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Chapter 18 – Turn the tables in the match to protect parents

It's rare to see Elder Chu become so angry, everyone was somewhat terrified. However, except one person who seemed not to attach any importance to his rage.

Having heard what was said, Chu Qing-Yan's footstep halted. Elder Chu thought she was scared by him to a stop, just when he was feeling proud, he saw Chu Qing-Yan turned around. A smile that was beyond her years still remained on her face, it was somewhat odd, making it hard for him to grasp the mood.

"Great Uncle, whether this younger generation can exit this door, I'm afraid even you don't have the final say."

"What do you mean?" Elder Madam Chu wrinkled her brows and looked at her with dissatisfaction.

Chu Qing-Yan smiled but didn't speak, and at this time, the boys and girls following behind Chu An-Cun saw that Chu Qing-Yan dared to contradict their grandfather and grandmother. Moreover, she still dared to threaten them, Chu Yun-Yu, who didn't feel that Chu Qing-Yan was pleasing to the eyes, tossed her sleeves and stood out, "Chu Qing-Yan, don't you pretend not to be able to tell good from bad. If it's not for Chu family, you'll still be digging for wild herbs in that mountain village and nibbling on tree bark!"

"That's right, that's right!" Chu Ying-Yu stood by her older sister's side, with a similar nose, giving vent to her anger. She very fiercely glared at Chu Qing-Yan.

Only now did Chu Qing-Yan noticed that the two young girls who were the ones saying malicious words about her behind that stone hill, were also present. Chu Yun-Yu was wearing a bluish-green smock, one after another, peach blossoms were embroidered on her skirt. Whereas Chu Ying-Yu was wearing a light orange long skirt, with lifelike kumquats embroidered on the skirt. Although the two seemed to be about fourteen and twelve years old, they already had signs of flirtatious expressions. The two people stood forward side by side, giving people a feeling that the green sleeves were seductive and the illusion that the garment was soft and modest but not freely available.

A pity that the two looked at her with fiendish gazes, Chu Qing-Yan felt that no matter how beautiful this picture before her, it still wasn't able to raise her mood to appreciate it.

"Since the two of you feel that it is such a pity, then little sister, I, will abdicate and return this rare opportunity of bestowed marriage to the more worthy two of you. In any case, this opportunity didn't originally belong to this little sister." Chu Qing-Yan very courteously replied, so you couldn't hear a bit of light ridicule in her words.

"You——" Chu Yun-Yu never expected that she would be checkmated by this little country bumpkin. At such a young age, while angry. she couldn't find words to refute, after all, Chu Qing-Yan had stepped on the matter of great pain for her.

The several people of the younger generation were making a racket underneath, this made the space between Elder Madam Chu's eyebrows tighten. Her strict tone heavily dropped down. Her gaze was locked on Chu Qing-Yan, who stood below at ease, "Chu Qing-Yan, you must realize that now, you and us are grasshoppers tied to the same string. If something bad happens to us, don't even think that you and your parents can escape!"

Chu Qing-Yan just knew that she would use her parents to threaten her, but she had already thought of a countermeasure. Her gaze fearlessly met Elder Madam Chu's imposing gaze, that was formed from years of experience, "Great Aunt, it seems as if you guys from the older generation like to ignore a few things that doesn't seem important, but are in fact very important matters."

She paused and saw that she had successfully drawn all the gazes to her. Then, she continued to say in a manner that was neither slow nor fast, "Firstly, bestowing the marriage and having me take the position is something that the Chu family arranged by yourselves. This has nothing to do with me from the younger generation and my mother. To speak a little deeper, we, this family of three. are still considered the victims in this matter. Secondly, if I, from the younger generation, don't nod my head and agree to this marriage, I'm afraid Chu family will face the situation where heads will fall to the ground. Therefore, now isn't a question of whether I can walk out of this door, rather, it's a question of whether you guys in Chu family can see the sun tomorrow!"

Her analysis of every layer succeeded in changing everyone's expression.

It's not like they haven't thought about these things, rather, they had deliberately ignored it.

Elder Chu and Elder Madam Chu's face were pale and intertwined, utterly marvelous to look at. Madam Xing and others of the same generation's expressions were also very ugly. Moreover, the young generation in Chu family was scared until their lips turned pale from Chu Qing-Yan's words of death ah, beheading etc.

Mother Chu looked at her daughter who stood in the hall calmly, and that little bit of worry in her heart slowly dissipated. So what she had a daughter, as a mother, what else could she ask for?

Father Chu naturally loved his own daughter whose every word and sentence would suffocate the bad people until they were at a loss for words. It was quite impressive, he immediately stuck out his chest and stood behind his daughter. He raised his chin, proudly looking at everyone disdainfully from the corner of his eyes. He gave a proud expression saying 'this is my daughter, I gave birth to a great daughter, none of you can even compare to her'.

For a moment, inside the hall was deathly stillness, it didn't last long, after all, Elder Madam Chu had experienced many stormy seas. Even though her rage still burned, however, she knew now was not the time to bicker over it. Her gaze was like a knife slicing over the little girl doll in front of her, "Since things are already said to this place, then just tell me your conditions! If we can satisfy your conditions, our Chu family will not object!"

Finally heard this sentence from the head of the household. Chu Qing-Yan's heart relaxed, and she let out a breath of air. However, she didn't reveal this on her face.

"Great Aunt, you saying it like this really makes us seem like outsiders. However, a common saying is 'even blood brothers still need to calculate the bill openly', otherwise, one doesn't even know that one was stabbed in the back. Therefore, you must forgive Qing-Yan for this huge disrespect."

Once Elder Madam Chu heard these words from Chu Qing-Yan, who had gotten an advantage and was still flaunting how well-behaved she was, Elder Madam Chu was so angry that she nearly spurted out a mouthful of blood.

"Qing-Yan only has two conditions. One, the matter of my father returning to the family genealogical records must be completed within a month's time. Two, Chu family must treat my parents well, must not make things difficult for them, must not deduct what they need. Don't know if these two simple matters, Great Uncle and Great Aunt can accomplish?" Chu Qing-Yan's eyes narrowed from the smile as she looked towards the people sitting on the masters' seats.

Elder Chu and Elder Madam Chu exchanged a glance, finally, they both nodded their heads, "No problem, as long as you obediently stay to get married, and don't bring Chu family the disaster of extermination of the entire family, Chu family definitely won't mistreat your parents."

Having gotten what was fair, Chu Qing-Yan smiled slightly, but she didn't immediately agree. Rather, her gaze was like a torch as she swept everyone a glance., "Great Uncle and Great Aunt, you guys, in order to help Chu family's Misses avoid this extreme misfortune, would rather push Qing-Yan to jump into a living hell. Based on feelings and reason, we never owe you guys in Chu family anything. On the contrary, it's Chu family that owes us family of three, reading from the records we are birthed from the same lineage, things are cooked already, why so urgent? Qing-Yan recognizes she'll have to eat this loss. However, if later, Qing-Yan discovers that you guys didn't honor your promise, then, even if I risk my life, Qing-Yan will definitely not let Chu family off lightly!"

This tone clearly carried a trace of immaturity and youth, but made everyone in Chu family not dare to be carelessly contemptuous of it. Because this night, this ten-year-old girl doll had already used her actions and words to prove her abilities. It was sufficient to let Chu family know that her abilities were something they couldn't deal with.

When Chu Qing-Yan brought her parents to grandiosely leave the hall, everyone in Chu family's face was as ugly as if they had swallowed a housefly.

"Mom, Dad, did you guys also find that this Chu Qing-Yan doesn't act like the ten-year-old girl that she actually is!" Madam Wang saw that after they had left, and immediately gathered closer and prepared to give belated advice.

A pity that Elder Madam Chu's mood wasn't good, and she unhappily said, "You think I'm old with blurred vision and can't see it? This Chu Qing-Yan is definitely not a good crop. These days, I order you guys to be a bit more restrained. You have things or don't have things, I order you guys not to go and provoke her. Wait until she has married into Prince Ying's manor, our Chu family, at last, can be considered as truly free of worries, you know this right?"

"Yes." Madam Wang shut up in embarrassment.

Madam Xing rolled her eyes at Madam Wang, really a moron. At this time, the wisest action was not to go stir up Elder Madam Chu's anger, and she still wanted to paste herself close to Elder Madam. It's no wonder she received a scolding!

And in a secret place, Fire Spirit thoughtfully looked in the direction Chu Qing-Yan's family of three left in.

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