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Chapter 611: Xue Han (2)

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Yan Tianhao sighed and looked at Yan Jincheng earnestly. There was a hint of fatherly kindness in his eyes. This was an emotion that Yan Ming had never seen his entire life.

“Jin City, the position of the family leader has been yours since a long time ago! If your father says it’s yours, it’s yours! This time, the Yan family has to rely on Yan Ming and Yun Feng to fight for the guardian position. If we don’t give him some benefits, how can he do his best for the Yan family?”

Yan Jincheng nodded, but there was still a hint of unwillingness in his eyes. “If he gets the guardian position, wouldn’t Yan Ming be even more powerful? Besides, Yun Feng…” That cold and pretty face flashed through Yan Jincheng’s mind, and he blushed slightly. What kind of luck did Yan Ming have?

How could such a person be his fiancée?

“Haha, once he gets the guardian position, I’ll let Yan Ming and Yun Feng get married. Yun Feng will naturally be a member of the Yan family! By then, as the head of the Yan family, you surely will be able to get a woman!”

Yan Tianhao’s words finally made Yan Jincheng smile. That’s right. When the time came, he would be the head of the Yan family and Yun Feng would also be a member of the Yan family. By then, he could force Yan Ming to give Yun Feng to him!

“Tl do as you say, father!” Yan Jincheng chuckled with much confidence in his eyes. Yan Tianhao smiled in relief. “Yes, you’re right. The Yan family can’t possibly be handed over to the illegitimate son, and Yun Feng is already in the Yan family’s pocket!”

Yan Jincheng burst into laughter. Yan Tianhao stood up and said, “Let’s go. Go greet some people with me. You must see the world. The status of the Yan family will be different from before. You must rise to a higher level.”

Yan Jincheng couldn’t help but feel excited in his mind when he heard this. He followed Yan Tianhao and slowly walked out proudly. Yan Ming, do you really think you can become the leader of the family? In the end, you can only do nothing! The corners of Yan Jincheng’s mouth became wider and wider.

The position of the leader and your fiancée will both be mine!

The first round of the election was to give out four winners from the second-rate families. The Yan family was the first to win, followed by the Hong family and the Lan family. Then, there was a small family that barely won. The four winners of the second-rate families were revealed. The upcoming

battle between the second-rate families and the first-rate families was much anticipated.

‘The next day was for rest. Yun Feng didn’t go anywhere. She just quietly closed her eyes and cultivated for a day. Her ancestor hadn’t woken up since he fell asleep last time. It seemed that the mysterious power that suppressed the soul on the West Continent had always existed. Yun Feng frowned slightly.

What exactly was it that could suppress the soul?

There was nothing wrong with the ancestor’s deep sleep. The day of careful practice made Yun Feng have a slight feeling that she seemed to have touched the threshold of the advanced stage of the Monarch Level. After stepping into the Western Continent, Yun Feng had never had the time to focus on

practicing systematically. However, she had never stopped practicing. She was accumulating experience in battles with other people and practicing every minute and second. Even though the results were minimal, the accumulation over a long period of time was still a great help. The day of careful

practice made Yun Feng observe her spiritual space thoroughly. Her mental strength seemed to have a new breakthrough in the sticky state. This also indicated that she might advance again, but she was waiting for an opportunity.

Yun Feng’s precious disciple, Xia Qing, had been cultivating in the Dragon Palace. During this day, Yun Feng observed Xia Qing’s cultivation condition in secret. The little girl had been constantly working hard and had never stopped. Perhaps because she knew the gap between her and Yun Feng, Xia Qing

worked much harder than normal people. Yun Feng felt comforted in her heart. It was just a matter of time before Xia Qing broke through to the Commander Level.

On the day of cultivation, Yun Feng was very quiet. However, the entire Canglan City spent the day in a kind of repressed excitement. The civilians who couldn’t enter the arena also paid attention to this contest. Yun Feng’s legendary victory, making the citizens of Canglan City a bit surprised. They wanted

to see Yun Feng fight with their own eyes, but the Bright Moon Hall wasn’t a place ordinary people like them could enter.

The crowd was in an uproar. Some people even asked the people of the Bright Moon Hall to open the door for the civilians. The complaints became louder and louder. There should be no suspense in the battle between the first-rate families and the second-rate families so far. However, Yun Feng’s

appearance caused a change. Whether or not this dark horse could defeat the first-rate families was the hottest topic in Canglan City.

The first-rate families were unusually quiet. Nobody expected that on the first day of the election, the elites of the first-rate families had already fought with Yun Feng. The scene was quite exciting.

Yan Tianhao used this day to visit the senior members of Canglan City in secret with Yan Jincheng. He made it clear that Yan Jincheng was the leader candidate he liked. The senior members certainly didn’t say anything, but their eyes were full of ridicule, which made Yan Jincheng extremely embarrassed.

After Yan Tianhao left, the senior members all smiled in disdain. How would they not know who the master of the Yan family would be? What could Yan Jincheng do? Even though Yan Ming was an illegitimate son, he was much more knowledgeable and bold than Yan Jincheng! Would Yan Ming give the

position of the family’s master to someone else when he was doing so much?

“Yan Tianhao is just a nobody.” This was the joint assessment of the senior members. Yan Tianhao still couldn’t see the situation clearly. If Yan Ming wasn’t in power, Yun Feng certainly wouldn’t have helped the Yan family. Without Yun Feng’s help, who was the Yan family? Even if he got the guardian

position, so what? He would be taken down sooner or later! Even the nice gesture of the Bright Moon Hall was entirely because of Yun Feng!

Perhaps Yan Ming had already expected things to develop to this point. Perhaps, the moment he met Yun Feng, this young man had already planned everything.

A day passed quickly while everybody was busy. The second day, the second round of the contest was held. The Bright Moon Hall welcomed an even more boisterous scene. The headquarters of the Bright Moon Hall, which never allowed outsiders to enter, would be opened to the civilians today!

Early in the moming, the citizens of Canglan City flooded to the entrance of the Full Moon Hall like a tide. Everyone was even holding food and water in their hands. The contest today would probably take a long time. The crowd had made ample preparations. After the door of the Bright Moon Hall

opened, a few people came up and led the crowd to the spectator area. The Bright Moon Hall had specially set up a spectator area for the citizens of Canglan City. It was a huge area, but the number of people it could accommodate was still limited. As soon as the area was full, those civilians who didn’t

make it in time wouldn’t be able to enter.

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