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Chapter 609: There’s Always Someone Better Than You (4)

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Meatball’s expression changed abruptly. It glanced at Xiao Xiang fiercely with its big eyes, and instantly jumped back to Yun Feng’s shoulder with a hop. Qu Lanyi looked at the tiny wounds all over Yun Feng’s body with a gloomy face. He raised his hand, and warm and bright light elements enveloped Yun


“Let’s go. Ignore them.” Yun Feng said indifferently and left first. Qu Lanyi only glanced at them gloomily, especially Zhong Yuling. The corners of his mouth curled up slowly with a wicked smile. “If you want to beat Yun Feng, don’t think about it until you reach the Lord Level.”

The faces of the few of them darkened. The few Magic Beasts left behind Yun Feng, and Qu Lanyi left too. Only the few young people who wanted to teach Yun Feng a lesson stayed.

“Xiao Xiang, what kind of scrap metal is that? How can it be bitten apart by such a Magic Beast?” Zhong Yuling had already regained some strength. She was quite unwilling in her mind and couldn’t help but sneer.

Xiao Xiang looked at the broken sword with a gloomy face. “This is a Monarch Level weapon!”

Zhong Yuling’s pupils shrank abruptly. Xue Han and Ouyang Hongyu were the same. A Monarch Level weapon was… bitten off!

“What kind of Magic Beast is that? And… she has a light-element mage with her! And those two Magic Beasts. Even that little girl must be something.” Xue Han finally spoke. His deep voice spread to the ears of the few of them. They looked at each other with embarrassment in their eyes.

They were the younger generation of the top families of the Bright Moon Hall on the West Continent. They had been known as geniuses since they were young, and their strength had indeed lived up to the title of genius. At such a young age, their strength had already surpassed that of ordinary people by

several times! They should feel proud. Their families had always been proud of them, but today! Their pride and dignity were completely trampled under someone’s feet!

If they wanted to beat Yun Feng, they wouldn’t be able to do so until they reached the Lord Level!

‘What Qu Lanyi said at the end undoubtedly became a huge thorn that stabbed deeply into the hearts of these young people who thought they were very impressive. This thon was suddenly stabbed and would never be removed! They thought they were already standing in the sky, but now they realized

that the sky was still way above them!

“We can’t win. None of you can beat her!” Zhong Yuling straightened her body, but her tone was still very weak. The others all sneered after she said that. “Zhong Yuling, you’re truly scared. You’re talking her up,” said Ouyang Hongyu in a neutral tone. Zhong Yuling only smiled in disdain. “You think we’re

on the same side? You and I have never been on the same side. I won’t get involved in this matter. You can play by yourselves.” Zhong Yuling turned around and left. Facing Yun Feng directly, she really didn’t want to get involved anymore. She couldn’t surpass Yun Feng!

After Zhong Yuling left, Xue Han moved his body. “The Xue family has never thought of fighting anyone. Goodbye.” Xue Han also turned around and left after saying that. Xiao Xiang and Xiao Lingyu also wanted to leave. Ouyang Hongyu roared gloomily, “Why? Does the Xiao family want to stay out of


Xiao Lingyu’s face turned pale. Xiao Xiang laughed dryly. “As you can see, she’s not to be trifled with. It’s indeed a pity that your sister died, but it’s hard for her not to die when she met such a person.”

Ouyang Hongyu suddenly clenched his fists, and the veins on his forehead bulged slightly. “If the Ouyang family needs our help, the Xiao family will do our best.” After saying that, Xiao Xiang tured around and left with Xiao Lingyu, leaving Ouyang Hongyu alone. He stared at the longsword that had half

fallen on the ground and stomped on it!

“Yun Feng! Don’t think I’m afraid of you just because of this! The Ouyang family will never let you have a good life. Never!”

Everyone spent the first day of the contest in a state of extreme shock. It could be said that after Yun Feng left the arena, everyone’s mind was still on her. She ended the battle so quickly and surprised everyone in such a short time!

It could be said that the disparity in strength made Yun Feng win so easily. This remarkable time cost for victory became a hot topic of discussion on the streets and alleys, and the Yan family also became the strongest dark horse in the competition.

After the battles on the first day, Yan Tianhao was invited by the Hall Master of the Bright Moon Hall as a guest, while Yan Ming returned to his original residence alone. He saw Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi as soon as he entered. The tiny wounds on Yun Feng’s body were decreasing slowly and there were quite

a lot of injuries on her face. She looked miserable, but she was fine.

Yaoyao had been nestled in Yun Feng’s arms. Her big blue eyes were looking at Yun Feng worriedly the whole time. Yun Feng gently brushed Yaoyao’s long hair with her hand and told her that she was fine. Meatball also didn’t dare to lean its body against Yun Feng’s cheek. After all, these tiny wounds were

still wounds after all.

“What happened to you?” Yan Ming walked over with a frown and observed Yun Feng carefully. Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth. “Nothing.” Qu Lanyi focused on using light elements to ease Yun Feng’s wounds. He said without looking up, “The Yan family is rising.”

Yan Ming chuckled when he heard this. “Right? Yan Tianhao has been invited to be a guest by the Hall Master. He’ll probably be back very late.” Yan Ming sat a little further away and looked at Yun Feng with a bit of worry in his eyes.

“Oh? It seems that the Yan family is going to rise to the top. The Yan family’s master will definitely laugh his head off.” Qu Lanyi’s words were a bit sarcastic. Yan Ming burst into laughter. “Brother Qu, don’t be so concerned. It’s not a bad thing for Yun Feng when the Yan family rises if you think about it

from another perspective.”

Qu Lanyi snorted coldly and didn’t say anything else. Yan Ming didn’t say anything either. He just looked at Yun Feng quietly. After a while, the tiny wounds on Yun Feng’s body healed completely. Yan Ming was a bit surprised to see that. The light elements were indeed magical.

“Has the master of the Yan family decided to let you be the heir?” Yun Feng put Yaoyao on the ground. Meatball’s body leaned forward boldly at this moment to express its worry. A faint blue water oozed out of Yun Feng’s hand and slowly enveloped Yaoyao’s body. Yaoyao closed her eyes in satisfaction and

immersed herself in the water element.

Shock flashed through Yan Ming’s eyes when he saw this scene. As expected, that little girl came from a powerful background. She shouldn’t be a human being either. “That should be the case. Yan Tianhao cares about his face. The Yan family has earned a lot of face today. He certainly knows who made it


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