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Zi Jianlan never thought about it, to become the head of the Hidden Immortal School.

   Even after Ye Feng killed Qi Lin Zi, what she thought was that she was finally free. For power, she was indifferent and she had no desire for it at all.

   She never thought that Ye Feng would come here and give her the token of the Hidden Immortal School, letting  her become to the head of the Hidden Immortal School.

   God, she only had 12 years of cultivation, how could she be the head of the Sect?

   Even though it was comparable to a third class sect. To her surprise, the remaining disciples were all obedient!

   “Are you called Jian Yi Sheng?"

   Ye Feng glanced at the tall young man on the sidelines “From now on, you are the law enforcement elder of the Hidden Immortal School, assisting Zi Jianlan in the sect to handle the affairs inside the sect. Now in the name as the elder,call all the hidden immortals Send disciples outside!”

 When  Jian Yi Sheng heard this, his whole face was suddenly filled with surprise.

 Law Enforcement Elder!

   When it was not the head, the Law enforcement elders were not bad, at least in the Hidden Immortal School he would be under one person,Zi Jianlan as the head, and Jian Yi Sheng under her. She would not have to do anything. That was to say, the power of the Hidden Immortal School actually all belongs to him!

   As for the gathering of the Hidden Immortal School disciples outside, it was not difficult. With the identity as the Law enforcement elder, it could be done easily.

   “Yes, this subordinate obeys your orders!"

   Jian Yi Sheng immediately took the lead!

   He was happy, but the heads of the other factions around him were in tragedy, thinking that this was unfortunate, giving the sect power to the hands of Jian Yi Sheng.

   The head of the people on the ground made everyone afraid to act rashly and successfully shocked at the scene.

   Until Ye Feng left in the direction of the mountains with Zi Jianlan, their nervous heart were loosened, ready to face the new situation of the Hidden Immortal School…

   “You are the adopted daughter of Qi Lin Zi, you should you know where the property of the Hidden Immortal School is placed?”

   Ye Feng looked at Zi Jianlan, whose face was gradually becoming rosy, and asked.

   He wants to fulfil his commitment to Lin Shiqing and bring her a lot of property back. Although the protection of the National Security Bureau had caused Long Wan’er to be injured, if there was no National Security Bureau, the situation may be even worse.

   “Well, it's all in the back mountain.”

   After Zi Jianlan swallowed the heartbreaking powder antidote, she felt that the toxin in her body was being quickly removed, and it won’t took a long time to recover from this weak state.

   She gently followed Ye Feng, her face was reddish, and her heartbeat was slightly accelerated. This was a strange feeling she has never had before.

   Bypassing the ruins of the towers in the middle of the fire, there was another cable bridge in front of the two, which lead to another hill, and below the cable bridge was the dark sea under the moonlight.

   “Through this iron rope, you will arrive at the back mountain.”

   Zi Jianlan whispered: “When you get to the back mountain, that is the real Cangshan Cave, which is also a forbidden place for our sects. Unless the head allows, no one can go to the back mountain.”

   “Is this the rule of Qi Lin Zi?”

   Ye Feng smiled lightly.

Where has the dwelling place of Buddhist immortals treasure trove not to make the hanger-on disciple enter, in the Immortal Cultivator’s World dwelling place of Buddhist immortals treasure trove, these school leaders looked forward to the core disciples to practice in the dwelling place of Buddhist immortals treasure trove, such school strength could be increased rapidly.

   “Well, how do you know?”

   Zi Jianlan was a bit strange.


   Ye Feng said faintly. Only Qi Lin Zi, who relied on usurping the throne, would set such a strange rule. Perhaps he was also afraid of his heart. When the disciples were too strong, they would once again take away his throne…

   Ye Feng took Zi Jianlan and floated through the clouds. From the cable bridge to the opposite hill, he immediately felt a pure heaven and earth spiritual energy around him.

   Sure enough,it really was the dwelling place of Buddhist immortals treasure trove!

   Ye Feng's face was full of joy. According to the concentration of the heaven and earth spiritual energy at this edge, cultivation in this center of the Cangshan Cave could  increase the cultivation speed by 30%!

   In other words, after ten years of cultivation, it could be improved for thirteen years.

   This was not a bad speed.

   In the Immortal Cultivator’s world, if it was a core disciple with a strong background, it would be a breeze to achieve fifty years of cultivation , because the sect would prepare various heavenly treasure material for him, so that he could absorb and improve.

   But after fifty years, the upgrade would be extremely slow.

   The key reason was that the heavenly treasure material in addition were limited in type, and each could only be absorbed once! When the practitioners absorb all the treasures of the heavens and earth, and then want to improve their cultivation, they could only rely on time.

 When at this time, the function of the dwelling place of Buddhist immortals paradise would began to appear.

   If it was an Immortal Veins Jade Body like Long Wan’er, the natural cultivation speed could be increased by 70%, it was even more extraordinary. If you looked for another dwelling place of Buddhist immortals, the cultivation speed was twice that of others.

   Because of this, the martial art family that has intermediate Immortal Cultivator heart law, and even the High Grade Immortal Cultivator heart law of the sacred method were definitely a hegemon in the Immortal Cultivator’s world.

   “Where is your sect's property?”

   Ye Feng felt the much richer spiritual energy around the world, and he couldn’t wait to leave. After all, Long Wan’er was still waiting for him to take the antidote back.

   As for this, including the dwelling place of Buddhist immortals, Ye Feng does not have time to retreat here.

   “follow me.”

   Zi Jianlan blushed and took Ye Feng's hand and took him to the depths of the mountain.

   Perhaps she knew that Ye Feng was about to leave. Zi Jianlan especially cherished her time with Ye Feng. This was the first time she has taken a man’s hand. It felt so broad and powerful, giving her a strong sense of security. ……

   Ye Feng felt the soft-handed jade hand in his hand,and did not break free, and soon followed her into a cave in the back mountain. The aura of heaven and earth in this cave is even more intense, so that when they come in, they felt refreshed.

   The five-year retreat of Qi Lin Zi was at this place.

   The main section of the entire Cangshan county dwelling place of Buddhist immortals, was made up of one cave after another. Zi Jianlan was lightly familiar with the road, with Ye Feng she walked through the cave, and soon came to a sealed stone chamber.

   “How do you open the door?”

   Ye Feng divine sense swept around and found that there was a lot of possessions in the stone room. The stone door was actually one meter thick. If Zi Jianlan didn’t know how to open the door, Ye Feng got the sword violent to destroy it.

   “You can use the head's token.”

   Zi Jianlan loosened Ye Feng's hand, lifted the head's token and stuffed it into a crack in the stone wall. With a slight turn, the one-meter-thick round stone door really moved to the side.

   For the current Zi Jianlan, there was no such thing as a Hidden Immortal School. These properties were useless to her. If it was useful to Ye Feng, it doesn’t matter if he was to take all of it.

   But there was so many treasures in the entire stone room, Ye Feng, she was afraid would not be able to take much?

   She didn’t know that Ye Feng had a treasure named “Storage Ring”, no matter how many rare treasures, he could take as much as he wanted!

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