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Chapter 774: I Like Her Very Like Much (2)

The Flower Eagle flapped its huge wings abruptly, creating a huge whirlwind. Its white feathers were very dazzling under the sunlight. This was the first time Yun Luochen sat on the back of a Magic Beast. This was an eye-opener for him!

“Wow!” Yun Luochen roared excitedly. This excitement infected Xia Qing a bit and a smile also appeared on her little face. The Flower Eagle couldn’t help but roll its eyes. It jumped from the ground to the blue sky! A gust of wind carried Yun Luochen’s excited shout as the Flower Eagle carried the two of them to a high place.

This was a place next to a stream, a distance away from Jushui Town. It was really a place Xia Qing often came to. The two of them were sitting by the stream. The Flower Eagle didn’t transform into a human form. For Magic Beasts, the form of Magic Beasts was the most comfortable. The Flower Eagle was drinking water by the stream. Yun Luochen and Xia Qing were sitting under a tree. Xia Qing was holding an unusually beautiful rat in her hand. Its fur was emitting a faint golden light, which was even more dazzling under the sunlight. It was the Golden Rat Yun Feng bought for her back then.

Xia Qing teased the Golden Rat, which squeaked on her knee. Xia Qing put on a smile, and Yun Luochen watched from the side. “Where did you buy this little rat?”

Xia Qing teased the Golden Rat and giggled at its funny and cute expression. “My teacher gave it to me.”

Yun Luochen clicked his tongue. “What about the Flower Eagle? Where did you contract it?”

Xia Qing shook her head and suddenly lost the mood to tease it. She put the Golden Rat into her ring space. “My teacher gave it to me. She bought it at the Magic Beast Auction.”

Yun Luochen nodded. “Yun Feng is indeed generous! She’s indeed not an ordinary person! The two Magic Beasts she contracted are also extraordinary, especially that Fire Cloud Wolf. I suffered a lot from it! Back then…” Yun Luochen talked about his practice with Little Fire and Lan Yi, but Xia Qing seemed to be in a daze.

Yun Luochen talked for a long time and found that Xia Qing didn’t respond. He turned around and scratched his head in embarrassment when he saw her in a daze. “It seems that what I said is meaningless… Haha, I originally wanted to help you think of something else because you were in a bad mood.”

Xia Qing looked at Yun Luochen in surprise. “You can tell that I’m in a bad mood?”

Yun Luochen smiled. “Of course I can. You like to smile, don’t you? Even though I’ve only been back for a while and you’ve also smiled, you’re obviously not as happy as you used to be.”

Xia Qing lowered her head after hearing that. She hugged her knees with both hands and put her chin on them. She looked at the green grass next to her feet in a daze. Yun Luochen sighed softly and didn’t say anything else. He leaned against the big tree behind him. The two of them sat there quietly, with only the sound of flowing water and the wind.

“What do you think…” Xia Qing lowered her head. Yun Luochen heard her. “What?”

Xia Qing unconsciously poked the grass by her feet. “What do you think it feels like to like someone?”

Yun Luochen was startled and a bit embarrassed. He looked into the distance and thought carefully for a while before he said, “Although I’m not sure, I think it should be a very good feeling. It should leave a kind of wonderful feeling in your heart. This wonderful feeling will accompany you for a long, long time…” Yun Luochen thought of his father, Yun Tianfan. Every time he talked about his mother and father, there was an indescribable gentleness in his expression. Yun Luochen knew that it had been so long. His father still missed his mother.

Xia Qing was lost in thought as she listened. She slowly turned around. “Then… What if there’s pain?”

Yun Luochen was stunned. He looked at Xia Qing for a long time and finally smiled. “Then I think the pain won’t last for long. It’ll disappear.”

Xia Qing turned her head around again. Yun Luochen didn’t know what he said was wrong. “I don’t really understand either. I was just spouting nonsense…”

“No, thank you,” said Xia Qing in a low voice. Yun Luochen heaved a sigh of relief nervously and scratched his head. “If you really like someone, just say it. That way, he’ll know your feelings. It’s better than worrying here alone.”

Xia Qing shook her head and looked up at the sky. “It’s not that simple. Some people can’t say it out.”

“Why not?”

Xia Qing smiled wryly, and her young face immediately became much more mature. “Because… the other party won’t respond.”

Yun Luochen was speechless for a moment. Looking at Xia Qing’s skinny body and feeling her helplessness, Yun Luochen didn’t know how to comfort her. In the end, he could only reach out clumsily and touch Xia Qing’s head. Xia Qing buried her head in her arms. Yun Luochen heard a tiny cry, almost inaudible.

Yun Luochen sighed and sat next to Xia Qing. He caressed her hair gently. “Is it so painful to like someone? It’s so painful that you cried?”

Xia Qing didn’t answer. She only cried softly. Yun Luochen didn’t say anything else and just sat there quietly with her. The two of them stayed in the shade under the tree. A gust of wind blew and the girl cried softly and the young man’s heartbeat suddenly became chaotic.

In the Yun family’s mansion, Yun Feng, Yun Tianfan and the members of the Qiu family were talking in a room. Little Fire and Lan Yi stood behind Yun Feng. Qiu Yan smiled. “As expected, it’s better to see a summoner than to hear about one. You, Yun Feng, are even more extraordinary!”

Yun Feng and Yun Tianfan sat on the other side, opposite the members of the Qiu family. Hearing Qiu Yan’s compliment, Yun Feng only smiled. “We all know why the Qiu family stayed in the Yun family for so many days. Please be straightforward. The members of the Yun family never beat around the bush.”

Qiu Shicai was still covering his face and wanted to lecture Yun Feng to be more polite. How dare a third-rank family like the Yun family talk to a first-rank family so rudely? How bold! When he opened his mouth, he only felt a kind of pain. Qiu Shicai gritted his teeth in pain. Qiu Yan immediately glanced at Qiu Shicai coldly and Qiu Shicai immediately shut up.

“The Yun family is indeed straightforward. I’ll get to the point. The Qiu family intends to promote the Yun family. What do you think?” Qiu Yan looked at Yun Feng with a smile. Yun Tianfan sat aside and didn’t say anything. Even though he was the leader of the Yun family, Yun Feng had more weight than him. Yun Feng was also the backbone of the Yun family on the West Continent!

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