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Chapter 472: It’s Mine (1)

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Carson, Muqing and Xiaoxiao were still fighting their own nightmare, but their condition wasn’t too terrible. A while later, Carson was the first to escape from his nightmare. He opened his eyes with sweat all over his forehead in a trance. Soon, Muqing and Xiaoxiao both opened their eyes.

“I don’t want to go through that again…” Xiaoxiao held herself tightly, and couldn’t have appeared more vulnerable as a girl. Tears were rolling in her eyes. Muqing stood palely in silence.

Carson soon calmed himself down. He was old and experienced anyway. After regaining control of himself, he saw Yun Feng and her companions, and were shocked that they were all alive!

All the other explorers of the Cashya Empire, the Ovey Empire and the Shengyao Empire who came in had died. Those who came earlier must’ve perished here too. They probably didn’t send a message because they were already frozen. There was no telling what kind of dangerous nightmare they went through.

As for those who had dispersed in the wind, they probably died dwelling on their painful memories.

Carson had already evaluated the situation again when others were still caught in the nightmare. Seeing Muqing and Xiaoxiao, he gritted his teeth and walked to them.

Muqing and Xiaoxiao came back to themselves. Seeing that they were the only survivors of Ovey and Shengyao, they were both stunned at the heavy loss. When Carson walked close, Xiaoxiao yelled, “Cashya, you’re truly shameless!”

Carson raised his brows, and his face was full of anger. He was too powerful to stand the yelling of such a little girl! If they were in a different time and place, he would’ve slapped her to death long before she opened her mouth!

Muqing frowned and pulled Xiaoxiao’s elbow. “You’d better not talk just yet. This must be the summoner of the Cashya Empire.” Muqing smiled at Carson, who managed a smile.

“Indeed, I’m Carson, the summoner of the Cashya Empire.”

“Is there anything you want to discuss with us?” asked Muqing casually. Carson’s eyes glittered. “Of course, there is…”

They had stayed in this empty space for so long that they completely lost track of time. They didn’t know how long it had been, or whether it was day or night. Qu Lanyi was still unconscious in Yun Feng’s arms. He should’ve recovered some of his mental strength and woken up. Why was he still unconscious? Yun Feng watched the three people in the distance, and realized something.

“It seems that they are a team now.” Yun Feng looked at Carson, Muqing and Xiaoxiao. There were no eternal enemies or friends, only the eternal pursuit of interests, which could change one’s side easily.

“They don’t look like nice people,” mumbled and remarked Ao Jin. Yun Feng smiled. They must’ve joined their forces because Carson promised the other two people something. Yun Feng sneered. Last time they met, that old fart tried to rob her of Lan Yi. She would surely let him pay for that.

Feeling heat on her chest, Yun Feng was stunned. Her face turned red as she lowered her head, looking down at the man, who was supposed to be unconscious, moving closer to her breasts.

“QU LANYI!” Yun Feng gnashed her teeth. The man’s head that was moving between her arms craned, showing a charming face. He smiled at Yun Feng. “Fengfeng, I’ve woken up.”

She slapped him without a word, and the man who had been unconscious for days leaped agilely and dodged it. He seemed to have fully recovered. Ao Jin’s lips twitched. He somehow found that woman extremely weird…

“Don’t be upset. You should feel happy that I’m awake.” Qu Lanyi approached Yun Feng with a smile. Meatball opened its mouth on her shoulder, and he instantly stepped back and cleaned his clothes. “I did nothing more than pretend to be asleep in your comfortable arms…”

Yun Feng blushed, and Ao Jin was confused. “Girl, why is your face so red?” When he asked, Yun Feng’s face became even redder, which stunned him. After all, Yun Feng had rarely appeared so shy.

Qu Lanyi stepped up and blocked Ao Jin’s eyesight. “Now that I’ve woken up, let’s proceed.” Ao Jin was rather angry, but Qu Lanyi kept smiling.

The other three people noticed it, and walked closer. Yun Feng resumed her normal expression. The redness on her face quickly fading.

Seeing them as a team, Yun Feng raised her brows. Carson opened his mouth. “They’ve agreed to take me in.”

“Oh?” Yun Feng glanced at Muqing and Xiaoxiao, and eventually fixed her eyes upon Carson. “You should know that Cashya wasn’t qualified to explore this place. They have no right to get anything from here. You’re sharing your treasures with him.”

“Stop sowing chaos! I’m only giving them a hand. I should be paid for that!” roared Carson, who looked at Yun Feng angrily.

“You’re giving them a hand? I can do that too. How about it? I’m much more reliable than he is,” said Yun Feng with a smile. That was good instigation. Carson would probably burst into fury soon.

Seeing that Muqing and Xiaoxiao were deep in thought, Carson’s eyes were bloodshot. “Don’t be too outrageous!”

Yun Feng simply ignored him. “I was just kidding. Now that you’ve reached your decision, I won’t ask you to change it. I simply want to warn you that this dog bites.”

Muqing and Xiaoxiao were both stunned. Carson was so exasperated that veins protruded on his forehead. Yet, there was nothing he could do about Yun Feng. At this moment, the ground underneath everybody’s feet changed, and the most spacious road was paved up ahead, leading to an entrance at its end.

Yun Feng looked at the entrance. What awaited them there? “Let’s go.” Qu Lanyi grabbed Yun Feng’s hand and Ao Jin petted her and said, “Girl, let’s go..”

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