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Chapter 816: Hiding and Escaping (4)

“Let’s go.” After saying that, Zi Xuan immediately ran in the direction where Yun Feng fell. He couldn’t help but look back at Cang Lin. When he saw the skin that was exposed on his upper body, he was enlightened. He couldn’t help but sneer in his mind. He really used his family background. I thought he was really going all out. He’s just pretending. He’s indeed cunning.

The two of them rushed to where Yun Feng was one after another. The trees where Yun Feng fell had already been crushed. There were only a large number of traces of dragging and a large amount of blood scattered on the ground with a strong smell.

Seeing this scene, Zi Xuan snorted. “That human is most likely dead.”

Cang Lin, however, frowned and looked around firmly. “I won’t be at ease until I see her body with my own eyes!”

“I can understand you hate her because she killed Cang Lin with her own hands in front of you, but your hatred is so deep that it’s beyond my expectation.” Zi Xuan looked at Cang Lin coldly. He seemed to be too obsessed with Yun Feng’s death. The Red Fin also lost one of its fierce generals, Zi Leng. It was most likely this human who did it, but he wasn’t as emotional and persistent as Cang Lin.

Cang Lin looked at Zi Xuan deeply and his silent body suddenly descended, starting to search carefully. Zi Xuan pursed his lips and followed behind Cang Lin without saying a word. It was better for the two of them to explore together. There was still an unknown secret in this area. If Cang Lin accidentally found it, the white-finned would get a huge bargain.

Zi Xuan made up his mind to move with Cang Lin. The two of them began to investigate carefully. Apart from the collapsed trees and the messy blood, there was nothing else. Cang Lin and Zi Xuan searched for a long time and finally found nothing. Cang Lin couldn’t help but feel a bit angry. Where was she? Where was she?

“Did she escape?” Zi Xuan looked at the mess on the ground and the large pool of blood in confusion. There was so much blood, which showed that she didn’t have much strength to escape. Cang Lin didn’t hold back at all when he attacked just then. Even if that human didn’t die, she might not be able to last long.

However… How far could people who couldn’t last long go? So far that they couldn’t find them?

The two of them searched back and forth suspiciously. Their energy covered a vast area as they searched, but they still didn’t find anything. Cang Lin gritted his teeth hard. He didn’t believe it! How could she be gone in such a short time? Even if she escaped, she should have left traces! And now, there wasn’t even a trace of her! Why?

“It’s very strange. I think she probably escaped.” Zi Xuan concluded. Cang Lin wanted to refute, but he couldn’t say anything. He could only accept Zi Xuan’s suggestion and report to the king first. The merfolk had already started a full search. He believed that even if they really escaped, they would be discovered eventually.

Cang Lin left with Zi Xuan unwillingly in his mind, but the wounds on his body didn’t allow him to stay here anymore. The two of them left the sky, and in the collapsed ruins, a piece of soil gradually changed color and turned white. It was an inconspicuous dragon-shaped jade pendant!

A few messy people suddenly appeared on the empty ground on the first level of the Dragon Palace just then. Blood was still flowing down Lan Yi’s back that was covered in blood. Yun Feng’s face was pale and almost transparent, and her lips were pale. Qu Lanyi’s face was also slightly pale. Light elements penetrated Yun Feng’s body again. Yun Feng gritted her teeth and shook off Qu Lanyi’s hand. Qu Lanyi was about to grab her again with a cold look, when Yun Feng suddenly shouted, “Meatball!”

Meatball, who was lying on her shoulder, suddenly raised its head and attacked Qu Lanyi with its sharp teeth. Qu Lanyi’s black eyes were deep and his hand didn’t seem to be retreating at all, as if he was letting Meatball bite him. Yun Feng opened her pale lips gently. “I’m fine. I don’t need you to work so hard!”

Qu Lanyi snorted. Seeing that Qu Lanyi wasn’t afraid of its teeth, Meatball shrank back slowly. Yun Feng only asked it to scare him. Although Meatball really wanted to bite him, Yun Feng wouldn’t be happy. Meatball swayed its little body and returned to Yun Feng’s side, looking at Yun Feng with its big eyes full of worry.

“Xiao Feng…” Yaoyao copied Qu Lanyi and kept covering the tiny wounds on Yun Feng’s body with the water element. There were a lot of wounds on Yun Feng’s body when the two forces collided just then. Not only was her body injured, but there were also a lot of wounds on the surface of her body right now.

“I’m fine…” Yun Feng didn’t know what to say. Apart from repeating that she was fine, she couldn’t think of anything else that could make these people feel at ease.

“Master!” Lan Yi endured the pain and retracted his wings. He ran over with wet blood on his back. Qu Lanyi looked at the blood on the ground behind Lan Yi and casually waved his hand, covering the wound on Lan Yi’s back with light elements.

“Your wing…” said Qu Lanyi casually. Lan Yi simply glanced at Qu Lanyi. “It doesn’t matter. Losing a wing is nothing.”

Yun Feng glared at Lan Yi. “Who asked you to come here?” Thinking of how Lan Yi spread his wings to protect her at that time and one of his wings was torn off, Yun Feng saw that scene clearly, but Lan Yi smiled. “I’m willing to protect my master.”

There were levels among griffins, and the number of wings was the key to determining the level. Lan Yi was a four-winged griffin. Four wings represented absolute glory and power. Four wings were extremely rare among griffins and they wouldn’t be lost easily. However, one of Lan Yi’s wings was torn apart by that power!

Qu Lanyi’s black eyes glittered and he didn’t say anything else. The four wings had become three wings. These wings wouldn’t grow back anymore. What was reduced was not just one wing.

Qu Lanyi grabbed Yun Feng’s hand and didn’t let her shake him off. He didn’t transmit light elements desperately like he did just then, so Yun Feng didn’t shake him off and let the light elements treat her injuries. “In the crisis, I can only send you to the Dragon Palace.” Yun Feng’s face wasn’t pale anymore and she didn’t sound weak anymore. Qu Lanyi finally let go of his hand slowly. There was a hint of exhaustion on his handsome face. It seemed that he had consumed too much mental strength.

“It wasn’t easy for you to send us here at that time.” Qu Lanyi smiled at Yun Feng. Indeed, Yun Feng was seriously injured in that life-and-death moment. It wasn’t easy for her to send everyone to the Dragon Palace in an instant.

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