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Chapter 575: Looking for Someone (3)

Little Fire smiled awkwardly. “Master, although I have dark elements, I’m not as sensitive to them as pure dark Magic Beasts are. My perception of dark elements can be said to be… quite weak.”

“If he has indeed been here, the locals in this village should know about the visit of this outsider. We just have to ask the villagers and we’ll know everything,” said Qu Lanyi softly. He had already landed from the sky. Yun Feng nodded, and the group of them descended from the sky and came to the entrance of the village.

There were very few people in Ganbi Village. There were only four or five people walking around in the village. Seeing Yun Feng and the others, the locals seemed a bit nervous and even a bit vigilant. Perhaps because of the bad communication with the outside world, they were a bit uncomfortable when outsiders came.

“Excuse me…” Yun Feng tried to talk to a villager, but the villager ran away in panic and fear after seeing her.

“Why are they so scared?” Qu Lanyi found it strange. Although this place was remote, they shouldn’t be so scared! The outsiders didn’t look like bad people. Why were they so panicked?

“Cough, cough! Are you here for someone?” An old voice sounded. Yun Feng then noticed three people walking slowly from the other side of the village. One of them was an old man who looked very prestigious. He should be the leader of this village.

“Did anyone else come here?” asked Zhan Li. The old man coughed again and nodded. “A day ago, a group of people suddenly broke into the village with ferocious expressions. I thought they were here to rob us, but they were here to look for someone.” The old man seemed a bit frightened. “More than ten people came in just like that. Their eyes were all red. They’re truly…” The old man shook his head and sighed helplessly.

Yun Feng almost laughed after hearing that. Those people who came were probably people from the Magic Union. In order to find that president of theirs, they probably had to run all over the West Continent. Their eyes were red and they must be crazy. It was understandable that the villagers were so scared just then.

“We’re here for someone too. I think we’re looking for the same person,” said Yun Feng with a smile. The village leader nodded. “You look more friendly. The man you’re looking for has gone to the mountains on the back. He only stayed in this small village for one night. If you’re fast enough, you should be able to find him in the mountains.”

Yun Feng immediately thanked him and her body suddenly rose into the air, directly flying into the sky. The others were the same. A few figures immediately rose into the sky and disappeared.

The village leader blinked several times and looked up for a long time. He only put down his head when his neck was sore. “Whoa… It seems that the little girl and these people are real experts who keep a low profile… But who exactly are they looking for? They must be masters…” The village leader mumbled as he turned around and walked inside. The two young people next to him were staring at the sky in a daze. The outsiders were experts!

Behind Ganbi Village was a dense forest with a very high altitude. The mountain was also quite steep. She didn’t know where this mountain range extended. Yun Feng stood in the sky and observed for a while. She couldn’t find anyone in the sky, because her eyes were full of green. Thick leaves and branches blocked everything.

“Let’s go down.” Yun Feng suddenly landed on the ground from the sky. This area was very vast. The few of them immediately split up and searched in different directions. Little Fire transformed into the original body of the Fire Cloud Wolf and disappeared into the forest in the blink of an eye. It was obvious that Little Fire was more willing to appear in the original body of a Magic Beast, because it let out excited wolf roars.

Zhan Li, Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi all searched in the same direction, while Yun Feng, Yaoyao and Meatball were moving in another one.

Yaoyao was held in Yun Feng’s arms while Meatball sat on Yun Feng’s shoulder. Yun Feng moved quickly through the forest. Some low-level Magic Beasts immediately ran off when they saw Yun Feng approaching. Those who could dodge naturally had to dodge. Those who couldn’t dodge in time curled up their bodies and hid there. They only felt a gust of dark wind and then that terrifying aura gradually faded away.

Yun Feng searched the nearby area carefully with her eyes and her mental strength also spread out slowly. “Hm?” Yun Feng’s body suddenly stopped and she closed her eyes slightly to examine carefully. There was a place in this area that she couldn’t sense and it was blank!

Whoever hid from her must be stronger than her! Thinking of this, Yun Feng moved her body and dashed towards that place where she couldn’t sense anything. As she ran, the smile on the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth became bigger and bigger. That existence that couldn’t be detected was moving, and it was moving quite fast!

Being unable to be detected might be the best way to hide himself. However, in the radius where one could sense everything, the parts that couldn’t be detected were unusually obvious, just like the current situation. In the area covered by Yun Feng’s mental strength, the parts that she couldn’t detect expanded and they were extremely distinct!

Yun Feng’s heart couldn’t help but beat faster and the blood in her body also boiled at this moment. Her black eyes flashed with an inexplicable light and her body sped up again. Everything around her had already become more and more blurry in her vision. Yun Feng’s body was as fast as lightning, constantly shortening the distance between her and the parts that weren’t perceived. She was getting closer and closer!

Yun Feng suddenly stopped and stood there quietly. At that moment, that target disappeared! Yun Feng’s face darkened. She thought she could catch up with it, but it disappeared so quickly! If it was really that president, such an ability could indeed drive the senior members of the Magic Union crazy.

“Nana!” A loud shout came. Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder suddenly arched its body and aimed in a certain direction in the sky, pouncing quickly!

“What?” As Meatball moved, a miserable figure suddenly fell somewhere from the space. Perhaps it thought it wouldn’t be discovered, so it was a bit at a loss at this sudden situation..

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