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Chapter 110.1: 110.1

Chapter 110: Resurrection medicine (Part 1)

“You want to know what this is for?”

The Taoist Priest was a little puzzled and a possibility suddenly flashed in his mind . Could it be that they had eaten the bottle of Resurrection Medicine?

“You don’t need to know the reason . Just answer the question, but before that, the Taoist Priest should think about it before answering . ”

Mu Yunxuan said casually, but his face was full of warnings .

The Taoist Priest understood Mu Yunxuan’s meaning at a glance . Although he wanted to have this reservation in his heart, because of Mu Yunxuan’s warning, he felt like a fish on the chopping board, that will be slaughtered by him at any moment .

“It is indeed poisonous . This resurrection medicine is made of magical beast poisonous toads, mixed with love flower grass . Since ancient times, it has become the custom of the witch clan to use this during the ghost marriage . ”

Love flower grass? Su Zimo’s eyes flashed with anger . That love flower grass had an aphrodisiac effect, no wonder Mu Yunxuan suddenly became like that at that time .

“The antidote . ”

The killing intent in Mu Yunxuan’s eyes doubled and his voice became colder .

“There is no antidote . ” The Taoist Priest replied quickly without thinking . Since ancient times, no one has studied the antidote of the Resurrection Medicine .

“This is the antidote . ” Su Zimo didn’t break her promise . She threw the antidote towards the prison . She didn’t have any more questions, so she turned to leave .

Mu Yunxuan gave the Taoist Priest a cold look, then turned and left .

Until they couldn’t see them .

The Taoist Priestpicked up the antidote from the ground .

“Shui’er, drink it, you won’t feel in pain after drinking it . ”

Ling Qiushui stared sharply at the porcelain bottle in her father’s hand .

“Father, would that bitch so kind to give the antidote?”

After speaking, Ling Qiushui bit her lower lip firmly .

When did Ling Qiushui suffer such a situation? Since she was a child, she grew up under the arrangement of her father . Then, she became the leader of the Witch Clan . On the border of the witch clan, she has her own power and enjoys the glory and wealth that others cannot enjoy . Was it really worth it to fall to this point for a man who doesn’t put her in his eyes? Ling Qiushui couldn’t help but ask herself .

“Shui’er, we now have no choice but to believe in them . ”

When the Taoist Priest opened the cork, a faint fragrance entered his nose . He couldn’t help but feel happy .

“Shui’er, this is the antidote to Bone Eater . Drink it quickly, and you won’t be in pain anymore . ”

The Taoist Priest looked excited .

“Mmm!” She doesn’t believe other people . She only believed her father, so Ling Qiushui drank the antidote all in one go .

Ever since she was rescued by her father that day, she was locked up in this dungeon by Mu Yunxuan . She suffered under the poison Su Zimo gave to her . Every time she suffered from pain, she felt like a thousand ants eating her heart, which made her want to die… …

“Father, why do you think they want to know about the toxin of the resurrection medicine?”

After taking the medicine, Ling Qiushui felt that the pain in her body gradually decreasing, and she was somewhat relieved .

Su Zimo, as long as I, Ling Qiushui had a chance to get out of this dungeon, it will be your burial day .

Ling Qiushui’s bloodshot eyes were filled with murderous intent . The man she cannot obtain, other women also cannot be obtained .

“I don’t know the reason . As soon as I arrived here in Haoyue Country, I learned that something happened to you . ”

“Could it be because of Su Zimo’s daughter?”

Ling Qiushui suddenly thought of the sick girl . She hated herself for being soft-hearted and didn’t kill that child at once . She should have been more decisive and make Su Zimo suffer for a lifetime .

“Yunxuan’s daughter?”

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The Taoist Priest pondered for a while: “The poison of the poisonous toad can be inherited . ”

A ray of light flashed quickly in the muddy eyes of the Taoist Priest .

“We just missed a good opportunity to go out . In any case, it is Mu Yunxuan’s daughter . For us, it is a big bargaining chip . ”

The Taoist Priest slammed his hand on the wall . He regretted it, he should have just asked clearly .

Ling Qiushui also had a gloomy face, she should have thought of it earlier .

“Wife, you don’t have to worry too much . With the help of Martial Uncle, Xin’er will be fine . ”

All the way out, Su Zimo didn’t say a word .

Mu Yunxuan looked at her with some worry . The Taoist Priest just said that there was no antidote, not that there is no solution to the poison .

Su Zimo didn’t want to say anything, she simply closed her eyes .

After opening her eyes, a group of people in black clothes stood in front of them .

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“Mu Yunxuan, today is your burial day . ”

The voice of the black-masked man, who took the lead to speak was a bit old, and it sounded pretty old .

Su Zimo gave Mu Yunxuan a cold look .

“Let me just say it! Good things always happen with you next to us . This wind is strong and the night is dark, but these assassins suddenly appeared in your courtyard . ”

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