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Chapter 651 The Special Training Begins (3)

Yun Feng ignored her and simply gazed at Yun Tianfan. “I don’t know the family rules here. Uncle Tianfan, as a daughter-in-law of the Yun family, she cheated on her husband. How should we punish such a person?”

Everyone was stunned! She cheated on her husband?! Yun Tianfan’s face turned cold. Yun Tianling couldn’t help but say, “That’s impossible!”

“Even though my sister-in-law hasn’t been very friendly, she wouldn’t do such a thing!” Yun Tianlin’s wife didn’t believe her either. Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth and looked at the woman on the ground coldly. “The Yun family trusts you so much, but you treat this trust like dirt!”

The woman opened and closed her mouth, wanting to say something. Yun Feng moved her fingers slightly. “Don’t listen to her nonsense! She’s lying. I didn’t! I definitely didn’t!”

“Where did you get your clothes from?” asked Yun Luochen. The woman was stunned. She was wearing the best clothes! She would always take them off after she returned to the Yun family after having an affair and put on those tattered clothes. However, Yun Feng forcibly tied her up today and she didn’t have time to do that!

“I don’t think Uncle is rich enough to buy such clothes. Auntie, where did you get your money?” Yun Luochen said bluntly. He had seen through this woman’s nature. He believed what Yun Feng said. This woman was a disaster for the Yun family!

“This is… This is…” The woman couldn’t say it. “I picked this outfit up!”

“You picked it up?” Yun Feng raised her brows. “You’re shamelessly saying that you didn’t. I’m not the only one who knows that you cheated. Are those people from the Li family all dead?”

“The Li family!” Yun Tianling roared. The woman’s body shivered and Yun Tianfan’s face darkened completely. Yun Tianlin’s wife, who wanted to speak for the woman just then, also looked at the woman on the ground. “Sister, did you really…”

“I was forced! He threatened me, so I… I was wronged. I didn’t want to! Tianling, I didn’t want to!”

“You don’t want to?” Yun Tianling suddenly shouted with red eyes. “I, Yun Tianling, really married a good woman! Not only was I cuckolded for so long, but I also humiliated the Yun family for so long! Why was I so stupid to marry you back then? Why was I so idiotic to fall for you back then?”

“Yuntian Ling! You’re not a man at all! Have I ever lived a good day since I married into the Yun family? What kind of life have I been living every day? An unranked family? Bah! You don’t have the ability to let me live a good life. Can’t I find a capable man? What’s wrong with me wanting to live a good life? What’s wrong with that?”

“Sister, you…” Yun Tianlin’s wife looked at the woman on the ground with a gaze that seemed to stimulate the woman on the ground even more. “What kind of gaze is that? Don’t tell me you’ve never regretted it! I don’t believe you don’t want to live a good life at all!”

“What do you mean by a good life? A life of luxury behind high walls in a vast courtyard is a good life?” Yun Feng chuckled. “Were you satisfied with these things? Was your heart no longer empty?”

The woman on the ground held her breath and grabbed the soil on the ground with both hands, holding it in her hands. Yun Tianlin’s wife said softly, “Sister, I’ve always been happy, because even though my life is simple with the man I love, it’s enough for me.”

“Hmph! You only know how to say hypocritical things! I don’t want to live such a life. I don’t!”

“Stop talking!” shouted Yun Tianling. He felt humiliated. “I’ll let you deal with this woman. You can do whatever you want with her!” Yun Tianling turned around and left after saying that. This man’s dignity had been severely damaged. It was already his limit to not lose his mind and strangle this woman with his own hands. Yun Tianling’s muscles had been tight all the time. It was obvious that he was trying hard to suppress the anger and sorrow in his heart.

“Those who betray the Yun family will be removed from the Yun family forever. They will have nothing to do with the Yun family,” said Yun Tianfan in a deep voice. Yun Feng thought that the punishment was light, but this was the Yun family’s business in Jushui Town after all. She couldn’t interfere too much.

“Hahaha! It’s great that I’m removed! I can’t wait to leave the Yun family!” The woman burst into laughter. Yun Feng’s eyes were cold, and the Water Chains immediately disappeared. The woman moved her body and got up from the ground. “You’re expelled from the Yun family!” Yun Tianfan waved his hand. “Get out of here right now!” The woman wanted to say something else, but she didn’t say anything in the end. She walked out of the door of the Yun family in the luxurious clothes that had been stained. If she knew what kind of family she was stepping out of right now, she would regret such a decision for the rest of her life. The facts in the future would prove that this woman lived the rest of her life in pain and regret.

The atmosphere at the scene had been a bit stiff. After all, it was a fact that the Yun family had been cuckolded. “I’ll talk to my brother. He won’t do anything,” said Yun Tianfan. Yun Feng said, “The man from the Li family is already dead.” Yun Tianfan and Yun Tianlin were both shocked. Yun Luochen also glanced at Yun Feng in surprise. He couldn’t tell that she had a bad temper. She killed someone just like that!

“The current situation must be changed. The Li family must give the Yun family an explanation!” What Yun Feng said made Yun Tianfan and Yun Tianlin ponder for a long time. “You mean…” Yun Tianfan looked at Yun Feng thoughtfully. Yun Feng nodded. “That’s right. The Li family has been the second strongest family of Jushui Town for too long.”

Yun Luochen widened his eyes in shock. Yun Feng glanced at him. Yun Luochen pointed at himself and asked silently if it was him. Yun Feng chuckled. “Yun Luochen, do you think I have to do everything for you? Don’t you have the sense of responsibility of a man at all?”

Yun Luochen blushed. “Of course I do! I, Yun Luochen, am not a coward! If anything happens to the Yun family, I’ll certainly be the first to rush forward!”

Yun Tianfan looked at his son in relief, and then became serious. “It’s not impossible to challenge the Li family, but our representative must be from the younger generation. Luochen’s talent is worse than Li Zhong’s, and he can’t improve too much in a short time. If SO..”

“Don’t worry. The Yun family will replace the Li family this time!” Yun Feng’s confident words instantly convinced everyone. Yun Tianfan looked at the little girl in front of him. With her here, the Yun family would definitely


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