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Chapter 819: Accident (3)  

Who would have thought that there would be a vacuum behind the stone hole? And this vacuum was a black abyss!

The dragon-shaped jade pendant kept falling, falling and falling in the air. It fell somewhere and finally landed on the ground, making a soft sound. Then, it turned into the color of the surrounding environment and lay there quietly, not moving at all.

Two years passed just like that. The merfolk were still hunting Yun Feng. After two years, all the merfolk thought that Yun Feng had already escaped, but Cang Lin still didn’t give up. The only merfolk who was still energetic was this elder with white fins. The internal injuries caused by Qu Lanyi still hadn’t recovered. What made Cang Lin most angry was the wounds on his body.

No matter what he did, they couldn’t be completely healed! The wounds didn’t heal at all, as if they were against him! Even if they were healed, the wounds would immediately tear open if he moved gently. The wound on his arm wasn’t a big deal. The key was the wound on his other arm, the one on his elbow that almost tore his entire forearm apart. This wound had never been good. Cang Lin was equivalent to a half-cripple!

The elder of the white-finned was a half-cripple! It would be embarrassing if word got out! Cang Lin didn’t announce this matter to the public and he didn’t try his best to appear in front of everyone. He didn’t know how many times he tried in secret, but it didn’t work. Some merfolk even suggested trying to get the Golden Dragon’s blood. They were immediately scolded by Cang Lin. The Golden Dragon’s blood? They were courting death!

Cang Lin didn’t believe that Yun Feng could escape, especially when she was seriously injured back then. He had come into contact with Qu Lanyi and Meatball, so he was even more certain that Yun Feng must have some means, or there wouldn’t be such a powerful Magic Beast following her! And there wasn’t a trace of fierceness on her appearance at all! Wasn’t she pretending to be weak?

With this knowledge, Cang Lin certainly couldn’t let his guard down. Even if everyone believed otherwise, he wouldn’t. He still had to continue searching! However, Cang Lin didn’t know that even if he searched the entire Endless Ocean, it would be very difficult for him to find Yun Feng. At this moment, Yun Feng was hiding in the Dragon Palace and the dragon-shaped jade pendant was buried deep in an unknown abyss. How should Cang Lin find it? Even if he searched for a hundred years or a thousand years, he wouldn’t be able to find it!

Cang Lin could only grit his teeth and not give up. The other merfolk didn’t have much hope after two years of fruitless searching. Si Wen also sent some merfolk scouts out of the Endless Ocean to the land. Si Wen certainly had his own plan in his mind. According to his guess, Yun Feng should have already left the Endless Ocean. He really wanted to know if Yaoyao was doing well. If he knew that they were all safe, he would think of a way to deal with the merfolk.

However, Si Wen might not have thought that Yun Feng was still staying in the Endless Sea, in the area where she disappeared.

Time flowed slowly in the Dragon Palace. The three people who had been sitting there quietly seemed to have turned into stone statues. The wound on Lan Yi’s back had already healed slowly. The wing that was torn off wouldn’t grow back anymore. The blue patterns on one side of Lan Yi’s cheek seemed to have deepened a bit.

Yun Feng sat in the middle. Her entire body was still wrapped in the blue aura. There was a calm expression on her face and she was immersed in an inexplicable sense of stability. Yaoyao in her arms also closed her eyes gently and breathed steadily. Her fish tail was still wrapped around Yun Feng’s waist. Two years had passed. Yaoyao’s fish tail seemed to have grown a bit longer and her body also became more mature.

Qu Lanyi was on Yun Feng’s other side. His pale face had already turned better. His momentum slowly seeped out of his body. Logically, light mages usually gave people a gentle and harmless temperament. After all, light elements were famous for their healing power. However, Qu Lanyi, who was sitting there with his eyes closed, gave people a deep sense of danger.

Yun Feng’s eyelids moved slightly. Meatball, which had been curled up next to her, suddenly moved. Its white fluffy body shook gently, as if it had woken up from a long dream. Those big eyes opened a bit drowsily, but they became absolutely clear the next second. Its body jumped up and floated in the air, staring at Yun Feng with its big eyes, flashing constantly.

Yun Feng’s eyelashes fluttered slightly and her eyelids moved. Finally, she slowly opened her clear black eyes and a dazzling light jumped out of her eyes!

“Nana!” Meatball raised its head and couldn’t help but shout happily. Its voice echoed in the empty space of the Dragon Palace and woke Lan Yi and Qu Lanyi up at the same time. The two of them opened their eyes and looked at Yun Feng at the same time. Yaoyao in Yun Feng’s arms also moved her body and looked like she was about to wake up.

Yun Feng opened her black eyes and saw Meatball looking at her with excitement on its face. She couldn’t help but smile. She reached out and released the blue aura in front of her. Meatball jumped up and pounced on her, rubbing against Yun Feng’s cheek hard. Yun Feng couldn’t help but curl her lips. It was the same every time. Meatball was truly enthusiastic.

“Congratulations, Master,” said Lan Yi with a smile. Qu Lanyi also looked at Yun Feng happily. “Fengfeng, your strength has improved again. I’m truly proud.”

Yun Feng looked at Qu Lanyi with a smile in her black eyes. “Why do I feel that you’re the most unpredictable one? Congratulations too. You’ve also improved a lot.” Yaoyao, who was in her arms, had already woken up. Seeing Yun Feng’s smiling face, she hugged Yun Feng happily and buried her face in Yun Feng’s chest, rubbing it hard. Yun Feng couldn’t help but blush. When did Yaoyao learn from Meatball?

Seeing Yaoyao’s movement, Qu Lanyi’s face couldn’t help but darken. He reached out and was about to pick Yaoyao up. Yaoyao noticed Qu Lanyi’s movement and suddenly roared at him ferociously. After what happened with the merfolk, Yaoyao became more vigilant against the others. The corners of Qu Lanyi’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. Why was she rubbing against her breasts? That was his benefit!

Yun Feng glared at Qu Lanyi and touched Yaoyao comfortingly with her hand. She glanced at Lan Yi. “How’s the injury on your back?” Yun Feng was very bothered that Lan Yi lost a wing.

“Don’t worry, Master. I’m fine. I just lost a wing.” Lan Yi smiled. Yun Feng looked at the tattoo on one side of his cheek and didn’t say anything else. Thinking of her breakthrough in the past two years, she couldn’t help but smile. “I have to thank that old guy, Cang Lin. If I didn’t have to suppress his aura, I wouldn’t have mustered all my strength in just two years and I wouldn’t have reached the peak of the Monarch Level like this.”

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