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Chapter 508: Godfather (2)

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“You won’t be able to get away!” Carson smiled with bloodshot eyes. The middle-aged man grunted in disdain and lunged at Carson. Carson’s expression changed. The middle-aged man flipped his hand and slashed at Carson with a longsword!

“Swish…” Carson’s body disappeared in an instant. The middle-aged man laughed and the longsword in his hand suddenly flew out, stabbing towards a certain place in the sky. Carson escaped again where the sword was pointed!

The wind element behind him came along with the sound of the wind. The middle-aged man slowly turned around and the long sword had already flown back to his hand. The blade of the sword spun and the wind element shattered under the slashing of the sharp swords!

The Water Chains in Yun Feng’s hand roared in Carson’s direction. Carson flipped his hand and the wind element turned into sharp blades that flew towards Yun Feng’s Water Chains. There was a sound of friction and breaking. Yun Feng’s Water Chains were broken!

The water element turned invisible in the air. “His strength has risen to such a level. Single-element magic is no longer effective on him.” Yun Feng looked at the two figures that kept colliding and separating in the sky and frowned slightly. If she used the fusion of elements, the capital of Cashya would be destroyed. The explosion of the elements would be extremely powerful!

Yun Feng put away the wand in her hand and her body turned into a beam of light as she flew towards the two figures that kept flying. She saw Carson’s trajectory and changed her direction abruptly. Her body stopped abruptly and she happened to meet Carson head-on!

“Bang!” Yun Feng punched him fiercely. She didn’t have any weapon or fancy posture. Yun Feng’s punch was fierce and fast. The strength that was comparable to a warrior of the same level came from Yun Feng’s fist into Carson’s body.

“Hm!” Carson staggered. It was obvious that he suffered a heavy blow. The middle-aged man was shocked to see that. Yun Feng rushed to the middle-aged man and whispered, “Take him out of the capital!”

The middle-aged man was stunned. When had he ever been commanded by someone? He didn’t expect to be commanded by a little girl at this moment! The middle-aged man’s facial features twisted for a moment, and then he burst into laughter. Without saying anything, he turned into a straight line and went straight towards Carson.

“Little Fire, Lan Yi, lure the wolf out of the capital! Let’s go!” Yun Feng sent a telepathic message to Little Fire and Lan Yi. Both of them immediately attacked the wolf and forced it to go to the outermost area of the capital. On Yun Feng’s side, the middle-aged man’s fierce and powerful attacks made Carson have no choice but to run away. Although the attacks he used also hit the middle-aged man, the middle-aged man’s attacks were still as fierce as before. Yun Feng didn’t use any magic attacks anymore, but used her pure body strength to force Carson to go out of the capital!

The fierce battle in the sky was unprecedented. Black shadows kept colliding and moving in the sky. The roars of the Magic Beasts echoed in the sky of the capital from time to time. Everyone in the capital of the Cashya Empire looked up at the sky and watched everything with their mouths agape. They couldn’t see what was happening on the sky at all, but they could feel the intensity of the battle.

The other experts of the Cashya Empire all looked at the sky with a solemn expression. They didn’t dare to move at all, let alone join the battle. This battle wasn’t something they could participate in.

“It makes my heart itch.” An expert mumbled to himself, but he only smiled helplessly. “Even if my heart is itchy, I don’t dare to attack. These few people are too strong.”

The fierce battle in the sky continued, but the battlefield was constantly changing. Carson and his contracted Magic Beasts were cleverly forced to a place outside of the capital in the constant fighting and were still moving out. Yun Feng had been estimating the distance. When they reached a certain distance, Yun Feng suddenly stood in the air with a glint in her black eyes.

What was that girl trying to do? A trace of doubt flashed through the middle-aged man’s mind when he saw Yun Feng’s condition. Carson had mostly dodged in the fierce battle and didn’t launch any real attacks. A fire had been burning in his heart all along, and it was finally about to erupt.

“Argh!” Carson roared. The energy waves that surged out of his body rose again. The middle-aged man’s expression changed after he noticed that!

“Not good!” The middle-aged man quickly moved back a large distance. Carson was like the center of the energy constantly emitting waves of unstable and violent energy. Between Carson’s hands was a ball of dazzling wind element energy. The purity of the energy and the momentum it emitted made people feel extremely oppressed!

“Get out of the way!” The middle-aged man shouted. Yun Feng had no intention of dodging at all. Instead, she burst into laughter and flipped her hand. Two balls of elements jumped out!

The lightning element and the wind element kept jumping in the center of Yun Feng’s palm. Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened and she suddenly clasped her hands together. The two elements were forcefully fused together!

What?! The middle-aged man was already a bit dumbfounded when he saw this scene. One lunatic wasn’t enough. Was this girl also a lunatic? The two elements were actually merging together. Was she going to self-destruct?

A huge wave of energy spread out from Yun Feng’s hand and resonated with Carson. The two waves of energy didn’t give way to each other and collided fiercely, causing deep craters on the ground!

The lightning element and the wind element had already fused quickly. Yun Feng looked at the fused elemental energy. The tiny silver snakes that kept flying on the surface were buzzing. The two elements that were fused together had a kind of ferociousness that was ready to attack!

“Let me see which one of us is stronger!” Yun Feng waved her hand and threw out the fused elements in her hand. Seeing that, Carson burst into laughter. “Hahahaha!” The huge wind element energy in his hand had already flown out and the two energies collided!

“Explode.” Yun Feng whispered as a deafening explosion instantly exploded!

“Boom… Boom…”

The ground shook violently and the entire capital of Cashya was greatly shocked. The experts in the capital all turned pale and were terrified! What was that? There was such a powerful energy fluctuation! Was this a battle between summoners? The hearts of the experts in the capital of Cashya were shaking and the middle-aged man, who witnessed everything, was also shaking.

The two types of energy that were so powerful had burst out. If Carson became so crazy because of the drug, Yun Feng was a born crazy person!

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