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Chapter 815: Hiding and Escaping (3)  

Cang Lin could only rely on his body’s instincts to dodge Yun Feng’s attack. The girl’s cold black eyes seemed to be able to see deep into his soul. Cang Lin frowned very hard. This human had such a strong physique! Her physique was comparable to that of Magic Beasts!

Thinking of this, a hint of viciousness also flashed through his mind. After all, Cang Lin was old and experienced. Even though Yun Feng’s attacks had the advantage, it didn’t mean that there was no room for Cang Lin to reverse the situation. To be exact, Yun Feng could only suppress Cang Lin’s speed and timing of attack right now. Once he found an opportunity to attack, it wouldn’t be a problem for Cang Lin to attack!

And this opportunity would come very soon!

Cang Lin figured out Yun Feng’s attack method. She had used magic before, but she was only attacking with her body right now. It was obvious that she was injured. His attack also injured her! Thinking of this, a cruel smile appeared in Cang Lin’s eyes. Do you think you can keep suppressing me like this? Impossible!

The silver-white fish tail swept abruptly, causing a large number of ripples. The space in front of Yun Feng immediately distorted and the rapid attack also stopped abruptly. At this moment, strong energy had already gathered in Cang Lin’s hand. Such a close distance, such a despicable way of attack!

“Die!” Cang Lin almost bit the word to pieces. The power in his hand was about to press into Yun Feng’s body at such a close distance! Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes and quickly clasped her hands together. Elemental fusion!

“No matter what tricks you have, it’s useless!” Cang Lin smiled fiercely and was about to slap Yun Feng with his hand. Yun Feng didn’t dodge. She rushed forward desperately and the fusion of elements in her hand had already been completed. Her black eyes were full of viciousness!

“I won’t let you have it easy either!” The emptiness inside her body made Yun Feng even paler. The fusion of elements had been the shortest and most risky one so far!

Cang Lin was ready to go all out. He suddenly hit Yun Feng’s body with his hand, and the elemental fusion in Yun Feng’s hand also smashed into Cang Lin’s body fiercely!

“Yun Feng!” Qu Lanyi’s heart was almost broken when he saw this scene. He immediately ignored what Zi Xuan was doing and rushed into the reckless energy collision! “Master!” Lan Yi also rushed in without caring about his life. Seeing Cang Lin and Yun Feng’s attacks, Zi Xuan couldn’t help but feel startled. Those two people didn’t want to live anymore!

“Nana!” Meatball shouted fiercely as its little body also rushed in. Yaoyao swung her fishtail and was about to rush in, but she was trapped by Zi Xuan’s power. Despite what he said, he knew that he couldn’t let anything happen to Yaoyao.

Two types of energy were embedded in the bodies of the two of them at the same time. The collision of energy spread out from their bodies and suddenly exploded in the sky above this small area!


The sound spread far and wide in this area. Si Wen and the merfolk surrounding outside were all shocked. What exactly happened inside?

The moment the power burst out, Qu Lanyi’s black eyes were extremely cold. Although Cang Lin was terrified, he didn’t give in. The power he gathered hit Yun Feng’s body fiercely. Qu Lanyi grabbed Yun Feng’s arm with one hand and the light elements suddenly surged into Yun Feng’s body!

Lan Yi’s wings suddenly extended forward. When the energy spread, it enveloped Yun Feng’s body in an instant and the energy that burst out in an instant broke one of Lan Yi’s wings! Lan Yi’s handsome face was pale. One of his wings was torn off just like that. Blood surged out of the broken part quickly and covered the other three wings on his back. Lan Yi gritted his teeth tightly and wanted to protect Yun Feng completely even though he was covered in blood!

Meatball suddenly rushed over and opened its mouth to bite Cang Lin’s arm fiercely. Its sharp teeth were emitting a faint glimmer. After seeing Cang Lin’s hand hit Yun Feng, a crazy killing intent suddenly surged in its big eyes!

Cang Lin endured the intense pain and only felt that his entire arm was about to be bitten off by that white thing, but he still didn’t let go. His hand hit Yun Feng’s body fiercely and the elemental fusion in Yun Feng’s hand also blasted into Cang Lin’s body at the same time!

The energy collided and shattered! The two of them were also sent flying by their own power!

Zi Xuan, who was outside of the situation, only saw two light balls spread out from the center of the spreading energy and directly fell in two different directions in the forest. The energy trapped in Yaoyao’s body suddenly broke in an instant. Perhaps because of the influence of this powerful energy, Yaoyao flew out and chased after Yun Feng before Zi Xuan could stop her!

Zi Xuan was startled and didn’t know what to do at the moment. That human fell in the other direction, while Cang Lin fell in the opposite direction. Should he chase after that human or see how Cang Lin was doing? While Zi Xuan was hesitating, a figure suddenly ran over from the direction where Cang Lin fell. Zi Xuan’s eyes widened. That wasn’t Cang Lin!

“How did you…” Zi Xuan only found it unbelievable. Even he and Cang Lin couldn’t have been unscathed from the energy explosion just then. They would have been seriously injured no matter what. And even though Cang Lin was in an extremely sorry state right now, he didn’t seem to be injured much. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have rushed back so quickly.

“Of course I have some means. That’s why I dared to risk my life.” The corners of Cang Lin’s mouth twitched. The bloody wound on his arm and the wound on his other arm that was about to break made him in unbearable pain. He really couldn’t believe that such a Magic Beast, which seemed harmless, could bite him like this! Even though the defense of the merfolk wasn’t very high, they couldn’t be bitten like this! If Cang Lin knew that Meatball’s teeth could break through the absolute defense of the Golden Dragons, he should know that he was lucky that Meatball didn’t bite him to death.

The external wounds on his body and the internal injuries caused by Qu Lanyi inside his body made the old man, Cang Lin, lose his composure for the first time. Seeing him like this, Zi Xuan couldn’t help but frown. “I think you should go out first. How about this…”

“Don’t worry about me! Catch up with that human. I can’t waste all my efforts!”

Zi Xuan was puzzled. “She survived the attack you gave her just then?”

“Don’t underestimate the young man next to that human,” said Cang Lin with a gloomy face. Zi Xuan nodded in agreement. That human was very tricky, but the man next to her seemed to be even trickier.

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