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Chapter 924: The Seal Is Open (1)

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“My successor, we meet again.” An ancient and powerful voice sounded in Yun Feng’s ears. Yun Feng only felt a sense of familiarity in her heart. Her lips moved gently and she blurted out a slightly dry title. “Master…”

What floated in front of Yun Feng was an afterimage, not her master himself. Even so, Yun Feng still knelt on both knees and kowtowed heavily to this afterimage. This was her respect for her master. She could only reach this point after inheriting everything he had!

“Since this place has been opened, it means that you’ve already reached the Lord Level. I don’t know if you’re a man or a woman, or how old you are. However, you’re already quite good to be able to reach the Lord Level.” Master’s afterimage looked serious as he said this.

Yun Feng was only shocked in her mind after hearing that. For her master, the Lord Level was just a small achievement! There was indeed another level above the Lord Level! The Lord Level was just a small achievement in front of her master. Thinking of the level of strength her master might have reached, Yun Feng’s heart immediately became hot! A kind of admiration and excitement rose in her! Even if there were doubts in her mind, Yun Feng suppressed them. This was just a shadow and wouldn’t answer her questions. Yun Feng could only listen quietly.

“After reaching the Lord Level, your mind must’ve changed and your horizons are wider. You must’ve understood a bit about the way of life. This continent isn’t something ordinary people can imagine. I was too impulsive back then, which led to my current situation. If you wanted to save me, you would definitely work hard to reach the Lord Level. Opening this place more or less gives me some comfort in my mind.”

“Master, don’t worry. I won’t let you down!” Yun Feng mumbled. This wasn’t just a pleasantry. It was a voice from Yun Feng’s heart!

“If you want to save me, you’re far from strong enough right now. Even if I tell you, you won’t be able to help at all. It’s very risky to save me, if not life-threatening. You’re already very capable on this continent with your current strength. It’s good.”

“My successor, if your heart is shaken, you can leave this place quickly.” The afterimage said this. Yun Feng’s heart tightened when she heard this. How melancholic was her master when he left this sentence? Did his expectations fail again and again? Reaching the Lord Level meant that one was already a rising figure. Many people would choose to leave because of their pursuit of power and desire, but Yun Feng wasn’t one of them!

Yun Feng knelt there and didn’t move at all. After waiting for a while, the afterimage finally sighed leisurely. “My successor, no matter what you choose, I won’t say anything. Since you’ve chosen to stand here, continue moving forward. There’s an even wider world waiting for you ahead. When you surpass the Lord Level, I’ll certainly show you a way out. I’ve left a few things for you on the tenth level of the Dragon Palace. Make good use of them. Alright, go back!” A huge push pushed Yun Feng out. In just a blink, she had already retreated from that space. When Yun Feng opened her black eyes, she saw that the last few platforms on the tenth level had already been activated!

Yun Feng got up and walked to the last few platforms. Her master’s gifts should be over. There were only three platforms in the end. The restrictions on each platform had already been automatically removed. There were a dozen platforms on the tenth floor of the Dragon Palace. There was a layer of restrictions on each platform. Under the restrictions, nothing could be seen on the platform from the outside. Only by removing the restrictions could she see what was on the platform clearly. So, even if she had reached the Lord Level, she wouldn’t be able to take the things away unless she wanted to save her master. The things on the last three platforms shocked Yun Feng!

There was a wand on the first platform. The wand was short and was the most suitable length for Yun Feng’s attack. Normal wands were very long, but her master seemed to know which kind of wand Yun Feng was suitable for. The Monarch Level wand he left behind was also short and powerful.

Yun Feng gently picked up the wand. The moment her finger touched the wand, the power contained in the wand suddenly rushed into Yun Feng’s body. Yun Feng knew in an instant that a weapon at the Lord Level was indeed powerful. It carried strong aggression without launching any attacks. How powerful would it be when used in battle?

Holding the wand tightly in her hand, her mental strength slowly spread from her body and seeped into the wand. An inexplicable feeling rose from the bottom of her heart. Yun Feng waved the wand gently and the surroundings of the wand changed rapidly. A cluster of bright flames jumped out of the tip of the wand. Yun Feng gave it a thought and the fire suddenly expanded, turning into a huge fireball in an instant!

The fire illuminated this space. Yun Feng was shocked! This wand could help her control the power of the elements more precisely! And the change happened in a blink! Such a help was simply like adding wings to a tiger! It would greatly increase the attacking power of magic in battle!

Yun Feng gave it another thought and the fireball instantly disappeared. Such an ability of unleashing and withdrawing freely simply made Yun Feng amazed! A weapon of the Lord Level was indeed extraordinary. However, Yun Feng didn’t know that even though there were weapons of the Lord Level in this world, a wand as powerful as hers had never been created at all!

She put away the wand. She had already given the Monarch Level wand to Xia Qing. Her master’s Lord Level wand came at the right time. Yun Feng didn’t have to worry about the weapon anymore. She walked to the second platform. There were three sealing talismans on the platform. Yun Feng held the three talismans in her hand and immediately felt the powerful energy sealed in them! Faint waves came out of the talismans and Yun Feng only felt that her soul was trembling slightly!

The power sealed in these three sealing talismans must be above the Lord Level!

Yun Feng took a deep breath. It seemed that these three sealing talismans could be treated as an unexpected attack. If she encountered a powerful opponent, she could also buy time to escape! Yun Feng, who had entered the Lord Level, certainly knew that the road in the future would be even more dangerous. The three sealing powers her master left for her could be said to be timely help!

After putting away the three sealing talismans, Yun Feng walked to the third platform. There was a ring lying quietly on the platform. The color on the surface of the ring was already quite dim and didn’t have any luster at all. It looked very old. Yun Feng held the ring in her hand and slowly closed her eyes. Her mental strength immediately invaded it. This ring was indeed another storage space. What did Master leave inside?

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