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Chapter 518: Farewell (3)

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Yun Feng descended from the sky and showed up in the space. The people who were arguing certainly didn’t notice her. They walked to the neutral student and patted his shoulder.

“Sir, where is Ze Ran?”

The neutral man turned around and saw an unusually beautiful girl standing next to him. He blushed slightly. “You… You’re looking for Senior Ze Ran?”

Yun Feng nodded. She didn’t have the Rings of Contract on her hand, so Little Fire and Lan Yi certainly didn’t come with her. Meatball was certainly with those two. Magic Beasts were easier to get close to each other.

“Little beauty! You’re Senior Ze Ran’s admirer, aren’t you? Haha, don’t even think about it! So what if you’re handsome? Senior Ze Ran is a block of wood that hasn’t moved in a hundred years. He rejected countless girls who confessed to him! Sometimes, I wonder if he is impotent!” The people of the two families’ factions were united at this moment. The neutral party was the worst faction in the School of God of War. If Ze Ran and Murong Yuntian hadn’t insisted, these ordinary students would have already gone with the flow.

There was a burst of wild laughter. The others were laughing crazily. The guy from the Neutral Faction was livid. “What are you laughing at? You only have the courage to laugh here. If you have the guts, go talk to Senior Ze Ran in person! A bunch of cowards!”

“What did you say?” The people of the two factions were immediately upset. Their expressions changed abruptly. It seemed that they were going to beat someone up. Yun Feng’s expression was slightly cold. She knew Ze Ran’s personality too. It was expected that he would be welcomed by girls here. She didn’t expect these people to say that.

“There’s no need to argue with them. Just treat it as a dog barking.” Yun Feng chuckled. What she said immediately made the others look awful. The neutral boy was delighted after hearing that. He didn’t expect this pretty girl to have such a vicious mouth.

“Bitch! Say it again if you have the guts! Who are you calling a dog?”

Yun Feng glanced over with coldness in her eyes. “If you consider yourself a dog, there’s nothing I can do.”

“Damn it! You’ve got quite a sharp tongue. I wonder how good your are. Fight me if you can!” The male student couldn’t stand what Yun Feng said anymore. He immediately took out his weapon. The neutral boy immediately pulled Yun Feng back after seeing that. “You’re the one who insisted on admitting it. It’s none of her business.”

Yun Feng chuckled. This boy was truly similar to Ze Ran. She stepped forward and twisted her wrist slightly. “Let’s fight. It’s fine.”

“What are you arguing about?” A deep voice sounded. Yun Feng raised her eyebrows curiously. She had never thought that she would meet him here.

“It’s Senior Murong!” The crowd around moved aside one after another. Murong Yuntian walked over with a sullen face. The boy who was about to attack reluctantly put away his weapon. “She provoked us first! She called us animals.”

Murong Yuntian frowned when he heard that. When he glanced over, his entire body froze. All the sounds around him seemed to have disappeared. Only the person in front of his eyes could be seen.

Yun Feng smiled lightly. “Long time no see.”

Very few people had seen Murong Yuntian lose his composure like this. He, who had always been admired by everyone in the School of God of War, had such a dumbfounded expression? The students on the side were all dumbfounded. The boy who was about to fight with Yun Feng was even more stunned. It had been a long time? Was she an old friend of Murong Yuntian?

Murong Yuntian also knew that he had lost his composure, but he couldn’t control himself. When he finally calmed himself down, he suddenly took a few steps forward and stood one step away from Yun Feng. He stared at the beautiful girl in front of him with his black eyes, unwilling to move away even a second.

“Yun Feng…” A low shout made everyone gasp. The boy who wanted to fight with Yun Feng just then was completely pale.

“Why are you here?” Murong Yuntian finally collected himself and smiled at Yun Feng. Yun Feng replied with a smile, “Of course, I’m here for Ze Ran.”

Murong Yuntian would be lying if he said he wasn’t disappointed. His heart would still hurt. In her eyes, he was just an ordinary person. Murong Yuntian smiled in self-mockery, thinking about the fate that the two of them had missed. If their engagement still existed, how would it be right now?

“Ze Ran is practicing. I’ll take you there,” said Murong Yuntian. Yun Feng nodded and followed him into the School of God of War. After the two of them left, the remaining people were still dumbfounded. Someone broke the silence. “That person just then is called Yun Feng, right?”

“It’s that summoner who destroyed the Karan Royal Family and sent troops to the Cashya Empire… Yun Feng!” shouted someone. Everybody was back to themselves.

“Damn, it’s really her! I’ve finally met her in person!”

“Senior Murong must know Yun Feng. He’s truly impressive!”

A few students immediately ran into the school crazily. When the others saw this, they couldn’t help but shout, “Why are you running? Why are you in such a hurry?”

The few people who were running away suddenly shouted without looking back, “What do you know? Of course we want autographs! If not, we can just take a few more glances!”

The others came to a realization and ran inside one after another. The neutral boy was about to run too, but he saw the person who shouted at Yun Feng just then standing there dumbfoundedly and couldn’t react in time.

The boy from the Neutral Faction walked over and patted the boy’s shoulder. He said gloatingly, “You’re the first person who dared to talk to the summoner like that.”

The boy’s body suddenly shook and his face became even paler. He wanted to bite his tongue to pieces. If he knew that she was Yun Feng, he wouldn’t have dared to speak like that even if he had the courage of a leopard!

The boy from the Neutral Faction thought of something again and added with a smile, “Master Yun is here to find Senior Ze Ran. The Neutral Faction isn’t bad either, don’t you think?”

The area behind the mountain of the School of God of War was usually a good place for training. The quiet environment made it easier for warriors to feel the power of heaven and earth. Warriors and mages were different. Although the energy they needed came from nature, there was an essential difference. Compared to elemental energy, fighting energy was easier to extract..

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