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Chapter 75: Shooting Herself in the Foot (1)

“Kid, your brother only has the strength of level 2. He wouldn’t be able to release any power even if he had a weapon right now.” The ancestor’s voice sounded. Yun Feng certainly knew that, but it was kind of a guarantee of safety. After all, she would have to go out for training. If someone dared to bully her brother, he would need a weapon that could protect him. She wanted to insert a level-5 Magic Beast Crystal in it. Even if her brother was only at level 2, he could release power of level 3 with a wand that had a level-5 Magic Beast Crystal.

Level-3 magic could lead to a tie with a level-4 warrior. Besides, her brother was going to the magic school. It would be a lot safer there.

There were less than ten weapons for mages in total in this corner. Compared to the large number of warrior weapons in the entire weapon store, the number of mage weapons was miserably low.

Even though there were very few of them, Yun Feng still saw a weapon that satisfied her. Of course, it was for Yun Sheng. A mahogany wand. Yun Feng chose it because this wand already had a hole. Although there was just one, it was just right for Yun Feng. One hole inserted with one Magic Beast Crystal, not too many and not too few.

The wand Yun Feng chose for herself was much more inferior. Not to mention that there was no hole, it was even a shorter type. Normally, mages would avoid short wands. Perhaps because the shape of short wands was indeed unattractive. Without looking carefully, people might think it was a dagger.

A short wand might be bad for other people, but it suited Yun Feng a lot. She wasn’t an ordinary mage. She used her fists to deal with problems when necessary. In close combat, a long wand would be too conspicuous and inconvenient. It would also be a little abrupt for her to take it out and make a sudden attack at the enemy. A short wand was light and convenient to use, and it was extremely easy to hide and take out. It couldn’t be more suitable for Yun Feng’s way of fighting which combined magic elements and body strength.

When Yun Sheng saw Yun Feng pick two wands, he couldn’t help but find it a bit strange. When Yun Feng gave the wand with a hole to Yun Sheng, Yun Sheng finally understood and he immediately shook his head. “Feng, I don’t need a weapon.”

Yun Feng smiled. “Brother, I don’t know how many people are going to make trouble with the Yun family, but you must have something to protect yourself no matter what!” Yun Feng said firmly and didn’t allow him to reject her.

Yun Sheng looked at the wand in his hand. When he saw the hole on the wand, he immediately shook his head again. “I want that one. You’ll have this one.”

Yun Feng smiled again. Her brother… “Brother, this wand suits me more. I’ll feel uncomfortable using that one. Alright, stop rejecting me. Just treat it as a present from me!”

Yun Feng didn’t wait for Yun Sheng to shake his head again. She immediately brought him to the boss and put the two wands on the counter. “Boss, I want to buy these two wands.”

The boss glanced at Yun Feng and Yun Sheng curiously. If they were buying two wands, then these two kids were both mages? Two mages in one family? Although this wasn’t unusual, it rarely happened.

“Haha, little girl, this wand is quite expensive.” The boss pointed at the wand with a hole and said to Yun Feng with a smile. Yun Feng smiled. Expensive? Even though weapons with holes weren’t cheap, their price also depended on the number of holes. A wand with only one hole couldn’t be too expensive. If this man wanted to deceive her, he had picked the wrong person.

“How much? Tell me.”

After hearing that, the boss pondered immediately in his mind. These two kids didn’t seem to come from a rich family. Even though the price of this single-hole wand was a little higher, could these two kids afford it?

“Twenty gold coins.”

Yun Feng raised her eyebrows. Twenty gold coins? Did he think that this wand was made with gold? Just one hole and it cost twenty gold coins? Did money just come from the strong wind?

“Boss, don’t try to fool me. This single-hole wand is worth at most ten gold coins and you’re asking for twenty? Do you really think I’m a pushover because I’m a kid?”

The boss chuckled as he pointed at that short wand Yun Feng wanted. “Little girl, I can sell you this wand for one gold coin, but the price of the single-hole wand is not negotiable.”

Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel a bit furious. This man truly bullied her as a child! When Yun Sheng saw this, he immediately pulled Yun Feng’s little hand and smiled at the boss. “We’ll buy them. Here’s 21 gold coins.” Yun Sheng gave the boss the gold coins so quickly that Yun Feng didn’t have the chance to stop him. Yun Sheng caressed Yun Feng’s little head and signaled her not to care about it.

The boss was certainly a lot happier when he took the money. He removed the tag of the store from the single-hole wand and the short wand. When he was about to hand them over to Yun Sheng, a voice came from the entrance of the weapon store, resounding around the entire shop.

“I was thinking who you are. It turns out to be the members of the Yun family. It’s just twenty gold coins and you’re still haggling over the price. If you don’t have money, do you want me to lend you some?”

Yun Feng looked over and saw a group of people who had just walked into the weapon store. The person who said those harsh words was Murong Ran whom she hadn’t met for a while. She was still savage, still domineering and unreasonable.

Murong Ran came inside and saw Yun Feng and Yun Sheng. Strong disdain and contempt instantly burst out of her eyes. This was Park City, the territory of the Murong family. Murong Ran could be arrogant to the extreme. Suddenly, something came to her mind. Murong Ran sized up Yun Sheng. With her strength of a level-3 mage, she could certainly detect that Yun Sheng only had level 2 and she immediately gave a smile.

“The Yun family doesn’t have anyone anymore. A level-2 mage, tut-tut, how lowly.”

Murong Ran’s ironic remark instantly made Yun Sheng flush and turn pale. Those people behind Murong Ran also burst into laughter. Yun Feng held her brother’s hand quietly and her body stepped forward, standing in front of Yun Sheng. She glanced at Murong Ran with her black eyes. “Murong Ran, the Yun family’s matters are none of your business. Just take care of yourself.”

“Who are you? How dare you talk to my Lady like this?” One of Murong Ran’s attendants immediately shouted. Yun Feng didn’t even bother to listen to him and treated him like air.

Murong Ran blushed right away. Suddenly, she saw something. She went forward and picked up the wand Yun Sheng just bought. “You only have the strength of level 2 and you want to use a weapon? And even a single-hole wand? Can the Yun family afford a Magic Beast Crystal?”

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