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Chapter 854: Mu Canghai (1)  

Mu Xiaojin opened her arms and hugged the person in front of her tightly. Waves of coldness passed through this body into her own. Mu Xiaojin didn’t care. She only cared that he was still alive. Her brother was still alive!

Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered. Nobody knew what she was thinking at this moment. Qu Lanyi looked at Yun Feng. These people in front of her, after she chose Mu Canghai’s resurrection, didn’t know what she gave up.

The brother and sister hugged each other quietly. Time seemed to have stopped at this moment. Only Mu Xiaojin’s soft sobs kept echoing. When everyone was immersed in this moment, Yao Guang’s voice appeared in Yun Feng’s mind again. “He can’t be exposed to sunlight for a long time, or all your efforts will be wasted.”

Yun Feng’s expression changed drastically. Sunlight! It was the afternoon when the sun was at its peak! Yun Feng’s body flashed and she suddenly grabbed Mu Canghai’s arm. She only felt a bone-piercing coldness and subconsciously looked up at him. Mu Canghai also glanced over. When their eyes met, Yun Feng suddenly realized something after seeing those eyes clearly!

“You…” Yun Feng quickly dragged Mu Canghai and Mu Xiaojin back into the house. The others were also shocked when they saw this and they immediately followed her in. “Feng, what’s wrong?” Yun Sheng asked anxiously. Yun Jing sized Mu Canghai up carefully with a serious look on his face and didn’t say anything.

“He probably can’t come into contact with sunlight for a long time,” said Qu Lanyi as he glanced at Mu Canghai. “After all, he was once… dead.”

Mu Xiaojin tightened her arms around Mu Canghai, but Mu Canghai pushed her away gently with a smile. “He’s right. Xiaojin can’t touch me often, or her body will be invaded by my coldness.”

Yun Sheng was immediately a bit worried after hearing that. After all, Mu Xiaojin was a female mage with a weak body. Her physical fitness had never been good. If something happened to her because of excitement, the loss would outweigh the gain. Mu Xiaojin certainly wouldn’t give in. Even if her brother, who came back to life, didn’t really come back to life, it was the same for Mu Xiaojin!

“Xiaojin.” Yun Feng said softly. Stunned, Mu Xiaojin slowly let go of Mu Canghai’s body. Yun Sheng immediately pulled her into his arms and felt that there seemed to be coldness in Mu Xiaojin’s body.

“Yun Feng, Lord Yao Guang has already told me that I can be resurrected thanks to you.” Mu Canghai looked at Yun Feng deeply, as if he was comparing the girl in front of him with the girl in his memory. Suddenly, Mu Canghai put on a smile. “You’ve changed.”

Yun Feng chuckled. How many years had it been? It was impossible for her not to change. Even Mu Canghai, who had been resurrected, was the same. After being resurrected, Mu Canghai seemed to have grown up. He was as tall as Qu Lanyi, and his handsome face became more handsome. His short black hair was quite flamboyant, but the coldness around his body gave him a hint of gloominess.

“It’s great that you’re back.” Yun Jing heaved a sigh. Mu Xiaojin finally realized that she hadn’t introduced herself yet because she was too excited. Since the brother and sister parted, Mu Xiaojin was already a mother now. After the introduction, Mu Canghai greeted them one by one. When he found out that he had a nephew, Mu Canghai also smiled happily. This time, Little Qingchen didn’t come with her. He seemed to be taking a nap. Mu Canghai said that he must meet his nephew when he had the chance.

Yun Jing left after saying a few words. Yun Sheng was worried about Little Qingchen, so he went back first and asked Mu Xiaojin to stay. After Yun Jing and Yun Sheng left, Mu Xiaojin looked at Mu Canghai straight in the eyes. She didn’t say anything, as if she would be satisfied just by looking at him.

Mu Canghai’s eyes flashed with heartache when he saw Mu Xiaojin’s expression. He was about to reach out and pat his sister’s head comfortingly like before, when he immediately retracted his hand. A hint of darkness flashed through Mu Canghai’s eyes.

Lan Yi stood aside and didn’t say anything. He looked at Mu Canghai’s eyes and only spoke after a long time, “Did Lord Yao Guang…”

Mu Canghai nodded at Lan Yi and gently touched one of his eyes with his hand. He rubbed his finger on it slowly and his finger left, revealing an eye. The color of the pupil wasn’t pure black, but gray!

“Senior Yao Guang gave me some abilities,” said Mu Canghai in a low voice. Yun Feng’s breath tightened. Thinking of how weak Yao Guang was when he came out, her heart couldn’t help but surge. Senior Yao Guang…

“Senior Yao Guang!” Yun Feng called in her mind. After a while, Yao Guang’s hoarse and tired voice came. “Humph! Don’t think too much. I’m just repaying you for not thinking about using me. I only gave him a small part of my power. I wanted to leave immediately, but it seems that I’ll have to wait for a while. Don’t disturb me anymore.” Yao Guang’s voice was completely gone. Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel shocked in her mind. Even though Yao Guang gave him a small part of his power, Mu Canghai’s eye had already turned gray. How could that be a small part of his power?

Mu Xiaojin didn’t know who Yao Guang was. Looking at her brother’s gray eyes, she only felt heartbroken. Mu Xiaojin and Mu Canghai certainly had a lot to talk about. Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi wanted to go out, but Yun Feng was worried that Mu Xiaojin would hurt herself if she got too close to Mu Canghai. Qu Lanyi patted Yun Feng’s shoulder and whispered, “Go out. He should know what to do.”

Yun Feng nodded and they left the room again. When only the brother and sister were left in the room, Mu Xiaojin’s eyes couldn’t help but turn red again. Mu Canghai sat there and smiled lightly. “You’re already so old, but you still like to cry.”

This forced Mu Xiaojin to shed even more tears. The brother and sister had a lot to say. Mu Xiaojin had a lot to tell Mu Canghai. Seeing Mu Xiaojin’s anxious look, Mu Canghai smiled again. “Tell me slowly. You must tell me everything that happened after we separated, okay?”

Mu Xiaojin nodded with tears in her eyes. The story began on the sad night when Mu Canghai left the world.

The brother and sister in the house were talking about the time they hadn’t seen each other for many years. Outside the house, Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi were sitting in the yard. Little Fire and Lan Yi were standing aside. Meatball was very quiet sitting on Yun Feng’s shoulder. Yaoyao was stuck in Yun Feng’s arms and looked like she was about to fall asleep.

Yun Feng gently touched Yaoyao’s ear fin with her hand. Yaoyao moved her little body comfortably and even leaned into Yun Feng’s arms. Qu Lanyi sat on the side and said in a low voice, “Even if he comes back to life, he can’t touch others like he used to. The cold energy in his body will affect others if he’s careless. My light element can’t completely heal it.”

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