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Chapter 353

When the Fire Cloud Demon Master killed the three elders of the Taiji Temple, his mind was at its most relaxed.

Ye Feng and Su Feiying chose this time to suddenly launch an attack!

Under the astonished gazes of the nine Taiji Temple disciples, a snow-white ribbon suddenly appeared from the side, and wrapped around Fire Cloud Demon Master like a white lightning bolt.

The flames on the body of the Fire Cloud Demon Master was a high-temperature flame that could even melt sharp weapons.

It was to the point that even after being wrapped up by the floating ribbon, the flames on Fire Cloud Demon Master's body showed signs of being suppressed. It had to be said that Su Feiying's Snow Shadow Ribbon was her life treasure, a spirit artifact.

Like a shroud, the Snow Shadow Ribbon wrapped Fire Cloud Demon Master's body completely, tightly!

"Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!" "Ice Magic!"

As Fire Cloud Demon Master was unaware, he was completely entangled by Su Feiying's Snow Shadow Ribbon. He immediately roared out and called out Su Feiying's nickname from within the Cultivation World: Ice Fairy.

"Got you."

Su Feiying's clear and cold voice spread throughout the entire audience. She linked her jade-like Snow Shadow Ribbon and floated out like a fairy, appearing before the eyes of the group of Taiji Temple disciples.

Her long hair flowed down like a waterfall, and her graceful figure beneath the snow-white long skirt was incomparably perfect. The sight of it made one want to swallow a mouthful of saliva, directly pouncing over. However, the sight of her exquisite face would cause others to stop in their tracks because her eyes were too cold. It was as if her eyes had been frozen for tens of thousands of years. It was so cold that one could not look straight at her.

When she appeared, it immediately caused all the young disciples of Taiji Temple to widen their eyes, as they all lost the ability to think.

There was actually such a beauty in the world!

Not only the male disciples, even the three female disciples in the group of people had expressions of envy and jealousy. This girl that appeared was too beautiful.

They were much more beautiful than the so-called beautiful women who relied on makeup in the secular world. However, when compared to this ice-cold woman in a long skirt, they were nothing. It was as if they were green leaves against a red flower, and a dark star against the sun and moon.

"Senior, stop!"

Just at this time, the leader of the nine Taiji Temple disciples reacted, he immediately took a step forward and shouted.

All he wanted to do now was to preserve his life.

No matter whether it was the Flame Ox Demon that had been restrained, or the peerless beauty that had appeared now, they were not powerful existences that he could imagine.

The best method would be to let these two powerful existences fight to the death, and they would be able to take the opportunity to slip away and even gain benefits from that.

In this regard, he thought of a plan, which was to first stand at the Fire Cloud Demon Master, and use his calm demeanor to affect the actions of the beautiful woman, and help the Fire Cloud Demon Master.

However, his calculations were wrong.

"All of you, stay put."

Ye Feng's figure appeared from the side, holding onto his sword, like a god, he blocked in front of the nine disciples of Taiji Temple, preventing them from disturbing Su Feiying from cleaning up Fire Cloud Demon Master.


The leading young man saw Ye Feng and could not help but freeze for a second. Isn't that fellow Ye Feng?

His name was Yang Cong, and he was normally one of Chen Hui's lackeys, but this time, he was sent to the Desert to do a quest and was separated from Chen Hui. The current him did not know that Chen Hui was already dead, nor did he know that his Supreme Yang Work was taken away by others. His memories of Ye Feng still lingered around when he had annihilated the Hidden Fairy Sect and sent Chen Hui flying with a single punch when he reached the foot of the mountain.

He did not expect to meet Ye Feng here.

Yang Cong thought, if he could kill Ye Feng here, and then successfully leave this relic, wouldn't he have made a huge contribution?

At the very least, Chen Hui would probably admire him a lot, and let him be Chen Hui's trusted aide from now on. Yang Cong clearly knew how much of a humiliation he had suffered at the foot of the Hidden Fairy Sect.

Right now, the beautiful woman was facing off against the Flame Ox Demon, wouldn't it be 100% possible for the nine of them to kill Ye Feng?

I'll do it if I want to.

"The Fire God was benevolent and magnanimous. He let us go, and killed Elder Mei, Lan, and Ju who had betrayed his trust in us. We should do something for him!"

Yang Cong immediately raised his head and stared at Ye Feng as he shouted, "The accomplice who killed the woman, Ye Feng, will definitely be able to distract her. As long as the Fire God breaks free, we can leave this place alive! "

With these words shouted, the Taiji Temple disciples behind him also felt that it made sense.

This so-called 'Fire God' didn't seem to be someone who killed innocent people?

There seemed to be nothing wrong with helping him right now, but they kept having the feeling that something was wrong, but they couldn't remember what it was. Under Yang Cong's enticement, the group of people looked at Ye Feng with killing intent.

When Ye Feng heard him shout, his eyes revealed a hint of coldness. These fellows were the accomplices of the tiger, what kind of good person did they think Fire Cloud Demon Master was?

Once Fire Cloud Demon Master escapes, these fellows would definitely die a graveless death.

Since the other party wanted to take action against Ye Feng, there was no need for Ye Feng to be polite.


Ye Feng took out Supreme Yang Work s from his storage ring and a mirror shining with golden light suddenly appeared in the wide hall, blinding the nine disciples of Taiji Temple.

Isn't this the Supreme Yang Work?

Why was it in Ye Feng's hands?

Ye Feng wanted to test the strength of the Supreme Yang Work, since it was a group of trash with cultivation of around thirty years or so, it was not worth for him to use the Void Sword Dance.

"To let you die under the precious treasures of your own sect can be considered a great mercy."

Ye Feng's mouth raised into a smile, but in the eyes of Yang Cong and the rest of the nine, his smile was as sinister and sinister as a demon's.

Why was the Supreme Yang Work in Ye Feng's hands?

Yang Cong had not been able to think through this problem even when he had died.

Ye Feng held the Supreme Yang Work in his hand and shone it in Yang Cong's direction. Immediately, a Super Hot Fireball flew out, shining like a small sun.

The use of Spirit Treasures was to increase the power of the immortal techniques performed by Spirit Treasures. For example, when Su Feiying killed Han Zhiwu, he used the Starfall from the Snow Shadow Ribbon s.

But now, Ye Feng was using the Fireball with his Supreme Yang Work, which was 30% more powerful than the fireball he was using with his bare hands.

When the dazzling Super Hot Fireball struck towards Yang Cong, the youth still had not recovered from his shock. By the time he wanted to dodge in a hurry, it was already too late.

The moment he moved his feet, the Super Hot Fireball exploded where he was standing previously, the intense white light and true energy was even more intense than real explosives, in a blink of an eye, tens of thousands of degrees of high temperature instantly burnt all four people around him, not even leaving behind a single scrap.

Counting the growth rate of the Supreme Yang Work, Ye Feng could even go head to head with a fifty to sixty years old martial arts expert, let alone these Taiji Temple disciples who had only cultivated for around thirty years.

The power of a fireball immediately caused the remaining Taiji Temple disciples to be baffled. What kind of background did this Ye Feng have?

And the most important question was, why was the damned Supreme Yang Work in his hands?

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