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Chapter 515: Marriage (5)

Yun Feng wanted to ask him what he wanted to do, but there was no need to. A cold lips pressed against hers, covering her red lips tightly and swallowing her voice and breathing.

Yun Feng’s body trembled. She reached out and was about to push Qu Lanyi away, when a pair of warm hands held her tightly. He bit her lips gently with his teeth and didn’t go deeper. Qu Lanyi’s lips slowly left.

Yun Feng was completely sober. Qu Lanyi smiled at her. “Fengfeng, have I told you I love you?”

Yun Feng suddenly blushed. Qu Lanyi smiled even more delightedly and held her in her arms, leaning against the tree trunk. “In the place I came from, as long as you kiss someone you love, that person will be with you forever.”

Yun Feng’s heart suddenly tightened. Qu Lanyi’s voice came out with an inexplicable hoarseness that sounded very pleasant. “I love you, Yun Feng. You’ll be my wife one day.”

Yun Feng put on a smile and leaned against Qu Lanyi’s chest. Even though he was half a man and half a woman, and she knew nothing about him, she didn’t hate him. She even liked his approach.

Qu Lanyi looked at the smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth with affection in the depths of his black eyes. The two of them leaned against the tree in each other’s arms, listening to the gentle breeze and feeling each other’s warmth.

Perhaps she was truly drunk.

When Yun Feng woke up, she felt that her head was a bit dizzy. Her body moved slightly and she touched a warm body. Her black eyes suddenly opened and she was about to hit the person next to her subconsciously. When she saw who was next to her, she suddenly stopped attacking.

Qu Lanyi’s sleeping face was right there. His long eyelashes cast a faint shadow on his face. His breathing was steady, as if he was still in a deep sleep. He put his arm around Yun Feng’s waist lazily and put his hand on her. He didn’t hold her very tightly, but he didn’t let her go too far.

Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened. How did he climb into her bed? She rubbed her forehead with her hand. Perhaps she was really drunk yesterday. She actually let him… Thinking of the kiss yesterday, Yun Feng blushed slightly for no reason. She pushed Qu Lanyi’s hand aside and was about to get off the bed, when she woke up the man who was sleeping next to her.

“You’re awake?” Qu Lanyi’s hoarse and deep voice came. The woman’s voice was gone, and the man’s deep and magnetic voice came with too much affection in this morning.

Yun Feng turned around slightly. Qu Lanyi stood up, and his alluring curves were gone. The man’s slender body was placed in front of Yun Feng. Yun Feng raised her brows slightly. “You’re not pretending to be a woman anymore?”

Qu Lanyi smiled. A deep chuckle came from the depths of her throat. He extended his arm and pulled Yun Feng over. Then, he held her in his arms and kissed Yun Feng’s forehead gently.

“Now that we’re sharing the same bed, it’s time for me to turn back into a man.” Qu Lanyi’s eyes were full of smiles. The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth twitched slightly as she moved her body agilely. She glanced at Qu Lanyi. He was very beautiful when he was a woman. When he turned back into a man, he had another kind of temperament. He was neither a man nor a woman. He wasn’t feminine at all. Qu Lanyi was full of the charm of a man right now. Even his charming face seemed a bit sunny.

Yun Feng’s eyes darkened. She quickly tidied herself up and walked out without saying anything. Qu Lanyi sat on the bed alone and chuckled. “Why is she so cute?”

When Qu Lanyi, who was dressed like a man, appeared in front of Yun Jing and Yun Sheng, the two members of the Yun family were obviously dumbfounded. Yun Jing was so shocked that he couldn’t say anything. Qu Lanyi, on the other hand, greeted him with a smile. “Uncle, good morning.”

Yun Jing’s face, which had always been serious, was very stiff. After a long time, he only said “you”. He kept sizing Qu Lanyi up with his eyes. There was indeed a young man in front of him, but wasn’t he a girl?

Seeing Qu Lanyi’s face and hearing his voice, Yun Sheng immediately let go of Mu Xiaojin’s hand and strode over. He grabbed Qu Lanyi’s collar with both of his hands and said furiously, “You bastard! How much did you take advantage of my sister?”

Mu Xiaojin was also a bit shocked. She had just consummated her marriage and she looked like a cute little girl with a blush on her face. The moment she came out, she saw Yun Sheng lift Qu Lanyi up with his collar, as if they were going to fight.

“Don’t fight!” Mu Xiaojin stepped forward nervously and tried to stop her. Yun Feng pulled her back gently. “It’s alright. They’re both men. Qu Lanyi deserves to be beaten.”

Mu Xiaojin immediately opened her mouth into an O shape and looked at Yun Feng in shock. “A… a… a… a… man!”

Yun Feng was amused by Mu Xiaojin’s expression. Yun Sheng had already put Qu Lanyi’s collar aside. The two of them seemed to be ready to fight. Yun Feng pinched Mu Xiaojin’s little face. After the night, Mu Xiaojin had completely transformed and her aura had become much more charming. She was a little woman trapped in a whirlpool of happiness.

“Yes, a man.” Yun Feng nodded and blinked her eyes mischievously. Mu Xiaojin blushed again and glared at Yun Feng.

“Feng, what’s going on?” Yun Jing calmed himself down and walked over solemnly. If Qu Lanyi was really a man, wouldn’t his daughter be taken advantage of as Yun Sheng said?

Yun Feng chuckled and put her hand on her father’s arm. “Father, what you were thinking didn’t happen. It really didn’t.” Yun Jing couldn’t help but feel relieved when he heard this. However, an earth-shattering roar came from Yun Sheng’s side.

“What did you say?”

Yun Sheng and Qu Lanyi were on the other side. At this moment, one of Qu Lanyi’s cheeks was obviously swollen because of Yun Sheng’s punch. After hearing what Qu Lanyi said, Yun Sheng’s eyes immediately widened. Then, he punched Qu Lanyi again.

“You bastard, you actually…” Yun Sheng’s eyes were about to spew fire because of what Qu Lanyi said. Brother, Fengfeng and I have already seen each other naked. We even slept together naked.

Qu Lanyi was in pain, but he didn’t fight back. He wiped the side of her swollen face and smiled. “What are you worried about? I’ll make her take responsibility..”

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