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Chapter 824: Explode (1)  

Yaoyao stopped in front of the face of the stone statue at this moment. The stone statue was huge and its upper body was raised high. That face carried a hint of charm and evilness. Even though it was very different from Yaoyao’s temperament, its facial features were exactly the same as Yaoyao’s! The arms on the upper body were crossed in front of its chest and its slender waist was protruding. The dragon tails on the lower body were intertwined and there was a pair of dragon feet on it. The shiny black scales made this stone statue look like it was alive if one didn’t look carefully!

Yaoyao looked at the stone statue that looked exactly like her and was a bit at a loss. This was also the feeling in Yun Feng’s mind. Where was this place? Who was this stone statue? Why did Yaoyao have the same face as hers?

“Xiao Feng!” Yaoyao looked around. In the end, her fishtail flashed and she jumped back into Yun Feng’s arms. Her pupils became round again. “Xiao Feng, who is she? Why… is she so similar to me?”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything. She caressed Yaoyao’s head with her hand. This was the answer she wanted to know. Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi both walked over and sized up the stone statue in front of them. “Considering this shape, it should be some kind of ancient creature.”

“Ancient…” Yun Feng looked at Qu Lanyi in surprise. Qu Lanyi frowned and pondered for a few seconds, then said, “I’ve seen some weird pictures at home. They’re all illustrations of ancient Magic Beasts. Even though I’ve never seen the one in front of me, it’s similar.”

“Your family… has such things?” Lan Yi looked at Qu Lanyi in surprise. Yun Feng was also surprised. Qu Lanyi smiled wryly. “How would I know that my family has these things? My family is small, but we have some strange things.”

“Master, he’s right. This is indeed an ancient race.” Lan Yi glanced at Qu Lanyi a few times and said, “Some powerful races in the ancient times all have obvious signs and are a bit similar to each other. For example, among the Dragons, only the bloodline of the Golden Dragons is the purest, and the ones with signs like a dragon’s tail should be some kind of ancient ancestor of the Sea Clan.”

“This upper body is so similar to that of the merfolk. She should be the ancient ancestor of the merfolk,” said Yun Feng in a deep voice, but Lan Yi shook his head. “I don’t think so. There are many branches of some ancient races. The merfolk are probably just one of them. However, according to their form, the merfolk must have inherited the surface of their bodies.”

It was just like how several branches of a family were descendants of one person. In the end, each branch might evolve into an independent group. However, in the end, there was only one ancestor for the few groups and there was only one person at the beginning of the bloodline after all.

“Who is she?” Yun Feng whispered softly. She suddenly remembered the Magic Beast Illustration that her master left behind. Perhaps she could find it from there! Yun Feng immediately took it out and flipped through it, but even someone as powerful as her master didn’t have any records. Right, it was very difficult to go deep into the Endless Sea. Even her master couldn’t possibly come to such a place. Besides, Yun Feng and the others only came here by accident.

“There’s no record of it.” After examining it carefully, Yun Feng put away the index and was a bit disappointed. Qu Lanyi, on the other hand, sized up the stone statue in front of her carefully. “There must be a meaning behind the establishment of the stone statue here. This place is so hidden. Perhaps there’s something hidden here.”

There must be some secrets in this place, but Yun Feng didn’t care. She only cared about why this stone statue had the same face as Yaoyao! Yaoyao must have some connection with this stone statue. Was this good or bad for Yaoyao?

“Master!” Lan Yi’s eyes glittered. He flashed to the place where the tail of the stone statue was wrapped. “Master, there’s something here!” Lan Yi said as he reached for it. Yun Feng immediately became cold. “Lan Yi, get back!”

Lan Yi’s body reacted faster than his brain. His body was immediately pushed away under Yun Feng’s order. At the same time, an unbelievable change happened to the stone statue! The body that was originally made of stone emitted an astonishing aura. Lan Yi quickly retreated to a safe distance and felt scared in his mind!

The tail of the stone statue moved slowly, as if life had been injected into the stone statue just then! The upper body of the stone statue moved stiffly a few times. Lan Yi returned to Yun Feng’s side and the three of them immediately prepared to deal with any unexpected situation!

“Are you the Zhina Bloodline from the Sea Clan?”

A voice with vicissitudes of life and an ancient aura echoed in this empty area. The stone statue stiffened a few times and didn’t do anything else. Yun Feng was silent for a few seconds. The Zhina Bloodline of the Sea Clan? The merfolk should be a branch of the Zhina Bloodline Sea Clan.

Yaoyao couldn’t help but feel curious when she saw the stone statue speak. She moved her little body and wanted to leave Yun Feng’s arms. Yun Feng was a bit worried and didn’t let go. Qu Lanyi shook her head at Yun Feng. “It seems that there should be a remnant soul on this stone statue. According to the time, this remnant soul is immortal. This ancient race is indeed powerful! She won’t hurt Yaoyao.”

Yun Feng nodded and finally let Yaoyao go carefully. Yaoyao jumped and swam to the stone statue again. She asked that cold face, “Who are you? Why are we the same?”

The stone statue didn’t answer Yaoyao’s question. That ancient voice sounded again. “If you have the Zhina Bloodline of the Sea Clan, prove it. Otherwise, whoever trespasses here will die!”

Yun Feng’s face immediately turned cold. Without thinking, she rushed forward to bring Yaoyao back. Qu Lanyi immediately pulled Yun Feng back. “The Sea Clan doesn’t allow humans to trespass the Endless Sea. You can’t rush up like this.”

“Got it.” Yun Feng suppressed the excitement in her heart and stared at Yaoyao with her black eyes. Yaoyao seemed to have sensed something. She extended her hand and the light blue fins on her arm kept moving gently. When Yaoyao’s hand touched the cheek of the stone statue, a deep crack appeared on Yaoyao’s palm and blood slowly flowed from the wound to the stone statue.

“Using blood as a medium to verify the bloodline of future generations…” Yun Feng felt the same way when she saw this scene. She remembered that when Ao Jin opened the door of the Dragons back then, it was the same. Only Ao Jin could open that door. The Golden Dragon’s blood was the certification!

Yaoyao wasn’t afraid at all when she saw her blood flowing out. She just waited quietly. Suddenly, Yaoyao’s pupils turned into vertical lines again, as if something had happened. Yaoyao’s entire body was suddenly surrounded by a blue light, and the powerful pressure emitted by this blue light made Yun Feng feel suffocated!

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