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Chapter 760: All Because of Her (4)

The pharmacists of Shengyao and Ovey didn’t say a word. They all watched on the side, while there was a heavy layer of dark clouds above Cashya’s head. Everyone’s face was gray and black.

Lan Ling gritted her teeth, feeling like she had shot herself in the foot. She had planned to humiliate Fengyun and Yun Feng, but she was the one who was humiliated instead! “Apologize then.” Lan Ling gritted her teeth and said, “I’m sorry.”

Yun Feng raised her brows again. “What did you say? You must know that this apology doesn’t count until everyone hears it, or you’ll keep saying it.”

Lan Ling’s face turned green and red. Qu Lanyi, who was watching on the side, chuckled. His wife wasn’t someone to be bullied at all. If someone provoked her, she wouldn’t let that person get away with it. Unfortunately, Lan Ling didn’t have such an understanding.

Seeing Lan Ling’s expression, Shang Rui couldn’t help but think of herself back then. This scene was really similar to hers back then. Shang Rui smiled helplessly. Lan Ling should just apologize, or she might be played by Yun Feng miserably.

Lan Ling’s face flushed and she bit her lips hard. As an advanced three-star pharmacist and the target of envy of everyone in the Pharmaceutical Institute, when had she ever been humiliated like this?

“You’re not going to apologize?” Yun Feng asked casually. Meatball on her shoulder suddenly gnashed its teeth at Lan Ling. Its ferocious expression made Lan Ling tremble! She gritted her teeth. “I’m sorry!” After shouting, Lan Ling turned around and was about to get off the stage in embarrassment. Unexpectedly, Yun Feng said again, “Why are you in such a hurry? Did I say that it’ll be over once you apologize?”

“What else do you want?” Lan Ling was about to cry. Yun Feng slowly walked over, and Lan Ling subconsciously took a few steps back. Yun Feng ignored her and walked to the Cashya Empire, glancing at them coldly. “According to the agreement, every student from the Cashya Empire must apologize to the pharmacists of the Fengyun Empire.”

All the pharmacists of the Cashya Empire were stunned. They were about to say no, but were too frightened by Yun Feng’s gaze to say anything. Yun Feng opened her mouth and said, “Apologize.” The word carried infinite power. All the pharmacists of the Cashya Empire couldn’t help but say, “I’m sorry!” Their apology was transmitted to the other side of the platform. All the pharmacists of the Fengyun Empire only feel one word: awesome!

“Yun Feng, you’re too freaking domineering!” Yan Xiaoshi roared with excitement on his face. Xia Jingyi’s black eyes glittered. Shang Rui’s eyes turned red unconsciously. The pharmacists of the Fengyun Empire shouted crazily with Yan Xiaoshi, shouting Yun Feng’s name! Yun Feng would definitely win because of her!

Ever since the Pharmaceutical Institute was opened, there had never been a competition like the one between Yun Feng and Lan Ling. In the years to come, no matter how many generations of students in the Pharmaceutical Institute talked about this competition, they all looked forward to it in their minds. Those who saw it with their own eyes would never forget the legendary figure in the Pharmaceutical Institute, Yun Feng.

An unprecedented production method, an unbelievable production process, a legendary figure that only people who saw it with their own eyes would believe! After all the pharmacists of the Cashya Empire apologized involuntarily under Yun Feng’s order that day, the pharmacists of the Cashya Empire finally quieted down completely. Although Lan Ling’s status in the Pharmaceutical Institute was quite high, Yun Feng was much higher than her. Yun Feng, the current iconic figure of the Pharmaceutical Institute, deserved her fame!

Ever since that time, Lan Ling had stopped struggling and almost didn’t show up in front of anyone. The pharmacists of the Cashya Empire didn’t shout or make a fuss anymore, especially at the Fengyun Empire. The arrogance that the Cashya Empire had for a long time was finally gone, which made the people of the Fengyun Empire heave a sigh of relief. However, the Fengyun Empire didn’t show off because of this. They were just as usual. Yan Lei even said, “Don’t defame Yun Feng!”

The success this time was all because of Yun Feng. The pharmacists of the Fengyun Empire had indescribable admiration for Yun Feng, and the rule password that made Yun Feng embarrassed seemed to be about to be upgraded again. Yun Feng didn’t bother to care about it. The Fengyun Empire was happy and harmonious, but Yun Feng knew clearly that she was going to leave when the matter of the Fusion Fluid was settled.

A few days after the competition, Yun Feng came to the director’s office. The director was looking at her with a smile when she pushed the door open. Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth and walked in. The director spoke first without waiting for Yun Feng to say anything. “The Fusion Fluid, right?”

Yun Feng was surprised. “Have you already made it?”

The director chuckled. “Do you think it’s so easy to make the Fusion Fluid? Even I won’t be able to succeed without three to five years.”

Yun Feng’s face suddenly darkened after hearing that. Three to five years? She couldn’t wait that long! “Kid, are you really not considering joining the Pharmacists’ Union? Your future is promising. It won’t be surprising if you get that top position.”

Yun Feng smiled awkwardly. “I really don’t have such an ambition.”

The director chuckled again and held his chin with his hand. “I didn’t believe it when that old man, Dan Qing, said that you didn’t have the heart. It seems that it’s true now.”

“Does it really take that long to make the Fusion Fluid?” Yun Feng asked. If it really took three to five years, she would lose the deal with Yao Guang…

“The Fusion Fluid is a grandmaster-level potion. The chance of success is slim. I won’t succeed without three to five years.” The director frowned slightly. “Kid, what do you need this for?”

“Sorry, I can’t tell you the reason, but I do need this. It’s very important to me.”

The director didn’t ask further. “You don’t have to worry about the materials, but it’s impossible to shorten the time.”

Yun Feng was silent. It wasn’t easy to make the Fusion Fluid. The success rate was low even in three to five years. The director only gave her such a time by doing his best. Besides, he was really thinking for her. She didn’t have to worry about the materials!

“Master, thank you.” Yun Feng stood up and bowed deeply to the director. She was grateful to have so many good teachers and friends along the way. Her master, ancestor, Mr. Ted, Mr. Zheng Ran and the current director, these elders all protected her and helped her when she was in the most difficult time. She had always remembered their favors in her mind.

“You’re welcome. It’s normal to make potions for one’s own students. You…” The director was quite touched in his mind. There weren’t many students who knew how to be grateful, especially a talented, smart and promising descendant like Yun Feng. She wasn’t arrogant at all and was even humble. He was proud to have such a student. No wonder Dan Su and Dan Qing wanted to poach her from him!

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