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Chapter 610: Xue Han (1)

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Yun Feng smiled lightly. Seeing Yaoyao’s satisfied expression, she also became happy in her mind. Yaoyao’s human form seemed to be fixed on the little girl and her strength wasn’t affected at all. However, Yun Feng had a feeling that Yaoyao was the type of sea demon that would burst out astonishingly if

she was ever provoked. After all, she was the most ferocious sea demon with the most mutated bloodline among the merfolk. How weak could she be?

Qu Lanyi looked at Yaoyao as faint light elements slowly and quietly seeped into the water element. Yaoyao, who was closing her eyes comfortably, suddenly opened her eyes wide. Her beautiful big eyes suddenly became demonic and her pupils also became dark blue vertical lines. Seeing this, Yun Feng

immediately held Yaoyao in her arms.

“What did you do?” Yun Feng looked at Qu Lanyi, who smiled. “Nothing, I was just curious.” Yun Feng slowly withdrew the light elements, and Yaoyao’s face, which had already tured into that of a demon, slowly became cute again. Yan Ming had been observing from the side and didn’t ask Yun Feng what

she was. He also knew that Yun Feng wouldn’t answer him.

“Yun Feng.” A deep voice came with footsteps. It was Yan Tianhao. Yan Ming had thought that Yan Tianhao would come back very late, but he had already come back at this moment.

“Master Yan.” Yun Feng let go of Yaoyao and smiled at Yan Tianhao. Yan Tianhao glanced at Yaoyao with great interest. “This is…”

Yun Feng’s gaze turned cold. She noticed that the interest in Yan Tianhao’s eyes was too strong and she was very upset in her mind. “She’s a friend of mine. Do you have any questions, Master Yan?”

Yan Tianhao seemed to have ignored the unhappiness in Yun Feng’s tone. He stared at Yaoyao with glittering eyes. The greed surging in his eyes was very disgusting.

“Master!” Yan Ming suddenly shouted in a low voice and his face also darkened. Yan Tianhao suddenly came back to himself and frowned when he heard Yan Ming call him Master. “Why are you calling me Master too? What should my son call me?”

‘When Yan Ming heard this, he raised his brows slightly. “Master Yan, I’ve always called you that.”

Yan Tianhao was at a loss for words. Yan Ming was an illegitimate son. Back then, he only let him stay in the Yan family because of a lapse of judgment. Naturally, he wouldn’t care about his life. He would say that this illegitimate son was dispensable to him. However, it was different now. After the

conversation with the Master of the Bright Moon Hall just now, Yan Tianhao understood that the Yan family was going to rise with the tide! Alll of this happened to be brought by this illegitimate son. If it weren’t for Yan Ming’s fiancée, Yun Feng, it would be very difficult for the Yan family to reach its

current status even in a few centuries.

Yan Tianhao suddenly felt regretful. If he had known about the current situation, he would definitely have raised Yan Ming by himself. Right now, he had to spend a lot of effort to repair the father-son bond.

“Kid, aren’t you going to call me father?” Yan Tianhao pulled a long face. Yan Ming chuckled and his face became even gloomier. “I think it’s better to just call you Master Yan.”

Yan Tianhao was about to shout angrily, but he suppressed the anger in his heart. Everything the Yan family had depended on Yan Ming right now. If he fell out with this illegitimate son at this moment, the Yan family would suffer a devastating decline.

“Never mind. You can call me whatever you want. You will be Master Yan sooner or later.” Yan Tianhao said. Yan Ming smiled and didn’t say anything. Yan Tianhao then looked at Yun Feng.

“Yun Feng, shouldn’t you call me father too?” Yan Tianhao said shamelessly. If it weren’t for Yan Ming, Yan Tianhao would have bowed with his knees bent when he saw Yun Feng.

Yun Feng’s face turned cold. This person was truly thick-skinned! Yan Ming almost laughed when he heard that. “Master Yan, isn’t it too early to call you that now?”

“Why? You’ll be the daughter-in-law of the Yan family sooner or later.” Yan Tianhao burst into laughter as a glint flashed through his eyes. He stared at Yaoyao again. “My daughter-in-law, who exactly is this little girl…”

Yun Feng suddenly sneered. “Master Yan, aren’t you too presumptuous?”

Yan Tianhao’s expression froze. He was so embarrassed that he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t have the courage to get angry with Yun Feng. He also knew that he was too greedy. After a moment of embarrassment, Yan Tianhao turned around stiffly. “I still have something to deal with. Don’t disappoint

me in the election tomorrow.”

Yan Tianhao walked out quickly. Yan Ming sneered after Yan Tianhao left. Yun Feng glanced at him. “Why? He wants you to acknowledge your roots and ancestors. Are you unwilling?”

Yan Ming looked cold and there was hate in his eyes. “Acknowledge my ancestors? I’ve already lost my ancestors. Do I still need to acknowledge them?”

“You don’t need to please him? It’s up to him whether or not you’ll be the next master of the Yan family.” Qu Lanyi said coldly on the side. He was very upset in his mind, extremely upset. However, he would suppress it. After Yun Feng’s matter was settled, he would settle this score properly.

“There’s no need to please him. Yan Tianhao is a cunning old fox. He won’t give me the position of the family leader.”

Yun Feng raised her eyebrows. Qu Lanyi was also very curious. Yan Ming burst into laughter and put on a meaningful smile. “I’m his son after all. Do you think I don’t know what my father is like?”

“You’re very clever.” Qu Lanyi gazed into the distance. He new exactly what kind of person Yan Tianhao was.

Yan Ming put on a smile. “I’ve seen through my life since a long time ago. It’s quite clear.”

Yan Tianhao walked out of the courtyard where the Yan family was located and went somewhere in Canglan City. Just as he said, he had something to do. He walked into an inn and pushed open the door. He walked in. The young man who had been waiting inside immediately stood up. “Father!”

Yan Tianhao nodded and sat on the chair. Yan Tianhao didn’t come to Canglan City alone this time. He brought his most valued son, Yan Jincheng, with him.

“Father, are you really going to give the position of the family’s master to Yan Ming?” Yan Jincheng’s face was full of resentment and his thick brows were also furrowed. Although Yan Jincheng was slightly older than Yan Ming, he wasn’t as mature as Yan Ming in terms of wisdom.

Yan Tianhao’s face darkened. “What nonsense are you talking about? How can the Yan family let an illegitimate son be the leader?”

Yan Jincheng couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. Even though he was relieved in his mind, he still wanted to confirm it again. “But the outside world said that Yan Ming is the next leader of the Yan family. It’s absolutely true.. They even said that you praised him a lot.

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