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Chapter 522: The Difficulty of Leaving (4)

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“Some people are truly ignorant,” said Yun Feng casually as she took out the wand in her hand. Her mental strength, under the keen probing just then, made Yun Feng realize that this ignorant and provocative creature’s strength was above hers!

A huge, thick shadow kept approaching Yun Feng and the others. Gradually, the shadow revealed its original body. It was the shape of a Magic Beast that made people want to vomit when they saw it. One of its eyes was in the center of its head. It didn’t have a neck and its head was directly connected to its body. There was a layer of toad-like lumps on the surface of its body that emitted a pungent smell. It had a pair of bat-like wings on its back and it flapped slowly.

Fierceness flashed through Little Fire’s wolf eyes as it let out a series of low roars. Lan Yi’s human form instantly transformed into the original body of a Magic Beast, which showed that this one in front of them must make them go all out!

“What’s this? It’s disgusting,” whispered Qu Lanyi in disgust. Yun Feng frowned slightly, feeling a bit uncomfortable. Even Meatball on her shoulder looked disgusted.

“A delicious feast…” The Magic Beast whispered with a weird hoarse voice, like an insect crying desperately. “I, Yu Xiu, will eat all of you!”

Yun Feng widened her black eyes. Yu Xiu! It was recorded in her master’s Magic Beast Book that Yu Xiu liked to fight. It was brutal, ugly and most of its strength belonged to the strong type!

Yun Feng frowned. The beast was aggressive, so she certainly couldn’t fight it! Besides, Yu Xiu’s strength was above hers. It was at the peak of the Monarch Level, or even higher!

“Don’t fight it directly. Take a detour and bypass it!” Yun Feng transmitted her thoughts. Little Fire and Lan Yi both nodded. Qu Lanyi also understood what Yun Feng was thinking. Yu Xiu let out a weird cry and opened its mouth. Its red tongue had already extended out. It was hundreds of meters long!

Yun Feng and the others were immediately separated by the tongue. According to Yun Feng’s instruction, they didn’t attack the Yu Xiu head-on, trying to bypass it and quickly pass through the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range. However, how would the Yu Xiu, who liked fighting, let them go so easily?

“Don’t even think about leaving!” With a furious roar, Yu Xiu’s tongue darted towards Little Fire, while its tail, which had been hiding behind its back, suddenly swung out and hit Lan Yi’s back. Lan Yi let out a painful cry. The speed of the four-winged griffin couldn’t compare to this Yu Xiu!

“Pa!” With a vicious slap, Lan Yi’s body fell straight down from the sky under the fierce attack. Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel shocked when she saw this. She had just entered the sky above the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range and she was already such a strong opponent. Lan Yi was in such a mess after one attack!

“Come back!” Yun Feng shouted. Lan Yi’s falling body turned into a beam of light and disappeared from Yun Feng’s Ring of Contract. Yu Xiu’s tongue had already wrapped around Little Fire completely at this moment. A pungent liquid was flowing towards Little Fire through her tongue!

“Fuck, don’t even think about eating me!” Little Fire flipped its wolf claws and drew a bloody line on Yu Xiu’s body! Yu Xiu cried out in pain as its whip-like tail swept over again, hitting Little Fire’s body!

“Damn it!” Yun Feng roared when she saw Little Fire being attacked. Little Fire instantly turned into a beam of dark red light and returned to the Ring of Contract. At this moment, the two Magic Beasts that Yu Xiu caught suddenly disappeared. It was enraged.

That bloodshot eye stared at Yun Feng firmly. Seeing that, Qu Lanyi immediately grabbed Yun Feng and dashed forward quickly. Yu Xiu roared furiously and its body seemed to have teleported as it chased after Yun Feng.

“It’ll catch up sooner or later. Let go of me!” Yun Feng shook off Qu Lanyi’s hand abruptly. Qu Lanyi’s face darkened. “What are you doing? You can still run if you try your best!”

“It’s too late!” Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened. She put away her wand and two balls of elemental energy appeared in her hands. The roar of the Yu Xiu came and Yun Feng suddenly clasped her hands together!

“Zi! Zi!” The sound of the thunder element fused with the wind element, like countless silver snakes roaring. Huge fused elemental energy appeared in Yun Feng’s hand and she felt empty and almost dizzy. Yun Feng bit her tongue fiercely and threw the elemental ball in her hand out.

“Let’s go!” She extended her hand and pulled Qu Lanyi. The two of them turned into a beam of light and flew forward. “Bang…” There was a deafening sound. With the help of a crazy energy, it spread out and roared in the sky like waves!

A huge energy storm swept over, and Yun Feng only felt her eyes go black. She slowly loosened her grip on Qu Lanyi’s hand, and her body was completely blown away by the powerful energy. Before Yun Feng closed her eyes, she heard Qu Lanyi shout crazily, and then it was darkness.

The sound of hot water and the gentle breeze that blew past her ears carried the smell of grass and the sound of breathing. Yun Feng had already regained consciousness. She slowly opened her eyes and saw a dilapidated straw house. It was very simple and there was barely any basic furniture. Yun Feng’s fingers moved slightly. Her body was sore and stiff, but she should be able to move.

“You’re awake?” A surprised voice sounded. Yun Feng looked over and saw a little girl, who seemed to be a little over ten years old, walking in from outside the dilapidated straw hut. She looked at Yun Feng with her big black eyes, brimming with joy.

“You saved me?” Yun Feng raised her brows slightly and the little girl chuckled. “My mother and I saved you together. You fell by the stream and you seem to be seriously injured. Are you alright now?”

Yun Feng shook her head gently and glanced at the little girl again. Her little face was very clean and her facial features could be considered pretty. However, the clothes on her body were tattered and the shoes under her feet were already torn. The financial situation of this family was very embarrassing.

“Just me?” Yun Feng continued to ask. The little girl nodded. “Yes, just you. You were pale and cold back then.”

It seemed that Qu Lanyi was separated from her. Thinking of this situation, Yun Feng was a bit worried. She smiled at the little girl. “Where is this place? Also, what’s your name?”

The little girl looked at it in a daze for a while, and her little face became a bit red for some reason. She said very anxiously, “I… I’m Xia Qing. This is the Hidden Moon Village…”

The Hidden Moon Village? It had the word “Moon” in its name. Was it the territory of the Bright Moon Hall? “Is this the territory ruled by the Bright Moon Hall?” Yun Feng asked. Xia Qing nodded.. “Yes. Aren’t you a member of the Bright Moon Hall?”

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