven't gotten out of danger yet, once that stone door opens, we will be discovered."

Her finger pointed at the stone door that the Daoist priest walked into just now, then she continued to say. "Therefore we must now learn to protect ourselves. There are more than a dozen swords here, you guys take it for self protection. The stones on the floor can also be used as a weapon. You guys choose by yourself but you must do it quickly!"

She talked very fast with clear words and everyone nodded. They silently picked up a weapon, afterwards they quietly stood there and didn't produce any sound.

Because just now in the wood prisons, Chu Qing-Yan had already told them not to make sounds of activity, otherwise they would be exposed. Then tonight none of them would escape!

Chu Qing-Yan was very satisfied with everyone's reaction. As a result, she waved her hand and everyone moved to the other stone door facing them.

That was the stone door she was brought in from, going out is also in that direction. But she remembered that there were two Daoist apprentices guarding it.

That stone door was their biggest test.

Because if their sneak attack didn't succeed, then they would all die.

Chu Qing-Yan had already selected several sturdy youths to carry weapons and protect them. All the girls were in the middle, while she and that youth walked in the front.

Chu Qing-Yan discovered that the youth held a long sword, this wasn't surprising. But Chu Qing-Yan felt that the way that youth held the sword was correct and he was very familiar with swords.

They were about to arrive at the door that was of great concern to their life or death, when Chu Qing-Yan said in a low voice. "There are two Daoist priests guarding that stone door, I'll dispatch one, can you get rid of the other one?"

"Okay." The youth replied.

No hesitation, no awkwardness. Chu Qing-Yan subconciously took a glance at him. She tightened her grip on the dagger in her hand. This was the dagger he had just now returned to her. Although she felt this youth was strange, but now the most important thing was to leave here first.

Not far away was the stone door.

As a result Chu Qing-Yan lifted her hand, letting the people behind her stop. She instructed them to gather together, with weapons outward to protect themselves first, then she nodded to that youth. The two carefully approached that stone door using catlike footsteps.

At this moment, those two Daoist priests were just chatting.

"You say if teacher is successful tonight, how many eternal youth pills do you think will be refined? At that time, don't know how many we'll get from the split?"

"If everyone in our sect could get one, then we all would live forever and not grow old. Wow just thinking——oh——"

That Daoist priest hadn't finish speaking when he felt someone approaching from behind. Before he could turn his head, one hand formed a knife shape and hacked down, and he passed out.

The other Daoist priest saw this and wanted to cry out in alarm, but the blade at his neck very sharply cut his throat. Along with the blood that flowed in columns, he swayed then fell down.

"You, kill-, killed him?" Chu Qing-Yan looked at that youth whose sword still dripped with blood, somewhat disbelieving that he disposed of that guy so cleanly. Once she said that, she immediately closed her mouth. She was in no position to criticize him. If he didn't strike with the sword, then they would have been discovered.

"Only dead people can't spread the news." That youth lifted his sword and gave the priest that was knocked unconscious by Chu Qing-Yan a stab. Then that priest stopped breathing.

Chu Qing-Yan turned her gaze away. This wasn't the first time she saw someone being killed. But her heart still felt somewhat strange. By this time, that youth had already turned his head to call those children over.

She didn't think more on this, she brought the people to immediately walk toward that last stone door. As long as they passed through that door and opened that iron door, they would arrive safely outside.

But when they arrived at that door, everyone was stupefied, because there was only a lion lock on this door, apart from that, there wasn't anything else. How to get out ah? Once again, everyone's gaze landed on Qing Yan's body.

Chu Qing-Yan put away her dagger and walked to stand in front of that stone door. Recalling the procedure that priest used to open the door before: left three turns, right seven turns. Then she pushed, waiting for the stone door to open.

But that stone door didn't move a jolt.

Chu Qing-Yan narrowed her eyes, was the code wrong?

And just at this moment that youth suddenly climbed down. Chu Qing-Yan, seeing this immediately asked guardedly. "What's wrong?"

That youth lifted his head, his expression was somewhat ugly. "I heard the sounds of footsteps. As if the stone door had moved something. We have been discovered!"

Chu Qing-Yan secretly cursed in her heart. It couldn't be that they would lose it all at this final moment!

What that youth said was correct. The original hour was almost near. Those priests that came to bring out those children from the wooden prisons saw that all the prison doors were open, as well as the same sect's apprentices that were lying askew on the ground. That priest immediately yelled not good.

And just at this time, the wrong way to open the stone door triggered a mechanism. When the Daoist priest heard the news, this was the scene he saw. He immediately became angry and ordered those apprentices to follow the escape route of the children.

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