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Chapter 659 You Have to Win Splendidly (6)

“Hah!” Li Zhong roared as he activated the longsword in his hand with his fighting energy. The magic cores embedded in the sword emitted dazzling light and the power of his fighting energy also increased greatly. Yun Luochen’s hands were sweating slightly and his heart was also trembling. This was the moment when all his special training would be put to use!

“Ha!” Yun Luochen also roared abruptly. His level-7 fighting energy burst out of his body and surged into his hand. The longsword in the young man’s hand suddenly burst out with dazzling light! The light instantly eclipsed the brilliance of Li Zhong’s longsword, like a dazzling beam of light that shot into the sky!

Yun Feng stood in the air with a glimmer in her black eyes. “Yun Luochen, show everyone how splendidly the Yun family will win!”

“Don’t underestimate people!” Li Zhong looked at the dazzling light emitted by the longsword in Yun Luochen’s hand and a sense of unwillingness to admit defeat surged up in his mind like a wild bull. He was an impulsive young man who liked to show off. Remembering the difference in status between Li Zhong and Yun Luochen before, he found it hard to accept that Yun Luochen, who was supposed to be a follower, suddenly became so dazzling.

Li Zhong roared and charged forward with the longsword in his hand. This charge made the Li family’s leader frown. It was a mess. Li Zhong didn’t have the attitude he should have in a battle at this moment. He was too reckless! It was more like a random fight, not a battle for the status of his family!

Seeing Li Zhong’s momentum, Yun Luochen suddenly waved the longsword in his hand, and the nine Magic Beast Cores instantly burst out with dazzling light. Li Zhong only felt a dazzling light coming along with a powerful fighting energy! “Argh!” Li Zhong held the sword in his hand and blocked it in front of his chest. The fighting energy hit the body of the sword and some of the energy penetrated it and hit Li Zhong like a punch. Li Zhong took a few steps back in panic as his chest heaved up and down slightly. The attack just then woke him up. He suddenly realized where he was standing. His opponent in front of him was Yun Luochen. What he did just then was undoubtedly suicide!

Yun Luochen held the longsword in his hand tightly and looked at Li Zhong. Li Zhong clenched his fists hard and took a deep breath. He had adjusted his mentality to the best state, which showed that he was mentally strong. Many eyes were focused on the two young men. The battle that belonged to them had just begun!

Yun Feng stood in the air and watched the battle between the two young men on the ring. Li Zhong was at the peak of level 6, while Yun Luochen had just advanced to level 7. So, the level difference between the two of them wasn’t really huge. Their weapons were also nine-holed and nine-crystal weapons, but there was a difference in their magic cores. The difference between the level-7 and level-9 cores might be the key to the victory.

The two of them fought back and forth on the ring. Li Zhong tried his best. In front of Yun Luochen, he couldn’t hold back at all! He wanted to win! The fighting energy of the two young men clashed repeatedly. Although it didn’t create any earth-shattering momentum, it still made the ring messy.

Li Zhong exerted his full strength, and so did Yun Luochen. Li Zhong was indeed difficult to deal with, and his strength was as stable as he said. Yun Luochen found it a bit tricky. It was impossible for him to finish the battle quickly.

“It’s a tug-of-war,” said Qu Lanyi casually. Yun Feng nodded. “That’s right. A tug-of-war isn’t a good thing for anyone.” A tug-of-war was about one’s own strength, which was the most fundamental thing.

Warriors fought with fighting energy, and mages and summoners counted on their mental strength!



The head of the Li family heaved a sigh of relief as the tug of war began. The tug of war was beneficial for the Li family. After all, Yun Luochen’s momentum at the beginning was too strong. His weapon, in particular, made people’s hearts feel like they were weighed down by a heavy stone. Right now, Li Zhong had calmed his mind. He wasn’t pressured by the momentum. Instead, he stopped Yun Luochen’s astonishing attack at the beginning. Entering a tug of war would also make Yun Luochen anxious mentally!

The battle was still going on and the war of attrition continued. The two young men gradually became breathless. Both of them had already entered the exhausted stage of the battle. The audience watching the battle below the stage became even quieter. The cheers that were like a tide just then gradually died down. The atmosphere suddenly became tense. Everyone only stared at the two people who were constantly fighting and their hearts inexplicably tightened.

“That guy is not bad at all!” Yan Che pointed at Li Zhong with a gloating voice. Yun Feng wasn’t angry at all. “You’re right. Li Zhong is indeed a strong person. This is the time to test Luochen. He was originally at an advantage, but he was gradually caught up. That’s a problem.”

As Yun Feng said, Yun Luochen was a bit anxious. His mood gradually became extremely hasty and the sword in his hand became fiercer and fiercer. However, the effect of the attacks was insignificant. As he watched Li Zhong dodge his attacks time and time again, Yun Luochen’s mood was like weeds growing in his heart and he couldn’t calm down at all.

“He’s getting impatient.” Yun Feng frowned slightly as she observed Yun Luochen’s increasingly anxious movements. As the attacks kept hitting nothing, the anxiety in Yun Luochen’s heart became more and more obvious. Everyone else could see it. The Li family’s master, who had been pressing his lips tightly just then, raised the corners of his mouth slightly with a smile, while the Yun family’s faces darkened. Seeing Yun Luochen’s attacking stance, Yun Tianfan also knew that Yun Luochen was anxious in his mind, but what could he do? He could only watch! Luochen, calm down!

Yun Luochen’s attacks were already chaotic, and the effect of his fighting energy was significantly reduced. In a battle, strength was one thing, but mentality was another. Sometimes, mentality determined the outcome! Yun Luochen’s mentality had already been completely messed up, while Li Zhong was gradually getting better and better. Even though their fighting energy was both being consumed, Li Zhong was controlling the consumption of his fighting energy rationally, unlike Yun Luochen at this moment. In order to defeat Li Zhong in a short period of time, his fighting energy was already being consumed crazily!


If this went on, Yun Luochen would lose! Not because of the difference in strength, but because of the exhaustion of his fighting energy and his messy mentality!

Standing in the air, Yun Feng frowned. It was too difficult for him to realize this problem. If he continued to squander his fighting energy like this, Li Zhong would be able to kick him off the stage effortlessly! Thinking of this, Yun Feng’s face turned cold!

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