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Chapter 769: The Rebirth of the Yun Army (4)

The people who should be taken away had already been prepared. It was time to say goodbye again. This time, Yun Qingchen seemed to know that his aunt wouldn’t be back for a few years after she left. He might not even be able to see her again when he had already grown up. Yun Qingchen burst into tears without hesitation. Nobody could coax him, which made Mu Xiaojin anxious. Only Yun Feng could make this little boy quiet down.

Yun Feng walked to Little Qingchen, who was crying miserably. Once Yun Feng came over, Little Qingchen’s crying gradually stopped and he just kept sniffling as he looked at his aunt. Yun Feng pulled a long face. “Yun Qingchen, you’re a man of the Yun family! If you cry so easily again, I won’t like you anymore!”

Tears welled up in Little Qingchen’s big eyes again after hearing this, but he obviously endured it. It was truly unimaginable that Yun Qingchen, who was only about one year old, could endure it. He could endure his emotions like an adult!

Yun Feng squeezed Little Qingchen’s red cheeks with her hand. “Next time I come back, you must give me a surprise.”

She didn’t know if Yun Qingchen understood her, but he nodded. Yun Feng finally turned around and left with a smile. She said to her father and brother, “Take care.” Mu Xiaojin’s eyes turned red again. She didn’t say goodbye. Yun Feng carried Yaoyao and Qu Lanyi into the sky together and instantly disappeared, in the same way as she returned.

Yun Jing and Yun Sheng raised their heads and looked up. Mu Xiaojin held Little Qingchen, who had been holding back his tears. They all knew that after Yun Feng left this time, she wouldn’t be back for five years, or even longer. The members of the Yun family looked at each other and smiled. They knew very well that the eagle of the Yun family would fly to a higher and wider sky!

After leaving the Mu family, Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi rushed towards the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range. Yun Feng was in a slightly better mood on the way. She wasn’t as heavy as she used to be. Yun Feng was always deep in thought, and Qu Lanyi didn’t disturb her. There was another person in Yun Feng’s mind, Ze Ran, other than the Yun Army.

Ze Ran didn’t show up when Yun Feng returned to the East Continent. He didn’t even show up when Mu Xiaojin gave birth to Yun Qingchen. It was impossible for Ze Ran not to know that the Yun family had a new child. Everyone on the East Continent knew that Yun Feng was back, so it was impossible for Ze Ran not to know. However, he didn’t show up. Yun Feng had always treated Ze Ran as a good friend. After all, the young man who liked to smile and stand in front of her was the first friend she had in this world.

Yun Feng asked her sullen father about Ze Ran. Yun Jing had always had a good impression of Ze Ran. After Yun Feng asked, he seemed a bit surprised. “Feng, you don’t know?”

“Know? What should I know? Did something happen to him?” Yun Feng was a bit anxious. Did something happen to Ze Ran?

Yun Jing shook his head and asked Yun Feng not to be anxious. “Ze Ran is fine. His grades have been pretty good these years and his strength is comparable to Murong Yuntian’s. It can be said that his talent is comparable to Murong Yuntian’s. He’s even one level higher than Murong Yuntian.”

Yun Feng couldn’t help but smile after hearing this. That young man back then wasn’t very eye-catching, but who would have thought that he would become another outstanding member of the younger generation?

“The army of the Fengyun Empire invited him to join them, but he rejected them. He even left without saying goodbye. I heard that he’s traveling around.”

Yun Feng was stunned. Travel? He traveled around alone? On the path of cultivation, one would either enjoy high dignity and status in the end, or choose to travel and train himself, just like Yun Feng. It would be better if he had a fortuitous encounter and would get a higher level of luck. Ze Ran would probably choose the same path as her.

Nobody knew where Ze Ran was traveling on the East Continent. This genius of the younger generation had disappeared from people’s sight. Yun Feng even wondered if Ze Ran would choose the West Continent, the mysterious continent on the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.

She thought about all kinds of complicated things along the way, and Qu Lanyi didn’t disturb them. The two of them soon arrived at the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range. This time, they passed through the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range more smoothly than ever before. No ignorant Magic Beasts came to stop them. When Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi passed through the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, they heard a few suppressed soft sounds. Yun Feng thought she would encounter something, but nothing happened.

“They’re quiet,” said Qu Lanyi teasingly. Yaoyao and Meatball, on the other hand, had a different expression, just like when Little Fire and Lan Yi first came to the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range. Yun Feng looked at Yaoyao, who was extremely tense and uneasy in her arms, especially after the few deep moans just then. Meatball, on the other hand, looked around with its big eyes and let out a suppressed roar. It seemed that the few deep moans just then made it very uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong?” Yun Feng asked Yaoyao in a low voice in her arms. Yaoyao raised her head, and the pupils of her blue eyes turned into a thin vertical line. “Warning.” Yaoyao said with a slightly pale face. Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi were both surprised. Yun Feng looked at the dense Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range below thoughtfully. When she first entered, she only felt silence. Now that she walked to the center, Yun Feng finally realized that some of the auras were dormant. They weren’t hiding, but were suppressing themselves. The few low moans that came just then must’ve been a warning from a few supreme beings in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, and the content of the warning should be related to Yun Feng.

Yun Feng was certain that if it weren’t for the warning, the journey across the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range wouldn’t have been smooth. It seemed that she accidentally provoked some guys here last time she visited. These guys were all eager to make a move on her.

“Get out of here!” A roar came from somewhere. Yun Feng immediately became anxious. “Let’s go!” Yun Feng’s body immediately flashed and she sped up. Qu Lanyi only frowned slightly and followed Yun Feng closely. When the two of them crossed a distance in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, the roars of some Magic Beasts suddenly came from behind. The roars were terrifying.

“It seems that you’re quite famous in this Magic Beasts’ den.” Qu Lanyi raised the corners of his mouth, but there were a few drops of cold sweat on his forehead. Yun Feng didn’t look good either. She could only raise the corners of her mouth awkwardly. “Maybe I made some guys unhappy last time.”

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