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Chapter 661 A Taste of the Yun Family (2)

“We won. Luochen won.” Yun Tianling said hoarsely, as if he had broken some kind of magic barrier. Yun Tianfan couldn’t speak. The waves in his heart were surging like waves hitting the shore, and couldn’t stop! The Yun family won, they won!

Yun Luochen suddenly turned around and looked at his father. The father and son were speechless for a moment. They might be the only ones who knew what they had gone through.

Yun Feng smiled in the air with satisfaction. Very good, Yun Luochen. You did well. “Father, I…” Yun Luochen was about to say excitedly when the leader of the Li family suddenly stood up from his chair and roared with a blackened face, “Wait!”

The audience fell silent. The excitement of the audience suddenly cooled down. Yun Feng frowned unhappily in the air. What was this person up to? Master Shi slowly stood up. “Master Li, the winner has been decided. What do you have to say?”

The leader of the Li family waved his hand and someone immediately came forward to help Li Zhong up. Seeing how injured Li Zhong was, the leader of the Li family couldn’t help but feel his temples pounding. He then waved his hand and Li Zhong was already taken away. “The winner has been decided? Did he really win?”

Yun Tianfan frowned. “What do you mean?”

The Li family master sneered. “What do I mean? Everyone saw it clearly just then. Someone interfered! That’s why the Yun family won!”

“Oh? Are you talking about me?” Yun Feng slowly landed from the sky. Both the master of the Li family and the master of the Shi family were a bit nervous. The pressure of Yun Feng’s Monarch Level strength slowly pressed down on the two of them. The master of the Shi family already looked quite awful. The master of the Li family was still holding on. In the end, he gritted his teeth. “That’s right. It was you!”

“I intervened? Did you see that?” Yun Feng raised her brows. The Li family’s master clenched his fists. “If you weren’t the one who launched the water element just then, who could it have been? Why? As a powerhouse, you don’t even dare to admit what you did?”

Yun Feng smiled. “Yes, that water element was indeed my doing. However, the water element just then wasn’t aggressive at all. Besides, it hit Yun Luochen and didn’t cause any harm to Li Zhong. May I ask where exactly my intervention was?”

“I don’t care what you did! You broke the rules by intervening in this competition! The outcome of this battle doesn’t count!”

“Lord Li! Need I remind you that you don’t have the final say!” Yun Tianfan roared as he walked over and pulled Yun Luochen behind him. He looked at the master of the Li family in the eyes. “Luochen won with his own strength. If some people can’t stand it, they can fight again!”

“You…” The leader of the Li family was so angry that his face turned red. In the end, he said, “Master Shi, what do you think?”

Master Shi’s face darkened. He had kicked away the responsibility very quickly. Let him make the decision? Master Shi looked at Yun Feng. Someone in the crowd shouted, “Then let them fight again! What’s there to be afraid


“That’s right, let them fight again!”

Master Shi frowned and felt that it was indeed a bit difficult to be the peacemaker. After pondering for a long time, he finally said, “The challenge of this third-rank family position has been established since a long time ago. No one is allowed to interfere in any way. Even though this little friend didn’t cause any real effect, it’s a fact that you did something.” Yun Feng was already displeased when she heard this. Beads of sweat appeared on Master Shi’s forehead. “However, this challenge is a battle between the younger generation, and there’s only one battle. It’s against the rules to compete again.” If they fought again, there would certainly be a third or fourth battle. There would certainly be no end to it.

“If you insist, I have a suggestion.”

Yun Feng raised her brows. The Li family looked at the master of the Shi family. The master of the Shi family chuckled. “I suggest that we send out two more people. The two families will send out their two strongest people to fight again. Then, we won’t complain about the result.”

“Alright, alright! I think this is a good suggestion!” Once the Master of the Shi family said that, many people in the audience immediately agreed. Gradually, more and more people agreed. The Master of the Li family stood there with a complicated expression. He was naturally the one who sent the Li family out. What about the Yun family? However, under the current situation, if the Li family didn’t agree, they should be automatically eliminated.

“Sure.” The Master of the Li family agreed, and so did Yun Tianfan. Seeing that the two of them were willing to cooperate, the Master of the Shi family couldn’t help but feel relieved. He looked at Yun Feng, as if he was asking for her opinion. Yun Feng smiled. “Master of the Shi family’s proposal is good. The Yun family agrees with it.”

“That’s for the best. Then, you two families should prepare your champion for the battle. It’ll be the last battle. Nobody should complain when the result is out.”

The atmosphere reached a climax again. A temporary contest was about to begin, and it was a contest between the two strongest people! It wouldn’t be satisfying if they didn’t watch such a contest! They were right to come today!

“The leader of the Li family must be the representative of the Li family. I heard that the leader of the Li family has already reached the mid-stage of the Commander Level! He’s very powerful!”

“Yes, Yun Tianfan isn’t as strong as the Li family’s master. They might lose this time.”

“The Yun family might send out that little


“What little girl? She’s a powerhouse. Didn’t you see that? How dare you be so disrespectful!”

The people below the stage were all discussing who the Yun family would send out to fight. On the Yun family’s side, Yun Tianfan certainly didn’t want to trouble Yun Feng, but Yun Feng said, “This competition was nullified because of me. I should more or less take responsibility. Besides, I’m also a member of the Yun family. I’ll do my best for this matter.”

Since Yun Feng insisted, the others didn’t say anything. If Yun Feng was up, the result would be the same even if a few other masters of the Li family came.

Very soon, the contest was about to begin. The leader of the Li family walked out with a gloomy face. When he saw that Yun Feng was sent by the Yun family, he roared again, “Yun family, you’re too despicable!”

“Master Li, what’s the matter now?” Master Shi couldn’t help but feel a bit frustrated. He was the meddlesome one just then, and he was causing trouble again!

The Master of the Li family looked at Yun Feng and only felt angry. If he were to fight her, he would surely lose! It was impossible for him to win! Wasn’t the Yun family bullying him with their power?

“Master Li, do you have any other questions?” Yun Feng asked with a smile. The Master of the Li family shouted angrily, “The Yun family should send someone from their family. You’re not from the Yun family of Jushui Town at all!”

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