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Chapter 54: Lin Meng, Go to Hell

Those watching the duel couldn’t help but tremble. Such a shrill scream made them terrified, especially the new students who had watched Yun Feng fight with Wang Youcai with their own eyes. They even turned completely pale. They all knew that Lin Meng, the genius from the Lin family who was the second strongest student at the Martial Arts Institute, was about to end up like Wang Youcai.

“You want to surrender? You don’t have a chance anymore,” Yun Feng said as her black eyes darkened. She abruptly grabbed Lin Meng’s jaw with her slender hand and narrowed her eyes. Then, a clear “crack” came. Lin Meng completely lost the ability to speak. His jawbone was completely crushed. His chin hung weakly and blood kept oozing out of his mouth, looking extremely messy.

Everyone was already stunned by how Lin Meng was looking right now. Was that still Lin Meng who was usually superior? Was that still Lin Meng, who was so domineering and arrogant that nobody in the Martial Arts Institute dared to discipline? How could that boy kneeling on the ground with blood all over his face, who had no power to fight back at all, be Lin Meng?!

Yun Feng looked at Lin Meng, who was kneeling on the ground with his facial features completely distorted, with coldness in her eyes. At this moment, he didn’t seem as arrogant as he was when he came into the outer campus anymore. He had never thought that he would be embarrassed like this. And yet, this still wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough to contain Yun Feng’s anger for being killed once!

The slim figure that stood in front of Lin Meng for a long time finally moved again. Yun Feng used one hand to seize Lin Meng by his throat, lifting him up high off the ground. Lin Meng, who was one head taller than Yun Feng, was lifted up just like that. He had no power to fight back at all, like a slaughtered chicken.

“Ahem! Ahem!” Lin Meng’s legs kept moving in the air and his hands also held onto Yun Feng’s hand around his neck. He felt that his neck was being squeezed tightly and his trachea was about to be crushed as well.

The students watching the duel couldn’t help but widen their eyes once again. They didn’t understand what Lin Meng was doing. Even if he was knocked down on the ground, he shouldn’t lose his power to punch his way out of a paper bag. Lin Meng was a warrior at the peak of level 3. He should be able to resist for a while no matter what!

Mei Bing also frowned after seeing that. He thought that Lin Meng’s performance at this moment was indeed out of his expectation. With strength at the peak of level 3, he surprisingly had no ability to resist at all. Nobody would believe it if he told anyone!

However, other than Yun Feng and Lin Meng, nobody would know. The peak of level 3? That had become history. Lin Meng’s Qi meridians had been damaged by Yun Feng. Even if Lin Meng fought with a new student who had just been admitted to the Martial Arts Institute right now, the other party would be able to kill him easily!

Deep humiliation flooded Lin Meng’s heart. After his Qi meridians were damaged, he had undoubtedly become a useless person. He used to be the second most powerful student at the Martial Arts Institute. How domineering and how fierce was he? And this time, he fell down from such a high place. This fall was truly miserable, truly miserable!

“Yun… Feng… The Lin family won’t let… you… go…” Lin Meng, who was taken by the throat, widened his blood red eyes and stared at Yun Feng fiercely, full of infinite curses.

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up coldly. She smiled slightly at Lin Meng. “Great. I’ll wait.” After saying that, her slender wrist flipped abruptly. Lin Meng’s body hit the ground hard once again. A few tiny cracks appeared on the ground. Yun Feng’s body then dashed forward like the wind. She clenched her fist instantly with her slender hand and raised it high, pointing at Lin Meng who sunk into the ground slightly!

She said it before. Whoever hurt the Yun family would have to pay a hundred times back!

“Bang! Bang! Bang, bang, bang!” Ten consecutive deep sounds resounded in the silent air at this moment. Those were the sounds of a fist punching a body. Each punch hit the body hard and the sounds were piercing!

Those watching the duel were dumbfounded. Their breath completely paused for a few seconds. After that, they all panted loudly. When they looked at Lin Meng, who was sunk into the ground again, they saw that he was already lifeless. There was fear and despair all over his face, as if he was suffering great pain before he died.

Mei Bing’s expression changed slightly. He couldn’t help but look deeply at that indifferent girl on the battlefield. Lin Meng was dead. The dozen hard punches just then hit Lin Meng’s body firmly. If he was right, all the bones in Lin Meng’s body had already been shattered completely…

Ruthless! Merciless!

Mei Bing took a deep breath. Lin Meng’s death would definitely anger the Lin family. She should have kept him alive no matter what… However, thinking of the Lin family’s usual style of doing things, Mei Bing also understood. Even if Yun Feng kept Lin Meng alive, the Lin family wouldn’t let her get away! However, seeing how fierce Yun Feng was, she would probably not be afraid at all even if the Lin family went after her. Glancing at Lin Meng, who was lying on the ground lifelessly, Mei Bing was also deeply fearful of Yun Feng. This girl wasn’t someone he could keep up with. The members of the Yun family couldn’t be offended.

Even though it wasn’t necessary for him to announce the result of the duel anymore, he still had to follow the procedure. Mei Bing calmed his mind and yelled softly, “Yun Feng, wins!”

As Mei Bing shouted with a deep voice, the students watching all changed their expressions, as if they had collected themselves from the shock all of a sudden, but some of them were still looking startled with their eyes popped out. Their eyes couldn’t move away from one place, Lin Meng, who died miserably on the ground, and Yun Feng, who had coldness all over her face and remained calm even after killing someone.

“Yun Feng! You killed Lin Meng! You… You…” A few people among Yun Feng’s supporters had already turned pale. They had never thought Lin Meng would be killed. Lin Meng, who was at the peak of level 3, died just like that at the hands of someone who was supposed to be a loser. How crazy was that?

Anyone else would have thought about the consequences of killing Lin Meng. Everyone knew that Lin Meng was the very life of the Lin family. Whoever offended Lin Meng would offend the entire Lin family as well! No one in Chunfeng Town would be ignorant enough to provoke the entire Lin family, so no matter where Lin Meng was in town, he was like a little overlord. Other than the powerful Mei family and the Yun family, who were the Lin family’s enemies, everyone in Chunfeng Town would respect Lin Meng for the sake of the Lin family.

And yet, who did Lin Meng offend? He laid a hand on the Yun family. If Yun Feng didn’t kill him, she would feel awfully sorry for her last name. The Lin family occupied the Yun family’s family business shamelessly and even tried to kill the members of the Yun family viciously. She would have to take revenge sooner or later, getting back their family business, every cent of it! She would also make those who hurt them pay for it with their lives. No one would be missed!

“Yea, I killed him. So what?” Yun Feng glanced over lightly. Her calm, indifferent gaze made the hearts of Lin Meng’s supporters tighten and they felt pressure coming straight at them. Under Yun Feng’s level-6 power, how could they not retreat?

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