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Chapter 870: Evil Smile (3)  

However, being blocked by Qu Lanyi, Mu Shaohua could only thank her quickly. Qian Shaoyao quickly asked, “Where are you going?”

“My teacher wants to take me to sign up for the free arena,” said Xia Qing on the side. She looked at the three of them a few times. Her teacher didn’t seem to want to talk to them, but why did she help them that time?

“Free arena? What’s that?” Mu Shaohua was very confused. Nobody told them, and it was their first time here. They didn’t know anything at all.

Xia Qing explained briefly, and the three of them finally understood. Qu Lanyi leaned his slender body against Yun Feng and held her in his arms, looking very bored. He didn’t think Fengfeng should waste time on them.

Qu Lanyi leaned against Yun Feng so intimately, which made Yun Feng a bit uncomfortable. Meatball was so attracted by the other scenes that it didn’t notice Qu Lanyi’s movements. However, the silent warriors of the Red Maple Mercenary Team standing behind all glanced over. That was their Young Lady’s man? Why did he look so feminine?

“Let’s go together! We’ll sign up too!” said Qian Shaoyao happily after hearing Xia Qing’s explanation. Mu Shaohua certainly didn’t object. Even though he didn’t quite understand the real meaning of the free arena, he would gain a lot if he could go up and compete with the other summoners!

Xia Qing was very happy. In terms of age, Xia Qing was the closest to the three of them. Xia Qing didn’t have any friends of her age, so she immediately chatted with Qian Shaoyao. Yun Feng didn’t say anything when she saw how happy Xia Qing was. If she wanted to come with them, so be it.

Qian Shaoyao and Xia Qing walked together happily. Although the two little girls met for the first time, they got along very well. Mu Shaohua walked on one side and interrupted from time to time, while Jia Qingyu walked on the other side with a gloomy face.

Yun Feng and the others walked slowly behind and looked at the few people of similar age in front of them, talking and laughing loudly. The three warriors of the Red Maple Mercenary Team followed behind Yun Feng with an extremely excited look.

“You said she’s your teacher? She can’t be as young as she looks, can she?” Qian Shaoyao turned around and glanced at Yun Feng secretly, asking Xia Qing with an uncertain tone. Xia Qing smiled. “Although I don’t know how old my teacher is, she’s very young.”

“What young? I think she’s an old monster who uses some kind of method to retain her looks!” said Jia Qingyu in a mocking tone. Xia Qing was immediately enraged. Qian Shaoyao quickly said, “Well, well… Your teacher must be very powerful!”


“Of course! Master is a supreme powerhouse!” Xia Qing stuck out her chest proudly. Qian Shaoyao looked at her enviously. Mu Shaohua’s eyes glittered. Only Jia Qingyu continued to snort in disdain.

“Then how powerful is your teacher? What level has her strength reached?” asked Qian Shaoyao enthusiastically. Xia Qing smiled. “I don’t know my teacher’s level very well, but she’s very strong. Almost nobody can beat her!”

“I think she’s just so-so.” What Jia Qingyu said made Xia Qing’s face turn cold. “What do you mean?”

“That’s how she talks. Xia Qing, don’t mind her.” Qian Shaoyao quickly mediated. Mu Shaohua said coldly, “Don’t cause trouble.”

“She’s bragging. How can you believe that?” Jia Qingyu roared with an awful expression. Xia Qing suddenly shook off Qian Shaoyao’s hand and walked in front of Jia Qingyu. Jia Qingyu immediately took a step back. “What are you doing?”

Yun Feng immediately frowned when she saw the few people walking in front. She flashed to Xia Qing’s side. “Qingqing, what’s wrong?”

Mu Shaohua and Qian Shaoyao both looked at Yun Feng in shock. She was too fast!

Xia Qing stared at Jia Qingyu with her black eyes. Jia Qingyu was frightened by this gaze and her body couldn’t help but step back, step back, and keep stepping back. Xia Qing looked at Jia Qingyu’s movement with a disdainful smile and her eyes were full of mockery. Xia Qing’s disdainful expression made Jia Qingyu’s face flush again. She had been ruthlessly humiliated!

“I’m fine!” Xia Qing smiled at Yun Feng. Yun Feng raised her brows and glanced at Jia Qingyu indifferently with her black eyes. She squeezed Xia Qing’s face with her hand. “It’s just boring things and people. You don’t have to care about them.”

Xia Qing nodded. She didn’t want to walk with Qian Shaoyao and Mu Shaohua anymore. She held Yun Feng’s hand and walked forward. Yun Feng didn’t say anything else. She walked past the three young summoners and walked forward with Xia Qing. Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai passed by without looking at her at all.

Qian Shaoyao knew that Xia Qing began to dislike her. She couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed. Mu Shaohua looked at Jia Qingyu coldly and was enraged. “Jia Qingyu! Are you done? Don’t drag me and Shaoyao down with you!” Mu Shaohua turned around and left angrily. Qian Shaoyao also looked at Jia Qingyu in dissatisfaction. If it weren’t for her, Xia Qing wouldn’t have hated her.

Both of them followed. Jia Qingyu stood there with hatred in her heart. She stared at Xia Qing and Yun Feng with a changed expression.

There were free rings in the four corners of the Thousand Peak City. It was the first day of the convention and the day of registration for the free rings. The truly lively main event would begin on the second day. There were places for registration in front of the four rings. When Yun Feng and the others came to the registration area, there were already a lot of people lining up. The scene was quite lively.

“There are quite a lot of people signing up.” Qu Lanyi glanced at the long line. It turned out that summoners were all competitive.

Yun Feng smiled gently. There were indeed a lot of people who signed up. Apart from those who didn’t think they were strong enough, every summoner should be eager to try. Some people certainly wanted to fight for that seat, while some simply wanted to spar with others. As for the news Ling told her, not many people knew about it.

Yun Feng stood in the back with Xia Qing. Xia Qing didn’t talk to Qian Shaoyao or Mu Shaohua anymore. Qu Lanyi held Yun Feng’s other hand gently. “You’re not signing up?”

Yun Feng chuckled. “Although Ling makes it sound very tempting, I’m not interested.”

Qu Lanyi smiled and looked at Xia Qing with anticipation. “Qingqing seems quite eager.”

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