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Chapter 214 – Buy one get one free, very cost effective

When the small wooden box was opened, Liu Ying fortunately had turned his gaze that way.

When he could clearly see what was inside, both of his eyes narrowed.

What a pretty powdery pink jade-like little child. Long eyelashes fluttered just like the wings of a butterfly, attracting people's doting. Powdery soft petal like lips were scarlet like the peach blossom in March or April, making people's heart speed up.

Liu Ying couldn't help but take several steps up than shake his head. He said in disbelief. "Boss Zhao, this child you gifted is very timely, very timely! Simply is the Heavens helping me ah!"

Zhao Qing didn't know what Liu Ying was talking about, but in the end he had given the correct gift. Anyway, the thing he wanted to do Liu Ying had already promised to settle it for him, so he echoed saying. "Congratulations to Honorable Liu, felicitations to Honorable Liu!"

"Okay, let us first go to the birthday feast, in the evening, this official will come to take care of this generous gift!" Finished speaking, Liu Ying clapped his hands and several burly men walked in. These burly men carried the two boxes away.

When Zhao Qing followed Liu Ying to leave, he turned his head back to take a glance and a ruthless expression flashed through his eyes. Don't blame me for this, who told you guys to enter Liu Ying's eyes? If I didn't grab you guys first, as long as you guys are in Ping Yang city, sooner or later you guys would have been captured by Liu Ying.

When the wooden box was closed again, Chu Qing-Yan's tightly closed eyes slowly opened. It was dark all around, her pair of eyes flickered with light like gems. She couldn't help but humph, they still thought that buy one get one free was very cost effective?

Liu Ying, you just wait. If I don't turn your manor upside down soon, than my last name isn't Chu!

Having been jolted all the way, she could feel it when the box was placed on the ground. After a short period, those heavy powerful footstep sounds slowly seemed to come from far away. Then came the sound of the door to the room being closed. Chu Qing-Yan waited for a short while, before opening the box. She didn't know how Big Block of Ice was doing? Was he in the same room as her?

She got up and looked all around, she was the only one in the room. She immediately climbed out. She walked to the door to the room and tried to pull it open. She did it just in passing, but didn't expect that the door wasn't locked. Maybe it was because Zhao Qing told Liu Ying they were given very strong knockout drugs. Therefore they didn't do much to guard against their escape.

Chu Qing-Yan laughed mischieveously. She closed the door once again, then laid on the bed, leisurely waiting for the night to arrive.

Big Block of Ice's side doesn't need her to worry about, tonight Fire Spirit's group will take action. At that time, she could just take advantage of the night and fish in troubled waters, will be fine. Just thinking about it made her excited.

When they arrived at Liu Manor, it was already late afternoon. On top of which it was late autumn, so night arrived very quickly.

The lively hubbub was happening in the front courtyard, where Liu Ying was in the midst of greeting everyone.

The Retired Emperor's table was rather far from the center, so Liu Ying didn't discover the Retired Emperor. And Liu Ying just so happened to be in the master position in the brightest place at the scene, so the Retired Emperor could see all his actions over there at a glance.

One only heard the sound of the Retired Emperor biting a mouthful of chicken drumstick, sighing, then biting another mouthful of chicken drumstick, sighing again. Fire Spirit and his people were just paying close attention to the movements all around, but heard the Retired Emperor give one sigh after another. Even if he wanted to ignore him, he couldn't.

As a result, Fire Spirit summoned courage to ask. "Old man, why are you sighing?"

"This Liu Ying ah, don't know if it was because he had raked in too much of the people's blood, sweat and tears. You see him getting fatter and fatter. Several years ago when I saw him, he only had two layers of fat on his stomach. Look at him now, it's as if he had been blown up, looking as if he is about to float up." The Retired Emperor sighed again.

Fire Spirit, Earth Spirit and others in the group felt as if several crows flew over their head going caw, caw….

After a short period, Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit's heads got close together. Earth Spirit said in a low voice: "After another fifteen minutes, leave behind three people to protect the old man. Split the rest of the people into three groups, one group is to meet with master, one group is go to the study, one group is to go look for more evidence of the crimes."

Fire Spirit nodded, both people's eyes were bright as they carefully watched the surroundings, waiting for the time to arrive.

Whereas the Retired Emperor poured himself a cup of wine, then loudly sighed again. Only this time's melancholic sigh wasn't as casual as the sighs from before.

Wan'er ah, this time I see Liu family is unable to be saved. You ah, you should also feel relieved, the younger generation will do all right on their own. You just live the way you want to under the ground, don't worry about too much oh!

While inside the inner courtyard of Liu Manor, a young miss dressed in pink was inside the room using the brush to draw something on paper. Occasionally she would have an infatuated look, occasionally she would have an absorbed expression, while the picture on the paper gradually became clear. It was Xiao Xu who had stopped by the stall by the street side the night before.

This young miss wasn't a stranger, she was the woman who pretended to fall next to Chu Qing-Yan, Liu Fu.

Liu Ying most dotted on this second wife's daughter, from childhood to now she was dotted on by Liu Ying, becoming rude, overbearing, unruly and mean. She had hundreds and thousands of ways to punish people, never using the same methods. All the servants in Liu Manor were afraid of her. When her name was mentioned, everyone would make a strategic retreat, afraid of being tormented by her strange punishing instruments.

And just at this moment, her personal servant walked in with hurried footsteps, her mouth calling. "Miss, miss, not good——"

Liu Fu was just concentrated on drawing the appearance of that elegant man from last night. She was interrupted by this shouting and her hand trembled, a drop of black ink landed on that white as jade face. Liu Fu immediately panicked, she wanted to save it but because she was flustered, that black dot expanded. It immersed those beautiful eyes that she couldn't draw in black ink.

Liu Fu's fingers trembled slightly, her head could not suppress the anger in her heart. Now the servant had already walked in front of her, so she didn't know danger was imminent. She had just lifted her head to make her report when her master pick up the ink stone on the table and ruthlessly toss it toward her.

"Ah…" accompanied by a shriek. The servant covered her head and fell to the ground, tears fell down but she dared not cry. She knew if she cried, master's heart would be more vexed and she would suffer more.

She promptly crawled up, and didn't dare cover her head, letting the blood flow out from her forehead. She shivered saying. "Master, beg you to spare this servant. Beg you….."

"Don't know what's good, you dog of a slave. Do you know you have ruined the picture this miss has spent a whole day meticulously drawing?" Liu Fu viciously looked at her, itching to swallow her whole.

"Miss please forgive me. Miss please calm down. Servant has a very important matter to report to Miss, thus alarming miss. This servant deserves to die!" The servant immediately defended herself.

"What important matter? Quickly say! If it can not arose this miss's interest, then tonight you will sleep with this miss's pet!" Liu Fu coldly said.

Pet? The servant recalled those snakes that didn't even leave bones behind, her entire person almost fainted. But she was more afraid that if she fainted, master would directly toss her in there.

"Someone sent the lord a congratulatory gift. I heard inside was a child, moreover a very good looking one." The servant said this very quickly.

"Child?" Liu Fu immediately narrowed her eyes. The matter of her own father raising male pets and liking men was not something she didn't know off. Once she heard this, she knew what the purpose of the child was for. Her face immediately turned black, these matters she had tried to persuade father many times before but he refused to listen.

"Go, take this Miss to have a look!"


The two people urgently left. The direction they went in was precisely the room Chu Qing-Yan was in right now.

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