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There was Ye Feng standing on the same side as her. Lin Shiqing’s concerns had been diluted a lot.

Ye Feng saw a slight sorrow between her eyebrows. Then he asked “Sister Lin. Is the trouble not small?”

The entire trade fair seemed to be in good shape at the moment. However, the actual number of transactions was not much. The main reason was that the total number of products was not enough. Even Ye Feng, who does not understand about the fair, could see it.

It seemed that Lin Rentian and Zhu Yiqun actions coursed quite a big hit for Lin Shiqing.

“You don’t have to worry about this thing.”

Lin Shiqing smiled. She felt that Ye Feng does not understand this kind of thing.

“That won’t necessarily…”

Ye Feng just wants to say. He may be able to help fill the vacant booths. Suddenly the door of the conference room was pushed open from the outside. And a young man wearing a suit and trousers came in.

“Little sister. How is the situation.”

This person was Lin Zhiqing, the eldest brother of Lin Shiqing. When he came in, he asked anxiously.

But just after asking. He discovered that there was not only Lin Shiqing in the conference room. There was Ye Feng in it. It made him a bit strange. But he didn’t care.

He went straight to the other side of Lin Shiqing on the sofa. He sat down.

“Everything is fine. Don’t bother.”

Lin Shiqing said faintly. There was no special expression when she saw her older brother.

From the interrogation of Zhu Yiqun, both Ye Feng and Lin Shiqing knew that the problem of this exhibition was actually caused by Lin Rentian behind the scenes. But the actual operator also had Lin Zhiqing’s hands in it.

As the deputy director of the Yanjing Municipal Finance Bureau. Lin Zhiqing’s deterrence against those jewelry companies was far greater than Lin Rentian. Many companies after listening to Lin Zhiqing’s words withdrew from the trade fair.

Now Lin Zhiqing suddenly ran over. Both of them knew that he absolutely did not have good intention.


Lin Zhiqing smiled. He said in a very sincere tone “Little sister. Now the situation of the trade fair. The people who are not blind can see it. It is better for brother to introduce you to two jewelry companies. Let them bring some products to exhibit. The companies representative are at the trade fair site. You can sign the contract now…"

When Lin Shiqing heard these words she laughed.

This guy at this time, he had called companies together to offer her a contract. He obviously did not have good intentions. There were two possibilities. The first was that the two companies had problems. They would bring more trouble to the entire trade fair. The second was that Lin Zhiqing actually was not on the same side with Lin Rentian.

Lin Rentian wanted to rely on destroying the trade fair to fight Lin Shiqing. For Lin Zhiqing, there was no conflict of interest with Lin Shiqing. In this case, Lin Zhiqing could use Lin Rentian.

After all, in the Lin Clan. From an early age, they were living in an environment of manipulating strategically. Their IQ was  definitely not low. The two companies were likely to have interests with Lin Zhiqing. If the two companies were profitable. Lin Zhiqing would certainly get no small benefit.

If it was the latter. Lin Shiqing would cooperate with him. But she does not dare to take the risk. In case the two companies had problems.

She just wanted to reject directly. Ye Feng, who was on the side, said first “Sorry, The situation at the trade fair is all right. It seems that you don’t need to help.”

Ye Feng saw Lin Zhiqing and wanted to laugh. This guy had lost a lot of money in the casino of Tianbang. He almost lost his underwear. Finally, he relied on public funds. Ye Feng had to help him.

Such a gambler would like to help. Ye Feng wad absolutely not convinced of it. When something happens, it would be sad.

“What do you know kid?”

Lin Zhiqing listened to Ye Feng’s speech. He squinted at him directly and said with a scornful smile.

Of course, he already knew that the masked man was Ye Feng. But he didn’t know the identity of the masked man who helped him in the casino on that night. After all, such a mask was sold in street stalls for ten dollars. Anyone could wear it, and that night he didn’t know that the mask man was helping him. Until now, he still felt that he was lucky.

“I don’t know anything. But I know that I can help Sister Lin solve the troubles now.”

Ye Feng smiled.

“Depending on yourself.”

Lin Zhiqing seemed to have heard a big joke. Even him,Yanjing City Finance Bureau deputy director wanted to cross Lin Rentian to find two jewelry companies had to spent a lot of effort. Ye Feng only knew martial arts could he help with anything.

Not only Lin Zhiqing. Even Lin Shiqing was also feeling a bit surprised. Could Ye Feng really help anything?.

Different from Lin Zhiqing. Lin Shiqing was more aware of the magical aspects of Ye Feng. After all, she witnessed the battle between Ye Feng and Long Moran. Her horizon and Lin Zhiqing's compared were much wider apart.

“Of course there is a way. Isn’t that some jewelry?”

Ye Feng chuckled. He waved and a handful of diamonds and gold jewelry came out from his storage ring. It was laid on the conference table in front of the sofa.

Just for a moment. This scene stunned the Lin brother and sister.

What was going on. Ye Feng obviously just waved his hand. How inexplicably did so many jewels just come out. Not only diamonds and golds, but also beautiful gems, rubies, agates and other beautiful ornaments. Which put the conference room under a seductive luster.

These were originally the private property of Qi Lin Zi. Of course, all of them were now owned by Ye Feng.

For Ye Feng, anyway he was just keeping it, might as well make the best use of things. He took it out to help Lin Shiqing ,Of course selling it would bring income. Ye Feng was definitely going to take more than half, After all, he also lacked money.

If he had enough money, he could buy some common raw medicinal materials. With fifteen years of cultivation, he could refine the remedy for recovering his true qi and healing hemostasis.

With these medicinal reserves, Ye Feng's assurance in the desert would be much greater.

Although it was common raw medicinal materials, the price was not low. The ginseng, snow lotus, fleeceflower root and the like. Those medicinal materials all had high prices. It was millions and it was not available in ordinary medicinal herbs stores.

Moreover, he wanted to prepare it not just for himself. There was also Long Wan’er and Su Menghan, Ye Wentian also needed it. In a rough calculation, Hundreds of millions was not enough for him to spend.

Of course. Compared with the compounded drug used for lifesaving. Money was just something insufficient. Turning these useless jewels into medicinal herbs was a very important thing for Ye Feng.

“Little Ye, You are… from where did it came from.”

Lin Shiqing's eyes flashed with shock. When Ye Feng suddenly took out a Diamond Emperor, she had been a little surprised. But now she was very surprised in her heart.

It's was not surprising to come up with so many jewels. The key was where he took it out from.

It was just confusing. It’s like magic.

“It a secret.”

Ye Feng leaned close to her ear. he smelled the faint scent from her body. And mysteriously smile: “Is this enough to fill those booths?”

“It should be able to do by quantity. Just…”

Lin Shiqing was somewhat confused. One hand took a piece of jewelry on the table. She was not a jewelry professional after all. If these get the booth, how would she fix a reasonable to price it.

Lin Zhiqing looked at the jewelry in his eyes.

Ye Feng took out these jewels. The value of a casual one could make up his annual income added up.

Translator: DonStagy

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