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Chapter 614: Concealment (1)

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At this moment, Xue Han was floating in the air with more than ten long chains sticking out of his sleeves. At first glance, he looked like a spider that was forming a web with bright red threads!

And Xue Han was indeed a spider. He was constantly weaving the web. Once the web formed, the prey in the web would have no way out!

With the support of the wind element, Yun Feng’s body kept accelerating, and the red chains behind her kept chasing her. Yun Feng had already noticed that something was wrong, The chains were chasing her at a moderate speed, and forced her to keep moving behind them!

Yun Feng suddenly stopped with a cold look. Xue Han raised his brows and Yun Feng suddenly turned around. The red chains were already coming at her. Yun Feng sneered and grabbed one of them. The bone-piercing coldness spread through Yun Feng’s hand to the inside of her body. Yun Feng chuckled

and grabbed the chains tightly. Then, she pulled!

“Oh? What do you want to do?” Xue Han stood where he was and looked at Yun Feng with his eyes. At this moment, the red chains had already wrapped around Yun Feng’s body. She was already bound firmly!

“Is that summoner stupid? Why did she stop? Isn’t she waiting to be caught?”

“Maybe she’s tired. After all, she’s been running for so long. Anyone would feel tired…”

“F*ck! I thought that the summoner was very powerful. She’s been caught in such a short time. How disappointing!”

Some of the audience were already cursing and swearing. Yan Tianhao, who was sitting in the air, couldn’t help but gasp when he saw this scene. His heart was pounding. Yan Ming, who was sitting on the side, also looked quite gloomy. Someone hiding in the audience couldn’t help but want to attack. A

cold voice sounded next to him.

“If you help her, Yun Feng will automatically lose.” Yan Che smiled at Qu Lanyi. Qu Lanyi slowly retracted his hand with half of his face darkened. Yan Che looked at Yun Feng, who was chained in the sky. “If she really loses, it’ll be too boring. Don’t you agree, Brother Qu?”

Qu Lanyi glanced at Yan Che with an uncertain expression. In the end, he said coldly, “How much longer are you going to follow us?”

Yan Che laughed so hard that his head was buried in his knees. Then, he slowly turned around. The smile on his face looked a bit ferocious for some reason. “Why are you in such a hurry? I’ll leave when I have to.” Qu Lanyi slowly narrowed his black eyes. Yan Che suddenly raised his head. The weird

expression on his face just then was gone and he looked normal again. “Look, I knew Yun Feng wouldn’t lose so easily.”

The girl in the sky, who was tied up by the red chains, didn’t panic at all. Xue Han didn’t look proud either. Yun Feng suddenly put on a smile. “Xue Han, do you know the drawback of using a long weapon?”

Xue Han was startled when he heard this. Yun Feng put on a smile and continued, “You, who use chains as a weapon, can launch a surprise attack and have an advantage in distance and speed. However… you’ll also be restrained because of this unimaginable distance!” As soon as Yun Feng said that, Xue

Han’s eyes widened!

A stream of dark blue elements surged out of Yun Feng’s body and quickly spread all the red chains on Yun Feng’s body, covering Xue Han like lightning!

“Crack!” In an instant, the dozen red chains all turned into another color, a transparent ice blue! Each chain was covered with water elements, and the water elements instantly froze into ice!

‘What? Xue Han looked at Yun Feng in shock. Yun Feng chuckled and extended her arm, breaking all the chains on her body!

The chains which were as soft as snakes just then all fell from the sky stiffly and broke into pieces! The audience was completely shocked when they saw this scene!

The tables had turned!

“Hahaha, hahahaha!” The red chains were all broken, but Xue Han burst into laughter. His laughter spread throughout the venue, making everyone think that he was crazy!

“Interesting! If you were defeated so easily, wouldn’t it be too boring?” Xue Han put on a smile and jumped. The two red chains that were as thick as giant pythons returned to his side instantly. Little Fire and Lan Yi also returned to Yun Feng’s side quickly. Yun Feng looked at Xue Han solemnly and looked

at the two thick red chains next to him. This person seemed to have a trump card!

The master of the Xue family, who had been watching the battle, couldn’t help but mutter, “Is Little Han going to use that…”

In the sky, Xue Han had an unusually fanatical expression on his face. It could be seen that he was trying to suppress the excitement in his heart and the fanatical pleasure that this battle brought him!

“Come on!” Xue Han shouted as the two thick chains next to him twisted and intertwined. The two chains intertwined with each other tightly, making the sound of iron chains rubbing against each other. The two chains intertwined until they fit into each other perfectly!

They made an unusually thick chain, like a giant python that was standing upright behind Xue Han. Its body was much larger than that of a thick ancient tree, and at the top of the chain, the two red chains that were tied together showed two extremely ferocious red snake heads!

It was like a giant red python with two heads, which made people fearful just by looking at it!

“Hell of Asura!” Xue Han roared with suppressed passion. The giant red chain python suddenly opened its mouth and countless red chains that were as tiny as silk attacked from all directions, as if they were going to swallow the entire space!

This move was very similar to Xue Cheng’s Inescapable Net. However, Xue Cheng’s black chains were far inferior to Xue Han’s red chains in terms of strength, momentum and speed!

The dense red chains were like an ocean of red snakes, instantly enveloping Yun Feng and her two Magic Beasts!

“Wow…” The audience couldn’t help but let out a cry of surprise. Everyone couldn’t help but stand straight and look up at the amazing scene in the sky desperately. The space Yun Feng was in was instantly covered in red, like a giant cocoon!

Yan Ming’s pupils shrank. Yun Feng! Yan Tianhao’s face was twisted.. Was she going to lose this battle?

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