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Chapter 853: You Can Only Choose One Person (4)  

“Old man, if you have a way, why don’t you resurrect both of them?” Qu Lanyi gritted his teeth and said. The word “old man” made Yao Guang narrow his eyes fiercely. “Kid, what did you call me?”

“Lord Yao Guang!” Lan Yi stepped forward. “If you really have a way, can you…”

Yao Guang glanced at her coldly. “No, as I said, you only have one chance.” He gazed at Yun Feng, who had her head lowered. “Kid, what do you think?”

Yun Feng slowly raised her head. There was no expression on her little face and her clear black eyes were covered with a layer of thick fog that couldn’t be seen clearly. Yao Guang couldn’t help but feel startled. “Senior Yao Guang, please resurrect him.” Yun Feng took out Mu Canghai’s remains in her arms. Yao Guang’s pupils contracted and he suddenly sneered. “Very good. Since you don’t want the chance, I won’t say anything else. Don’t let anyone disturb me for ten days.”

Yun Feng nodded silently. Everyone left the house. Yun Feng raised her arm and sealed the space in the house where Yao Guang was. After doing everything, Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi came to the house next door. Little Fire and Lan Yi stayed in the yard. Yaoyao was held by Lan Yi and didn’t disturb Yun Feng. Meatball also sat on Little Fire’s head. The few Magic Beasts knew that Yun Feng wasn’t in a calm mood right now.

Qu Lanyi followed Yun Feng into the room and grabbed her arm. “Why didn’t you choose your brother?”

Yun Feng chuckled. “A promise is a promise. My father and brother will definitely make the same choice as me, even though… I really want my brother to come back to life.” Yun Feng’s tone trembled slightly. Qu Lanyi suddenly pulled Yun Feng into his arms and held her tightly, holding this person who must hold up everything and be strong.

Yun Feng leaned in Qu Lanyi’s arms quietly and listened to his calm heartbeat and felt his warm breath. Yun Feng slowly closed her eyes. As long as there was a way to resurrect her brother in this world, she would definitely find it even if she had to turn the world upside down!

In ten days, a tense atmosphere had been brewing in the Mu family. All the servants of the Mu family knew that Yun Feng was back, but nobody could approach the yard she was in. Besides, Mu Xiaojin, the leader of the Mu family, had been acting weird these days. She didn’t have a smile on her face at all. Even though Mu Xiaojin had become more serious and cautious in the past few years, she had never looked so stiff. Besides, Yun Jing and Yun Sheng were different from before. They often frowned and looked worried. Everyone in the Mu family knew that something big was about to happen.

“Mother, mother!” Ever since Yun Feng came back, Yun Qingchen had been sticking to Mu Xiaojin. He had thought of a lot of ways to make her mother smile, but Mu Xiaojin obviously didn’t appreciate it. This made Little Qingchen quite frustrated. He called Mu Xiaojin a lot of times, but she only replied with a “hm.” Little Qingchen was unhappy in his mind. Something was wrong with his mother and his father. Now, he couldn’t even see his aunt!

Yun Sheng opened the door and saw Mu Xiaojin, who was in a daze. He couldn’t help but sigh. Yun Feng had already told them about the ten-day time limit. These ten days were quite torturous. It truly felt like a year.

Yun Sheng didn’t know how to ease Mu Xiaojin, because he had been very tense during the ten days. Mu Canghai’s resurrection affected everyone’s heart. Ten days passed in this inexplicably oppressive atmosphere. Ten days later, there was finally movement in the space that Yun Feng sealed. Yun Feng noticed it and immediately rushed over.

The door that had been silent for ten days was finally opened slowly. Yun Feng stood at the door and suddenly didn’t dare to approach. Her heart was pounding inexplicably. Qu Lanyi stood next to Yun Feng and stared at the door. He really wanted to meet Mu Canghai.

Yun Jing, Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin came quickly under Lan Yi’s notice. Mu Xiaojin was the first to run in, panting. She subconsciously glanced around and fixed her eyes on the slightly open door.

Yun Sheng and Yun Jing stood there and stared at the door. Nobody said anything. They were all waiting quietly for the person to walk out!


The door was slowly pushed open. Yun Feng’s breath tightened and her voice became several times louder in an instant! Mu Xiaojin’s heart beat quickly. Yun Sheng and Yun Jing were both extremely nervous. Qu Lanyi slowly narrowed his eyes. The door gradually opened and a black robe flashed out. Yun Feng was stunned. Was that… Yao Guang?

The person who came out was Yao Guang. He was wearing a black robe that covered his entire body, but his face was pale, as if he had been seriously ill. Half of his body seemed to have been emptied. He glanced at Yun Feng with his gray eyes. Without another word, Yun Feng immediately sent Yao Guang into the Dragon Palace. Yao Guang’s extremely hoarse and weak voice sounded in her mind. “Kid…” Yao Guang didn’t say anything else after that. Yun Feng didn’t feel good. “Senior Yao Guang, rest well. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely keep my promise.”

Seeing that the person who came out was someone she didn’t know, Mu Xiaojin was stunned. Yun Sheng and Yun Jing were also stunned. It wasn’t Mu Canghai who came out, so everyone was indescribably disappointed. However, the door was pushed open again by a pair of slender and fair hands. The sunlight shone down gently, casting a layer of shadow behind that person’s body. Yun Feng’s black eyes shrank fiercely as she looked at the person standing in the shadow in front of her. That familiar name rushed to her mouth and was about to come out!

Mu Xiaojin had already whimpered. Her eyes were instantly red with tears that surged out quickly. Time had cruelly drawn a gap between the two of them. What lay between the brother and sister was none other than life and death.


A soft voice seemed to come from that faint place with incomparable bitterness and uncontrollable excitement. Everyone’s heart was tightened by an invisible hand because of this soft voice. Qu Lanyi looked at the tall figure in front of him with a glint of light flashing deep in his black eyes. Was this… Mu Canghai?

“Brother, brother!” Time flew backwards, as if the ten years that had passed had never happened. Mu Xiaojin cried as she ran into that person’s cold arms. “Brother, brother!” Mu Xiaojin cried. Hot tears kept sliding down her face. Her cries were accompanied by her tears. Yun Sheng clenched his fists and his eyes couldn’t help but turn red. Seeing his wife’s brother, who had passed away early, standing in front of him alive, Yun Sheng’s heart was also filled with relief and sorrow.

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