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Chapter 862: A Rising Storm (2)  

“Hello, I’m Yao Man from the Thousand Snow Hall.”

The Thousand Snow Hall? Yun Feng thought secretly. The Thousand Snow Hall of the three halls was completely unfamiliar to Yun Feng, but she would definitely meet those people at the Summoners’ Convention this time. Wasn’t the person in front of her right now?

“Yun Feng.” Yun Feng reported her name. She didn’t mention anything else. Yao Man didn’t mind. “I really didn’t expect someone to be waiting behind. Yun Feng, don’t mind me.”

“I said I won’t. Is there anything else?” Yun Feng looked at this noble disciple who pretended to be friendly in front of her. What she said just then was inexplicably sarcastic. The expression on Yao Man’s face froze. “Ah, no.”

Yun Feng walked past Yao Man casually and the servants immediately swarmed forward. “My Lady, this person treated you with such an attitude!”

“Yes, it’s demeaning for my Lady to talk to her! She should be grateful!”

Yao Man’s face turned cold, and the servants immediately fell silent again. Yao Man looked at Yun Feng, then turned around and left. Yun Feng and the others weren’t as picky as Yao Man. They quickly finished the procedures. The four-star receptionist was also relieved. Yun Feng had her own room. Mu Canghai and Qu Lanyi, as her companions, certainly weren’t with her. Their rooms were quite convenient. They were next to Yun Feng’s.

After everything was done, the three of them went upstairs. Yun Feng’s room was on the fourth floor. There were a lot of rooms on the fourth floor in the wide corridor. Yun Feng looked at the card in her hand and found her room. The three of them entered their rooms and prepared to rest for a while.

Yun Feng pushed the door open and entered. She only felt that the room was too empty. It was more than enough for her alone. The area was almost the size of a small yard. The facilities in the room were extremely good. Yun Feng closed her eyes slightly. Xia Qing, who was practicing in peace on the tenth floor of the Dragon Palace, heard her teacher’s voice and immediately opened her eyes. The Flower Eagle, who was practicing with Xia Qing, was the same.

Xia Qing stood up happily. She was certainly happy to hear Yun Feng’s voice. The master and disciple hadn’t been in contact for a long time. A warm white light enveloped Xia Qing and the Flower Eagle’s bodies and they were taken out of the Dragon Palace in an instant. After the Flower Eagle and Xia Qing came out, they couldn’t help but feel a bit surprised when they saw this luxurious and empty room.

“Master, where is this?” Xia Qing asked in surprise. Yun Feng then briefly told Xia Qing about the Summoners’ Convention. After hearing that, Xia Qing was extremely excited. Her black eyes glittered and her cheeks also flushed slightly.

“So, I can see a lot of summoners and Magic Beasts!” Xia Qing’s eyes were immediately full of yearning. Yun Feng smiled and nodded. Seeing how excited her student was, Yun Feng knew that Xia Qing would benefit a lot from the Summoners’ Convention.

“That’s great! I can learn a lot of things!” Xia Qing looked at Yun Feng with bright eyes. Yun Feng petted Xia Qing. “That’s right. I won’t let you miss such a grand event.”

“Master, you’re the best!” Xia Qing jumped into Yun Feng’s arms. Yun Feng was someone Xia Qing admired. It could be said that Yun Feng was the target Xia Qing was chasing after. With such a powerful and gentle teacher, Xia Qing felt that she was the luckiest person in the world.

Yun Feng smiled helplessly. Xia Qing was already fifteen right now, but she still had the personality of a child. Seeing Xia Qing’s attitude, there was also a hint of helplessness in the Flower Eagle’s beautiful eyes. Yun Feng looked at the Flower Eagle, and the Flower Eagle immediately became nervous when it noticed Yun Feng’s scrutinizing gaze.

“Right! Teacher, teacher! I’ve already reached the peak of the Commander Level!” Xia Qing raised her head from Yun Feng’s arms and reported excitedly. Xia Qing was especially happy that her strength had increased. She would make her teacher even more proud if she improved!

Yun Feng nodded in satisfaction. Xia Qing could rise from the mid-stage to the peak of the Commander Level in five years. This speed was very fast. It had to be known that it wasn’t easy to rise to the Commander Level. Xia Qing could only improve so quickly with the help of the tenth level of the Dragon Palace.

After Xia Qing came out, Yun Feng had already found out her level of strength. Her student indeed didn’t let her down. Even though Xia Qing had just reached the peak of the Commander Level and her strength hadn’t been consolidated at this level, she was indeed very talented.

“You’ve just entered the peak of the Commander Level. You still need to consolidate your strength. Even though you’re advancing very quickly, you must remember that your foundation must be stable,” said Yun Feng solemnly. Xia Qing nodded hard. “Don’t worry, teacher. I’ll definitely be down-to-earth!”

Yun Feng smiled in satisfaction. The taboo on the path of cultivation was to be arrogant and impatient. No matter how talented she was, her foundation was unstable. Yun Feng was a rigorous and hardworking person herself, so she certainly hoped that Xia Qing would be the same. Only by taking one step at a time could she grow better and go further.

Yun Feng said a few more words, and Xia Qing remembered them all in her mind. Then, Yun Feng told Xia Qing what Ling told her. Xia Qing immediately followed Yun Feng’s instructions and put the Flower Eagle back into the Ring of Contract, putting the green ring on her finger.

“Master, there must be all kinds of summoners coming to participate. Will there be old monsters who live in seclusion in the forest?”

Yun Feng couldn’t help but smile after hearing that. Old monsters? What kind of description was that? “There should be. After all, such a convention can only be chanced upon by luck. You’ll definitely get something if you participate. For those so-called old monsters of yours, there might be other meanings.”

“Other meanings?” Xia Qing was puzzled. Yun Feng smiled and didn’t explain. For summoners with low strength, this was a good opportunity to learn and communicate, but for powerful summoners, what they wanted wasn’t just to learn and communicate. The contracted Magic Beasts of powerful summoners were quite delicious. They could steal and take them for themselves. There would be a lot of shows.

The Flower Eagle Xia Qing contracted was also a rare species. She, who had the strength of the peak of the Commander Level, wasn’t a powerhouse. If a Monarch Level summoner wanted to take the Flower Eagle away by force, Xia Qing wouldn’t be able to resist. However, Xia Qing was with Yun Feng, so nobody would dare to attack her easily.

Yun Feng told Xia Qing not to leave the territory of the Summoning Union. Even though Xia Qing was ignorant, she vaguely understood how powerful it was. She knew that the Magic Beast she contracted wasn’t ordinary species, so she certainly had to be extremely careful. At the same time, Yun Feng also told her that this was the area where the four-star VIPs were located, which meant that everyone here was a powerful figure at the Monarch Level. Xia Qing couldn’t help but feel shocked after hearing that. Yun Feng hadn’t told Xia Qing that there were five-star Magic Beasts in the Summoning Union. They were all at the Lord Level, but Yun Feng hadn’t seen them yet.

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