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Chapter 925: The Seal Is Open (2)

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Yun Feng’s mental strength invaded it. At this moment, what appeared in front of her eyes was an extremely misty space, as if it was covered by layers of thick fog. She could only see two to three steps away. Yun Feng was puzzled. Why was the storage space so strange? She couldn’t see everything around her clearly. Yun Feng could only move forward step by step. This space was wider than she thought, as if there was no limit.

She moved carefully, but the heavy fog didn’t seem to have left at all. It still surrounded Yun Feng and her vision was still limited to two meters, until a strange wooden stake appeared in front of Yun Feng.

A wooden stake? How could there be a wooden stake here? Yun Feng frowned and stopped in front of the wooden stake. The wooden stake was towering here and she couldn’t see the end when she looked up. The surface of the wooden stake was smooth and there was a dark red base at the bottom, surrounding the wooden stake firmly. It must have fixated the stake.

“Where exactly is this place…” Yun Feng mumbled. The wooden stake in front of her looked so strange. Was there a secret behind it? Yun Feng slowly raised her hand and slowly approached the wooden stake in front of her with her fair hand. She narrowed her black eyes slightly and then hit the wooden stake fiercely!

“Crack, crack, crack, crack!”

A series of sounds suddenly echoed one after another, as if Yun Feng had triggered a mechanism. The thick fog around her suddenly dispersed and with the wooden stake in front of her as the center, countless wooden stakes immediately appeared on the ground on both sides. The wooden stakes that jumped out of the ground kept extending backwards and there was no end in sight!

When the continuous cracking sounds finally stopped, Yun Feng’s hand slowly left the wooden stake. She raised her head slightly and heard heavy breathing coming from the space trapped by the wooden stake. Yun Feng’s body suddenly rose into the air. At the same time, a huge sharp claw had already pounced from inside!

“Clang!” The wooden stake made a loud noise after being hit by the giant claw, but it didn’t move at all. Yun Feng couldn’t see what it was clearly, because the thick fog that dissipated just then had already run into the space of the wooden stake and enveloped it. Only that giant sharp claw was exposed. Yun Feng couldn’t see anything else!

Its shiny sharp claws emitted cold light. The claw didn’t catch Yun Feng. It scratched the ground fiercely with its sharp claws, making an extremely ear-piercing sound. The five sharp claws left five conspicuous traces and shrank back. Yun Feng stood in the air and looked at the thick dark fog in front of her. She only felt extremely shocked in her mind!

The wooden stake obviously restrained some kind of creature. Was this creature locked up by Master? If it was locked up here by Master, why did he leave it for her? Yun Feng knew clearly that she couldn’t contract such a powerful creature with her current strength!

“You’re not him?” A rough voice sounded with the soft roar of a beast. Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes and the mental strength around her body suddenly surrounded her in a defensive posture. That creature seemed to know that Yun Feng was nervous. “Humph! Don’t worry. With these annoying things, I can’t do anything to you.”

Yun Feng knew in her mind that even though this wooden stake looked very ordinary, it didn’t even shake after the collision just then, which showed that it was not normal! Even though that creature said so, Yun Feng still didn’t let down the vigilance in her mind. Since this creature was willing to talk to her, there were some things that she should ask clearly.

“Are you talking about… the person who put you in here?”

“Humph! It’s useless to say anything else. Tell me! What do you want me to do, human? The human who locked me in back then promised that I can get out of here as long as I satisfy one request of the person who comes here again!”

Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel stunned after hearing this. Was this… the last shield Master left for her? If that was the case… Yun Feng’s heart ached slightly. Seeing that Yun Feng remained silent, the creature couldn’t help but become impatient. “Human! I can do anything you want. Revenge? Killing? Or something even more evil?”

Yun Feng looked serious as she stood in the air and said loudly, “I won’t do any of those things.”

“I don’t care what you don’t do. Just tell me what you want!”

Yun Feng’s red lips curled up slightly. Since it was a gift from her master, she certainly had to accept it with a smile! “Name, race, level of strength.” Yun Feng said loudly. The creature inside was obviously stunned. “W-What did you say?”

Yun Feng burst into laughter. “If you don’t want to tell, wait until I come next time.” Yun Feng instantly retreated and disappeared into the heavy fog. The creature locked inside also reacted immediately. “Human! Come back! Human!”

On the tenth level, Yun Feng suddenly opened her eyes with a smile in her black eyes. She looked at the unusually old ring in her hand carefully. The guy inside was extraordinarily strong. Since there was such an agreement, she certainly had to use it at the critical moment! And Yun Feng might be needing it soon!

She originally wanted to put the ring into the bracelet, but the ring suddenly seemed to have its own consciousness. The ring cracked from the middle and instantly pounced on Yun Feng’s finger. With a crisp “crack”, the ring had already wrapped around Yun Feng’s little finger firmly!

Yun Feng tried to pull the ring off, but the ring didn’t move at all and wrapped around Yun Feng’s little finger firmly. No matter how hard Yun Feng tried, it didn’t move. Yun Feng was helpless and could only let the ring be put on her finger. Since this ring was left by her master, it definitely wouldn’t hurt her. It was fine to wear it like this.

She thought that she would be teleported into a special space this time and faced with an unknown giant beast. If the man in the hood was involved, Yun Feng might be able to deal with the man in the hood with her current strength, but it was a different story with the giant beast that would go berserk at any time. The guy in the ring would be able to help by then.

Yun Feng took a deep breath. “Master, I’ll definitely work hard and surpass the Lord Level as soon as possible to save you. I won’t let you down!”

Yun Feng left the Dragon Palace and put away the dragon-shaped jade pendant. She flipped her hand again and a jade pendant with the word “Yun” engraved on it. This was the Yun Family Badge Yun Feng got from the Yun Palace back then! At the Lord Level, she could open the Yun Family Badge and contact the headquarters of the Yun family!

Taking a deep breath, Yun Feng held the Yun Family Badge firmly in the center of her palm. The Yun Family Badge, which was cold all over, was gradually warmed by Yun Feng’s temperature and seemed to have aroused a hidden heat. Yun Feng held it for a while and didn’t do anything.

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