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Chapter 514: Marriage (4)

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Yun Feng greeted everyone. They were all from famous families. The Yun family was the only family that had such a lineup of guests at the wedding on the East Continent. Besides, these people came on their own, which showed how high the status of the Yun family was.

Zhan Li didn’t come, but the person who went to the Yun family to look for Zhan Li came. That person certainly explained that Zhan Li wanted to come here but was indeed busy. Still, he offered a generous gift.

Yun Feng smiled helplessly. It was better that her cheap father didn’t come, or she would have a headache again.

The ceremony officially began. It was an ancient-style wedding. Amidst the melodious ancient music, Mu Xiaojin walked out wearing a wedding dress and a veil. When Yun Sheng held Mu Xiaojin’s hand, everybody burst into cheers.

“Xiaojin, don’t be nervous.” Yun Sheng’s gentle voice came through the curtain. Mu Xiaojin’s heart, which had been tight, immediately relaxed. She held Yun Sheng’s big hand with her slightly cold little hand. Yun Sheng smiled handsomely. After three bows, the ceremony was completed

The banquet hall was full of noise. Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin’s marriage was unprecedented. Even though it was held in the tiny Mu family, it was still glorious.

Naturally, the guests weren’t here for Yun Sheng. They only had one goal, which was Yun Feng. Nobody needed Yun Sheng to drink with them, and nobody suggested going to the bridal chamber. Yun Sheng was quite relaxed. After the ceremony, he held Mu Xiaojin’s hand and walked into the new room. When the door was closed, all the noise outside was gone.

Mu Xiaojin was sitting on the bed, fidgeting with her fair and tender fingers. Yun Sheng only chuckled when he saw that. He walked over with his slender body and gently opened Mu Xiaojin’s intertwined fingers, lifting the vein on her head. Mu Xiaojin’s flushed face came into his sight.

“Yun Sheng, big brother…” Mu Xiaojin blushed and said in a low voice. Yun Sheng smiled with gentleness in his black eyes. He took off the crown on Mu Xiaojin’s head and the complicated accessories. Yun Sheng’s finger gently slid on Mu Xiaojin’s face, feeling smooth and tender.

“Xiaojin, it’s time to stop calling me that.” Yun Sheng breathed into Mu Xiaojin’s ear. Mu Xiaojin’s breath tightened and the blush on her cheeks became even redder. “H-Hubby…”

The corners of Yun Sheng’s beautiful lips rose slowly. He reached out his arms and held Mu Xiaojin in his arms. Mu Xiaojin struggled slightly, and Yun Sheng held her even tighter.

“From now on, you’ll be my wife, my only wife. I’ll love you for the rest of my life.” Yun Sheng’s gentle words slowly drifted into Mu Xiaojin’s heart. Tears welled up in her eyes and she buried her face in Yun Sheng’s neck. How could she marry such a good man?

Yun Sheng slowly raised Mu Xiaojin’s chin and looked at the gorgeous woman in front of him. Her big eyes were full of tears of happiness, glittering and translucent. Yun Sheng’s heart was burning. He slowly lowered his head and gently held the tears that were almost coming out of his eyes with his lips. His warm lips lingered on her skin, leaving a series of hot traces. When his soft lips found hers, they covered them gently.

A soft murmur sounded. Yun Sheng’s body slowly pressed the woman in his arms down the bed, and his long hand slowly reached into the opening of her clothes. Mu Xiaojin was panting with a red face. Her dazed expression made Yun Sheng’s heart erupt like a volcano.

His big hand slowly pulled down the curtain of the window, completely covering the what was happening.

It was spring in the new room. The murmur of man and woman gradually faded in the clamor. Yun Feng was dealing with the troublesome guests outside. When she finally sent them away, she ran from the banquet hall to a remote corner of the Mu family as if she was fleeing.

Yun Feng casually sat on the ground and leaned against a big tree. It was inevitable for her to drink when she socialized with those people. Yun Feng also drank a lot. Her cheeks were a bit red at this moment and she breathed slightly. Yun Feng frowned as she was full of alcohol.

“How annoying.” Yun Feng put her hand on her cheek and felt that it was burning. She closed her eyes slightly, knowing that she had drunk too much and her brain was even a bit fuzzy.

The gentle breeze made Yun Feng feel rather comfortable. She sat there with her eyes closed, feeling drowsy. A series of subtle footsteps kept approaching her. Yun Feng opened her eyes and saw a slender figure walking over.

“Who is it?” asked Yun Feng. She rubbed her eyes and finally saw who it was. Qu Lanyi came over with a smile and sat next to Yun Feng. She turned around and looked at Yun Feng’s slightly red cheeks. “Fengfeng, you’re a bit drunk.”

Yun Feng chuckled. She was relieved to know that it was Qu Lanyi. She closed her eyes again and planned to lean against the tree, only to find herself in a warm embrace. Yun Feng didn’t care. She let Qu Lanyi hug her from behind. She was a bit drunk and needed to rest.

“It’s my big brother’s wedding. It doesn’t matter if I get drunk.” Yun Feng put on a smile and was very happy in her mind. Qu Lanyi held Yun Feng in her arms and put his arms around her waist. He lowered his head slowly and the faint fragrance of wine came from Yun Feng’s body.

“Fengfeng, aren’t you jealous?” Qu Lanyi asked softly as he buried his head on Yun Feng’s shoulder and pressed his warm cheek against Yun Feng’s neck.

“Jealous of what?” Yun Feng replied lazily. She was truly drunk. Qu Lanyi approached her so recklessly, but she didn’t feel disgusted at all.

“That they’ll be forever with the person they love,” replied Qu Lanyi in a low voice. His lips rubbed against Yun Feng’s skin, which made Yun Feng itch. She moved her body and Qu Lanyi held her even tighter.

“As long as I want to, I can do that too,” replied Yun Feng. Qu Lanyi chuckled and raised her head, looking down at the girl who had her eyes closed. There was a faint smile on her beautiful face, and her red lips were curved in an alluring way. Qu Lanyi’s black eyes suddenly darkened.

“As long as you want to…” Yun Feng mumbled in a deep voice. She felt that a familiar aura was getting closer and closer to her. It was so close that she couldn’t even breathe. She slowly opened her black eyes, and saw Qu Lanyi’s eyes that were as black as a deep pool..

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