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Kuro Kurori ssu~

You know that it’s a party now! キタ━(゚∀゚)━! ! , , , ,

Rena‘s side B!

(Credits to: Will)


Rena: 「Well then, please take care of me from now on, okay?」

Azabu: 『……(*bassa**bassa*)』

With that, he’s now Azabu-san, a Phantom Cloak who I had tamed before.

(TL Note: Azabu means cloth)


Name: 『Azabu-san』

Condition: 『Possessing』


『Floating Lv. 3』『Night Vision Lv.3』『Armor Possession Lv. 4』『Wind Magic Lv. 4』『Dark Magic Lv. 2』『Magic Enhancement Lv. 2』『Mental Abnormality Resistance Lv. -』


『Rena's Follower』 - A monster that successfully became Rena's follower - 〚Increases buff effects received from the master《Small》〛


(TL Note: I changed Yamadsan’s 《Armor Possession》 to 《Arms Possession》)

Azabu-san is possessing my initial cloak.

I asked him the same thing as Kageyamsan, that is to protect me and be vigilant on my back.

Rena: 「Because this has become more lively, how about I choose new support skills as well?」

I still have extra skill points, so what should I pick?

Because the night vision skill can be acquired by my own effort and Yamadsan and the others are here too, would it be possible to buff everyone here? If so, these look good.

《Consumed 3 SP to gain new skills : Encouragement》

《Consumed 3 SP to gain new skills : Leadership》

《Consumed 3 SP to gain new skills : Command》

《Encouragement》 and 《Leadership》 are both skills that will raise the status of allies in the party when in battle, while 《Command》 is a skill that can give instructions to followers and summoned beasts without speaking aloud.

I have selected and purchased the skills that seem to be easy to use.

At the same time, let’s also purchase resistance skills that is difficult to get with my own effort.

《Consumed 5 SP to gain new skills : Physical Resistance》

《Consumed 5 SP to gain new skills : Magic Resistance》

《Consumed 5 SP to gain new skills : Physical Abnormality Resistance》

《Consumed 5 SP to gain new skills : Mental Abnormality Resistance》

This seems to be alright.

It’s about 29 SP in total but it’s a necessary expenses. Now then, let’s proceed ahead.

▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

―――― Oh? I heard footsteps while I was hunting some monsters. All the monsters in this area are floating or dragging their legs like the zombies, but conversely, these footsteps are loud, hence none of them could apply to this. Besides, these footsteps belong to humans or something similar… Is it another player?

For now, let’s erase my presence and sounds as much as possible while being cautious……

Rena: 「……」

I see, seems like they’re at the other side of that corner. I could also hear their voices.

Let’s kill them immediately if they look like players after seeing them a little bit.

▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

Hannes: 「Shit! I still can’t forgive that asshole!」

Ryne: 「Calm down Hannes, there’s no point in getting angry now, right?」

Hannes: 「But, you know! What’s up with that girl!? She suddenly killed the Tutorial NPC, performed PKs, and even took a child as a shield, isn’t that fucked up!?!」

My name is Hannesーーーof course, this is my player nameーーーI’m really furious as the event that had occurred a couple of hours ago still influenced strongly within me.

The one who caused my anger appeared suddenly in the middle of players, with the same outfit as the beginnersーーーin fact she was the same like themーーーapproached the Tutorial NPC and killed him just like that.

He was an NPC that took care of us from the beta version. He was really popular as he had a friendly character that won’t change in any way towards us players and could also take consultation. Thus, it was a given that we were taken aback by it.

But there wasn’t that much time to spare…… because, in a short time, she killed the players around him, and thus the place was thrown into a whirlpool of chaos.

Even so, there were still people who moved and tried to capture or defeat her quickly, and I was also one of them.

We successfully surrounded her at the expense of an acquaintance from the beta version.

After I thought that it will be over with this, it had already turned into a chaotic development.

Even with this, I had confidence in my gaming skills. However, my axe was easily dodged, and with that spare amount of moment, I took a headshot from the thrown dagger and respawned. I’m still furious even to this dayーーー!!!!!

Cherry: 「I also think that person is bad…」

Hannes: 「Right!? See, Ryne! Cherry also thinks like that, aren’t you her childhood friend? You don’t have anything to say to someone that was killed right in front of you with the kid that she was trying to help?」

Ryne: 「Even I'm frustrated, but there's no point in saying this now, right? It's because she's nowhere to be seen for now, we can resume on advancing the game like this」

Hannes: 「That’s true, but still…」

Eleanor: 「Yes yes, let’s stop it right there. You could continue it after this pursuit is over, okay?」

It’s the magician, Eleanor, who intervened and said so. It’s true that there’s no point in saying it right now just like what they said… but I think that, Eleanor at that time looked like a demon or maybe a mountain witーーー I’m not thinking anything, I’m not thinking so please stop looking at me with such eyes………..

Hannes: 「My bad, I got too hot-headed there, forgive me…」

Ryne: 「No, it’s okay, I could also understand the pain」

Kellin: 「Yeah you know it! My neck was bent backward and snapped! That was a trauma for me…」

Myra: 「…I also thought that my heart would stopped when my arrow pierced that child.」

Certainly, it’s not only me, both the spear-user Kellin and the archer Myra also had a bitter experience too, yeah…

Especially, Kellin… He was really pitiful….. He still has a faraway look on him ever since…

Hannes: 「Everyone… Alright! Let's be the first group to clear this area! We won't lose next time!」

Ryne: 「Yeah, the next time we meet, for sureーーー」

Rena: 「----Good afternoon, please don’t get too careless in a place like this, you see.」

When I thought that I could hear the voice of an unfamiliar woman, a dagger was stuck on Eleanor’s neck, and Cherry’s head had just fallen in the back….

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