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Chapter 923: Contracting Yaoyao (3)

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“Now that Yaoyao has already contracted, something big has finally been resolved. Speaking of which, where did Meatball go?” Qu Lanyi looked at Yun Feng’s shoulder suspiciously. That was Meatball’s exclusive spot. When Qu Lanyi noticed it, he found that Meatball hadn’t appeared for a while.

“That’s right, Master. Where’s Meatball?” Little Fire also had a question. It communicated with Meatball the most. Only Little Fire could understand Meatball right now.

Speaking of this, Yun Feng was a bit embarrassed. Meatball didn’t go anywhere. It was in the bracelet space right now, but it was sleeping soundly. When it slept, its little claws didn’t forget to grab ultimate ores. Really…

“Sleeping? You mean it’s been sleeping?” Qu Lanyi was a bit surprised. That little thing was very energetic, especially when it flew over every time he was about to approach Yun Feng. Now that he heard that Meatball had been sleeping, it would be strange if Qu Lanyi wasn’t surprised.

Yun Feng nodded. “After coming to the Thousand Peak City, it was a bit listless. In fact, I noticed Meatball’s mental state before. I thought it would come out after a rest, but it simply fell asleep.”

“Will it be alright?” Qu Lanyi frowned. It wasn’t a good sign that it had been sleeping.

Yun Feng shook her head. “Meatball is sleeping… very soundly. I can hear it snoring occasionally.” Speaking of this, Yun Feng’s face flushed unnaturally. She was originally worried that something would happen to Meatball’s body, so she even took it out for a look. However, Meatball was still sleeping when she took it out. Yun Feng was a bit anxious. After shaking it a few times, she heard Meatball snoring softly. At that time, Yun Feng really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Qu Lanyi raised the corners of his mouth awkwardly. “It’s even snoring… It seems that it did sleep well.”

Little Fire and Lan Yi couldn’t help but smile. Qu Lanyi immediately forgot about Meatball. If it wanted to sleep, it should just keep sleeping! That way, nobody would disturb him and Fengfeng. Meatball was the third wheel!

“Speaking of which, do you remember Ling Xiaoyun?” Yun Feng glanced at Qu Lanyi, who chuckled with a hint of mockery on his handsome face. “I do. He’s the famous Madman Ling of the Masang School of Magic. He was as famous as I am.”

“He’s from the Ling family of the West Continent. The honorable guest the Summoning Union specially invited this time is the leader of the Ling family, Ling Tiansu.”

Qu Lanyi raised his brows with an indifferent expression. “It’s not surprising that Madman Ling’s background is like this. It’s his sorrow that the Ling family kicked him out of the house because he doesn’t have the ability to comprehend space.”

Yun Feng looked at Qu Lanyi deeply. “Did you know his background?”

Qu Lanyi shrugged. “The Ling family is very famous. It’s not surprising that they have Ling Xiaoyun. Do you care about him?”

Yun Feng shook her head. “I just suddenly thought of it. I’m not interested in the Ling family at all. Compared to this, I’m a bit concerned about that sealed giant beast.”

Speaking of this, everyone became serious. Mu Canghai moved his body. “Is there really nothing special about that earth-element Magic Beast?”

Yun Feng shook her head. “I’ve checked everything carefully. There’s nothing special. The earth-element Magic Beast that the hooded man won must be related to this giant beast!”

Qu Lanyi narrowed his beautiful black eyes and said after a long time, “If that’s the case, where did that disgusting man get the news? Isn’t this a secret inside the Summoning Union?”

Yun Feng sneered. “I don’t care about that. If it’s him, he wouldn’t let go of this opportunity. We’ll meet again sooner or later.”

The three days of preparation time could be said to be a bit of short for the other four summoners. In order to ensure their greatest safety, they would definitely think of all kinds of life-saving means. Since they could only enter alone, the danger was even greater. When the critical moment came, nobody would help them. Only they could protect their lives.

Yun Feng was the most relaxed person in these three days. With the Dragon Palace, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to store as many people as possible. Yaoyao had already been contracted with and Yun Feng had her third contracted Magic Beast. She only lacked an earth-element and a lightning-element Magic Beast. Contracting with a Magic Beast was something that could only be chanced upon by luck. For Yaoyao, luck also played a huge part. It was like a kind of fate that she would meet sooner or later.

Having just entered the Lord Level, Yun Feng still needed to consolidate her strength. In these three days, she would stay on the tenth level of the Dragon Palace. She had entered the Lord Level. The door that couldn’t be opened originally would be opened at this moment, and Yun Feng’s future path would be even more difficult and full of danger.

The elemental density on the tenth level of the Dragon Palace was still quite high, but it wasn’t very useful for Yun Feng, who had already reached the Lord Level. At her current level, she could only rely on her own hard work and practice. There were very few things that could be useful. At the Lord Level, if she still wanted to rely on external things to keep going up, she was destined not to have much success.

After entering the tenth level of the Dragon Palace, Yun Feng was full of emotions in her mind. Thinking back, when she first came here, she hadn’t reached the Commander Level, but now, she was already a Lord! Yun Feng looked around the space on the tenth level. The space wasn’t big, but the things her master left for her here gave her quite a lot of help. It could be said that this powerful and mysterious master of hers had provided a lot of help along the way.

Yun Feng twisted her wrist gently and a jade pendant that her master left for her appeared in her hand. Yun Feng was very excited in her mind. The Lord Level. Back then, her master said that as long as she reached the Lord Level, she would be able to open this jade pendant and contact him! Thinking that her master was trapped in an unknown place right now, Yun Feng felt a bit bitter and uncomfortable in her mind. She immediately closed her eyes slowly and the aura of the Lord slowly enveloped the jade pendant, seeping in. After a while, the jade pendant shot out a faint light and a powerful resistance lay in front of Yun Feng. Yun Feng only smiled lightly. The powerful aura penetrated this resistance without hesitation. After passing through this resistance, she seemed to have walked into an endless deep corridor. There seemed to be some kind of guidance in the dark. Yun Feng followed this feeling at ease and walked in the middle of this endless corridor, focusing on moving forward. After walking for a long, long time, there were finally spots of light ahead. Yun Feng’s steps immediately sped up a lot. When her entire body was covered in this light, a faint warmth immediately enveloped her entire body.

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