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Chapter 204 – The Big Block of Ice after changing his appearance

Chu Qing-Yan couldn't sit still inside the room.

Although Big Block of Ice had only gone to have his appearance changed to one completely different from his original, but just thinking of it made her nervous. That was his 360 degree appearance not being covered with a mask ah!

"Master, you should stop pacing around. Come drink a cup of water." Xi Ning considerately poured a cup of water for her.

Chu Qing-Yan accepted the water but her face was still full of expectation. "Xi Ning, you say, what would the Eldest master look like when he takes off his mask?"

Xi Ning had her lips pursed as she looked at her master's preoccupied expression. She couldn't help but say laughingly. "Master, wouldn't you know it in just a while?"

Chu Qing-Yan thought a bit, that's true, but no matter what she was still nervous, okay?

When the room's door was pushed open, Chu Qing-Yan immediatley put the cup down and stood up to look.

Xi Ning shook her head, see how master looked like a groom about to welcome the new bride to the wedding ceremony! Full of restlessness and expectation right?

A man dressed in magnificent mysterious black slowly appeared in front of her eyes in the wake of the door being opened.

The night had gradually darkened, and the last bit of the setting sun penetrated the clouds to shine into the room. It also illuminated Chu Qing-Yan's pair of eyes.

The man in front of her, his eyebrows were like the spring wind in February. Eyes like black jade, with an appearance that stood out. Lips that were like flower petals dyed with morning dew, moist and glossy. It flashed with bits of light.

Handsome eyebrows embellished with pupils that had an all-round magnificent appearance. An elegant temperament, seeing this made one forget the vulgar world.

Only that the faint rays from those pupils were like the snow on the alpine, pure and clean but they also carried a trace of coldness and cheerlessness. The white as jade skin had a gloss that was more exquisite than a woman's, making people associate it with the translucent and sparkling fruit jello. One couldn't help but want to lift up a finger to poke at it.

Such a pure, noble celebrity like young master that was bright and full of spirit, one glance was enough to make all living things go crazy.

"Big Block of Ice——" At one glance, she was able to recognize this person was the person she was always thinking off.

Although she had never seen his appearance and the person in front of her had his face changed, but that clearly cold aura on his body was one she was familiar with.

"En, I came to pick you up to go out." Xiao Xu didn't enter the door, rather he stood outside the room. He stood there with hands behind his back, waiting for the person inside to come out.

It's not like he didn't see the stunned amazement in her eyes, he only felt the little fellow's foolish blank stare really lost face for him. Looks like in the future he needed to teach her what was called "even if Mt Tai collapsed in front of her, her expression shouldn't change".

If Chu Qing-Yan were to know this unromantic thought in his heard, it is estimated she would knock her head against a wall.

Everyone loves beauty, this was human nature.

She walked to stand in front of him with her claws extended out, wanting to poke his face, to check if he was wearing a human skin mask or not, but half way, his hand blocked hers. Her claws were gripped in his hand. "Don't cause a disturbance."

And the Air Spirit who was ignored at their side gave a light cough. "Little young master, you don't need to waste any thoughts in vain. This human skin mask was seamlessly glued together, you won't find a gap."

Her thoughts having been exposed by Air Spirit, Chu Qing-Yan didn't get angry, instead she directed her question to him. "Is this mask close to your master's original appearance?"

Air Spirit smiled and didn't reply.

Chu Qing-Yan rolled her eyes at him, and immediately turned to look at the person by her side. "Cousin, let us go out. Just ignore him!"

"Hey, hey, hey so quick to abandon one's benefactor after getting what you want!" Air Spirit reproached behind their backs.

Chu Qing-Yan turned her head and rolled her eyes at him. Humph, who told him to talk in riddles with her. In the end, what does Big Block of Ice look like ah. He clearly knew she was very concerned but used this matter to tease her. Uh-huh, not beating him up could already be regarded as pretty good!

He didn't tell the little consort that the reason why people won't detect the mask was because that was his Highness's real face. Only he slightly dressed it up a bit and made that completely gorgeous face lose seventy percent of its original beauty. So what the little consort saw was the splendor that was hidden and only revealed thirty percent of his Highness's handsomeness.

Thirty percent was enough to make all living things crazy. If he didn't lower his looks, then how brilliant would that appearance be?

Air Spirit looked at the two people walking down the stairs together, and suddenly felt there was an indescribable feeling of being pleasing to the eyes. As if these two people should walk together in one piece. He couldn't help but rub his eyes, maybe it was because recently he hasn't rested well that’s why his eyesight would stray!

"Hey, do you feel that in fact master and the little young master are well suited to each other?" Fire Spirit who didn't know when this thought came from his mouth that was gnawing on a corn on the cob. He said everything as if it was spilling out.

Air Spirit shot him a glance. "What nonsense are you babbling on about again? Wipe the corn granule at the corner of your mouth, don't lose master's face!" Finished speaking, Air Spirit turned and entered his room and heavily slammed the door shut.

Fire Spirit rubbed his nose. What he said was a fact, what was this person being so awkward about? At this time, he just so happened to see the shop's waiter come upstairs. In order to find someone who understands, Fire Spirit waved his hand at the waiter. "Little waiter brother, do you also feel that my family's master and the little younger master seem to be well suited?"

The shop's waiter lifted his hand to wipe away the cold sweat that emerged on his forehead. Both of them were men, how could they be suited? Could it be they were homosexuals? But the person in front of him was straightforward and full of expectation for his reply. The waiter immediately tightened his hand around the towel at his lapel. These guests were somewhat strange. He needed to immediately tell the proprietor today that he feels sick and needs to request a leave of absence!

Seeing the shop waiter being scared until he was scrambling and trying to escape downstairs, Fire Spirit was somewhat at a loss at this moment. Was he really this scary?

"Air Spirit has a sharp tongue but a soft heart. Whatever he said, you don't need to take it to heart." Xiao Xu brought her out of the inn, standing on the street with people coming and going. His gaze looked ahead, his tone was full of his habitual indifference. But it was hard to cover the timbre that was clearly soft and gentle.

Chu Qing-Yan smiled. "I didn't take it to heart. I know the people beside you in the beginning all weren't that fond of me. But I'm not a silver note that everyone loves at first sight, how could I ask everyone to like me? Moreover, aren't you the mystical horse that could conquer all people, having the most motivating force?"

Her complete disregard made Xiao Xu's lips curve up. Although the little fellow's mouth was always muttering about grandpa emperor and Air Spirit, but in her heart she thought of them with goodwill. She was cute and never really bickered with them about anything.

Such an open-minded person is one of his, Xiao Xu's people.

Xiao Xu forgot that at this moment he wasn't wearing a mask, the gentle smiling expression on his face became the most dazzling scene among this stream of people coming and going.

The endless stream of people, because of his faint smiling expression slowly slowed down their footsteps.

At night, every household hung up all kinds of lanterns that were more beautiful than could be imagined.

From the back, those winding lanterns extended out into the distance giving off a dazzling light, like splendid fireworks spreading out magnificently behind his back. Black hair bound up high hanging down over his shoulder was smooth as running water, giving off a faint flowing luster.

It was late autumn, the leaves fell everywhere.

Don't know who it was that bumped into that tree with yellow leaves, with rustling sounds they floated down, like the rain in the sky.

It landed on the two people's shoulders, sliding down following the lines of their clothes. Just like butterflies that brushed past them, flying fast then falling to the ground. That instant of splendor was like the floating down leaves that entered everyone's lake-like heart. It touched off circular ripples that spread out without an end. Layer after layer unfurled, thin and densely packed.

The youth at this time smiled like the wind that flowed like spring. The wind flowed past the tip of a branch blowing open people's hearts. One, then two flowers.

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