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Chapter 814: Hiding and Escaping (2)

“Damn you, old man!” Qu Lanyi gritted his teeth and withdrew his hand. He had already detected the situation in Yun Feng’s body in such a short time and his face couldn’t help but darken. He should’ve…

“He’s indeed vicious, but… he’s destined to be disappointed!” Yun Feng smiled a bit mockingly. Cang Lin’s strength was still there, but if he thought he could hurt her with this, he was too naive. Even though her body was injured, Yun Feng would recover sooner or later if she was given enough time!

“What you need right now is time,” said Qu Lanyi in a low voice. Meatball jumped onto Yun Feng’s shoulder and rubbed its body against Yun Feng gently. Yun Feng moved her body, which was still in pain.

“Yes, what we need is time. The search of the merfolk will probably begin soon.” Yun Feng looked outside with her eyes and couldn’t help but look at Yaoyao again. Even though she didn’t say anything, Yaoyao already knew. She immediately shook her head firmly.

“No, I won’t leave Xiao Feng!”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything else this time. She just reached out and touched Yaoyao’s head. She stood up from the ground with difficulty. Qu Lanyi supported Yun Feng and only let go of her after she stabilized herself. Lan Yi looked at the terrain around and suddenly felt ashamed. “Master, I only came here in a panic. I…”

This terrain was the easiest to expose at the moment. Once this place was searched, they would immediately be seen by the merfolk. Yun Feng shook her head with a smile. “I’m already very gratified that you came here. You don’t have to blame yourself. There’s always a way.”

“Hahaha, what a saying! There’s always a way out!” A loud voice suddenly sounded in the sky. Yun Feng’s black eyes suddenly turned cold and Qu Lanyi’s face darkened. The wings on Lan Yi’s back immediately became four. Meatball bared its sharp teeth and Yaoyao’s expression also became ferocious!

“Human, let’s see how you escape this time!”

Following this furious shout, two figures had already chased after them! They were Zi Xuan and Cang Lin!

“Old fart.” Qu Lanyi stood next to Yun Feng with coldness in his eyes. The corners of his mouth curled up slowly. Even though he was smiling, there was a hint of blood in his smile. Cang Lin looked at Qu Lanyi’s evil smile with a pale face and couldn’t help but shiver. He still remembered the moment when he fought Qu Lanyi. A force invaded his body through his arm and was still in his body right now!

Yaoyao’s fishtail flashed and stood in front of Yun Feng. Seeing Yaoyao’s action, Zi Xuan couldn’t help but feel a bit exasperated. “Si Qing! As Si Wen’s child, you’re protecting a human! You’re disgracing the merfolk! You’re throwing away the dignity of the merfolk!”

Yaoyao stood in front of Yun Feng with a determined expression. She didn’t know anything about the dignity of the merfolk or their disgust for humans! She only knew that the first person she saw when she came to this world was Yun Feng. It was Yun Feng’s water element that gave her life. The most important person to her was Yun Feng!

“Don’t hurt her,” said Yaoyao with a ferocious face. Zi Xuan shouted, “Si Qing! If you refuse to realize your mistake, we’ll kill you too! Even if you’re Si Wen’s child!”

Yaoyao’s eyes glittered, but her little body was still standing in front of Yun Feng so firmly. Seeing that, Zi Xuan was so angry that he smiled instead. “Great, great! Human, you’re asking the King’s child to stand on your side. You’re indeed a disaster! A disaster that can’t be tolerated!” A strong aura suddenly gathered in Zi Xuan’s hand as he stared at Yun Feng. Lan Yi immediately protected Yun Feng behind him. Yun Feng couldn’t withstand another attack right now!

“Let’s do it, Zi Xuan!” whispered Cang Lin. The attack in Zi Xuan’s hand had already been launched! Lan Yi flapped his four wings and charged forward. He couldn’t let Yun Feng be injured at all right now! Seeing Lan Yi rush forward, Zi Xuan grunted in disdain. Lan Yi wasn’t strong enough in Zi Xuan’s eyes, but this sound didn’t last long. Qu Lanyi’s participation made him frown!

Qu Lanyi’s mental strength surged out abruptly and resisted Zi Xuan’s attack with Lan Yi. Qu Lanyi had a smile on his face the whole time. He kept attacking Zi Xuan with the light elements in his hand and fought with Zi Xuan with Lan Yi. The two late-stage Monarch Level experts together could fight with someone at the Lord Level! Zi Xuan frowned and fought with the two of them. He was already too busy to attack Yun Feng. Although Cang Lin was injured, he still had the ability to attack.

While Zi Xuan attracted the attention of the two of them, especially Qu Lanyi, Cang Lin smiled viciously and suddenly raised his hand to attack Yun Feng! When Yun Feng saw that Cang Lin took this opportunity to attack her, she couldn’t help but curl her lips and sneer. She protected Yaoyao behind her. Meatball’s body had already jumped out with force and it roared furiously, “Nana!” As it flew towards Cang Lin like lightning!

“What’s this?” Meatball’s sudden attack made Cang Lin a bit at a loss. He originally thought that the thing on his shoulder was just for fun, but he saw Meatball rushing towards him fiercely with its sharp teeth. Cang Lin subconsciously raised his arm to block, but Meatball’s sharp teeth had already pierced deep into Cang Lin’s arm!

Cang Lin was shocked! He widened his eyes and exerted his strength to throw Meatball off. Meatball’s little body made a semicircle in the air as Cang Lin did. Its mouth full of sharp teeth left Cang Lin’s body and followed Cang Lin’s movement to hang a layer of his scales, a layer of flesh!

Cang Lin’s body suddenly took a few steps back. He looked at his bloody arm and looked at Meatball in disbelief. Meatball was holding the flesh and blood that was scraped off its body in its mouth. There was a circle of blood around its mouth, which made Meatball’s cute appearance look extremely ferocious.

“If you’re distracted, you’ll die!”

Cang Lin suddenly came back to himself. A gust of cold wind flashed in front of his nose. He only felt that the part of his chest that was in pain was hit again. This time, it wasn’t a power fluctuation that hit his body. This time, a fist really hit his body!

Cang Lin suddenly pushed her away in a sorry state. He held the place where he was hit with his hand and still hadn’t understood what was going on. Yun Feng didn’t give him any time to think at all. Her body was like a gust of wind and her fist was like a raging fire!

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